Sunday, December 26, 2010

december 26, 2010

only cowards yell at the c.a.r.p. (extenda-mix extraordinaire)

ciao bella - in
SeaFreezing - Sircus
absent sound - occupying home
...and then nothing - je noue
the doors - strange days
count floyd - reggae christmas eve in transylvania
the paperbacks - good lives (for bad reasons)
the paperbacks - thieves guild
the hummers - when the drugs wore off, it wasn't so much fun anymore
hugo strasser - bene, bene, bene
jim sturgess - all you need is love
the beatles - all you need is love
querkus - delphinium kirex
burning hell - tired of playing music
burning hotels - austin's birthday
klaatu - calling occupants of interplanetary craft
kiss - just a boy
peter gabriel - the boy in the bubble
iron maiden - the alchemist
bruce stringbean and the s street band - born to add
possessed - beyond the gates
blackalicious - a to g
farm fresh - matlock
red fisher - progression
the fall - wmc-blob 59
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
les surveillantes - coma
bell orchestre - elephants
gord grdina trio with mats gustafsson - f.w.r.
inhabitants - let youth be served
red fisher - jabba the hut
kutiman - the mother of all funk chords
humans - wake up!!
it kills - dragons
lcd soundsystem - somebody's calling me
OFF! - broken
OFF! - peace in hermosa
SeaFreezing - Element

Sunday, December 19, 2010

december 19, 2010

red fisher - 6lb test
dj shadow - the number song
OFF! - panic attack
the hummers - 2
evgeny masloboev/anastasia masloboeva - lasses
gord grdina trio with mats gustafsson - f.w.r.
grass widow - fried egg
sufjan stevens - futile devices
gert wilden und sein orchester - title theme
the fall - in the park
parlovr - pen to the paper
fp tranquilizer - i wish you were an icicle
the black angels - the sniper
malachai - snowflake
ensemble of seven - caravan
alessandro alessandroni - asincronia
spunk - marenhar
fat worm of error - la mortdans la ville du bois vert
slayer - hell awaits
gnaw - haven fault
three mile pilot - the urquan destroyer

Sunday, December 12, 2010

december 12, 2010

condition - mumbo jumbo
boredoms - 7 (ewe remix)
off! - black thoughts
me mom and morgentaler - pepita la pistolera
the upsetters - t'ank you
bucko - wood and windows
ernie and bert - everybody wash
stereolab - silver sands (emperor machine mix)
the fall - impression of j temperance
aeroplane trio - plastic farm animals
subtle lip can - crumple, power down
don berner sextet - the huggy dane
it kills - old song
kermit and fozzie - movin' right along
speed dealer moms - march-three
speed dealer moms - march-four
the drums - down by the water
frederick squire - the future of tradition

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

december 5, 2010

dj shadow - mutual slump (alternate take without overdubs)
led zeppelin - bonzo's montreux
the slits - spend, spend, spend (dub version)
fugazi - version
tina, age 13 - elevator
warpaint - majesty
the seed organization meets big toe's hi fi - you a me (feat. daddy scotty)
the fall - the container drivers
swim - fade
infant sorrow - going up
the absent sound - stuck in line
condition - fever
humans - wake up!!
red and goober - the friendship song
bert - i want to hold your ear
pavement - the killing moon
the vss - no hands
the flying lizards - money b
tina, age 13 - networking/o.k.
k.c. accidental - them (pop song #3333)

Monday, November 29, 2010

november 28, 2010

meco - cantina band (12" mix)
tristan psionic - air traffic control
aeroplane trio - they came and took away our kittens
absent sound - hip hop knights
henry mancini - hawaiian war chant
the fall - c 'n' c-s mithering
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
new order - best and mersh
holy fuck - red lights
girl talk - this is the remix
bert and ernie - the 'r' machine
bert - stop
village people - food fight
tin star orphans - we are lions
panthers - we are louder
feed the birds - weather man
wet spots - blitzkrieg polka
warpaint - composure
subtle lip can - tid lac boam

Monday, November 22, 2010

november 21, 2010

pass the mic edition #3. guest host taylor burgess.
kutiman - the mother of all funk chords
ataxia - hands
the republic of champions - light bulb
women - locust valley
cyclist - prime cut
makeout videotape - because i'm a boy
the fall - new face in hell
i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook - 12
kashmere stage band - take five
anju singh - dethrone yourself
steve bates - the wrong echo
kermit the frog - bein' green
echo and the bunnymen - tourquoise days
sonic youth - schizophrenia
the drums - i'll never drop my sword
pylon - dub
duchess says - tenen non neu

Sunday, November 14, 2010

november 14, 2010

pass the mic edition #2. guest host dave wright.

pavement - rattled by the rush
the vss - no hands
peter murphy - the sweetest drop
vast - tattoo of your name
bert & ernie - i refuse to sing along
big bird - abc-def-ghi
it kills - noice
crystal castles - fainting spells
the fall - english scheme
manic street preachers - motorcycle emptiness
alan parsons project - i robot
delerium - send me an angel
ivardensphere - sentient wave form
kazzoshay - rot
daryl jenifer - hey love mosh
refused - protest song '68
the slits - instant hit
polara - counting down
ataxia - the sides
bannedfromatlantis - white owl
junior murvin - police and thieves
martin l. gore - never turn your back on mother earth
adversary - wating for gira
i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook - 7
vnv nation - the great divide

Sunday, November 7, 2010

november 7, 2010

pass the mic edition. guest host tiff bartel.

orchid - epilogue at a carcrash
devo - whip it
colby - make a joyful noise
weezer - unbreak my heart
lullabye arkestra - unite!!!!!!
danny and the juniors - at the hop
jello biafra and the melvins - those dumb punk kids (will buy anything)
the fall - pay your rates
the paperbacks - illness as metaphor
flaming tsunamis - zombies vs robots
roosevelt franklin - just because
b.a. johnston - retro hill
jason segel - dracula's lament
hold steady - cattle & the creeping things [acoustic version]
it kills - dragons
c.w. mccall - convoy
bucko - the porch
darkwing duck - theme
the tick - theme
tom waits - ice cream man
sevens project - elegant hot dog
captain vegetable with eddie and andy - captain vegetable
unicorns - jellybones
the trio of oz - bizarre love triangle
nutley brass - some kinda hate
six finger satellite - white temples

Sunday, October 31, 2010

october 31, 2010

ahna - castout by vomit
collapse under the empire - the sirens sound
the black angels - river of blood
boredoms - we never sleep
venetian snares - aaron 2
the count - counting is wonderful
the bonaduces - hunt and peck
the bonaduces - everythnig's rachel
enjoy your pumas - setback
uz jsme doma - marianne
primus - eclectic electric
solars - nocturnal dissonance
suis la lune - do you always taste like static?
the arcade fire - city with no children
pavement - here
the paperbacks - perpetual autumn
SeaFreezing - 1 (excerpt)

october 24, 2010

due to some maintenance (involving the electrical systems) here in the university, no one was allowed in for programing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

october 17, 2010

eric's trip - introduction into the... parts 1 to 4
b.a. johnston - i am doing better in a paralel universe
the paperbacks - umbrella skeletons
hushfeed - possibilitie's role
omar rodriguez-lopez - mood swings
the bonaduces - introducing the brand new rachel jones in all her amazing glory
the bonaduces - judy blume weekend
venetian snares - hajnal 2
song of zarathustra - science, science
book of dead names - we aren't vampires, we're cowboys
the vss - no hands
the kittens - fright night
bannedfromatlantis - rickets & riddles
bulletproof nothing - this is asphalt
high thunderers - no shoes
arcade fire - city with no children
black angels - sunday afternoon
mars volta - eunuch provocateur
junior murvin - bad weed (extended mix)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

october 10, 2010

due to technical difficullties this program was a repeat of last weeks episode.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

october 3, 2010

kornstad trio - send in the clowns
budos band - my girl
...and then nothing - je noue
jaxon haldane - french toast
shudder to think - jade-dust eyes
all - just like them
beach boys - heroes and villains
bad brains - intro*
los crudos - desde el barrio
limp wrist - cheap art
tragatelo - nicuica pa'aztlan
black angels - bad vibration
grinderman - evil
naked city - no reason to believe
holy molar - you're in love, holy molar
kid koala - music for morning people
elliot - new appraoch to war
unwound - abstraktions
b.a. johnston - love = nba jam
venetian snares - aaron 2
weezer - can't stop partying
the paperbacks - triggering
brutal truth - media blitz
painkiller - scud attack
little women - throat I