Monday, November 29, 2010

november 28, 2010

meco - cantina band (12" mix)
tristan psionic - air traffic control
aeroplane trio - they came and took away our kittens
absent sound - hip hop knights
henry mancini - hawaiian war chant
the fall - c 'n' c-s mithering
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
new order - best and mersh
holy fuck - red lights
girl talk - this is the remix
bert and ernie - the 'r' machine
bert - stop
village people - food fight
tin star orphans - we are lions
panthers - we are louder
feed the birds - weather man
wet spots - blitzkrieg polka
warpaint - composure
subtle lip can - tid lac boam

Monday, November 22, 2010

november 21, 2010

pass the mic edition #3. guest host taylor burgess.
kutiman - the mother of all funk chords
ataxia - hands
the republic of champions - light bulb
women - locust valley
cyclist - prime cut
makeout videotape - because i'm a boy
the fall - new face in hell
i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook - 12
kashmere stage band - take five
anju singh - dethrone yourself
steve bates - the wrong echo
kermit the frog - bein' green
echo and the bunnymen - tourquoise days
sonic youth - schizophrenia
the drums - i'll never drop my sword
pylon - dub
duchess says - tenen non neu

Sunday, November 14, 2010

november 14, 2010

pass the mic edition #2. guest host dave wright.

pavement - rattled by the rush
the vss - no hands
peter murphy - the sweetest drop
vast - tattoo of your name
bert & ernie - i refuse to sing along
big bird - abc-def-ghi
it kills - noice
crystal castles - fainting spells
the fall - english scheme
manic street preachers - motorcycle emptiness
alan parsons project - i robot
delerium - send me an angel
ivardensphere - sentient wave form
kazzoshay - rot
daryl jenifer - hey love mosh
refused - protest song '68
the slits - instant hit
polara - counting down
ataxia - the sides
bannedfromatlantis - white owl
junior murvin - police and thieves
martin l. gore - never turn your back on mother earth
adversary - wating for gira
i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook - 7
vnv nation - the great divide

Sunday, November 7, 2010

november 7, 2010

pass the mic edition. guest host tiff bartel.

orchid - epilogue at a carcrash
devo - whip it
colby - make a joyful noise
weezer - unbreak my heart
lullabye arkestra - unite!!!!!!
danny and the juniors - at the hop
jello biafra and the melvins - those dumb punk kids (will buy anything)
the fall - pay your rates
the paperbacks - illness as metaphor
flaming tsunamis - zombies vs robots
roosevelt franklin - just because
b.a. johnston - retro hill
jason segel - dracula's lament
hold steady - cattle & the creeping things [acoustic version]
it kills - dragons
c.w. mccall - convoy
bucko - the porch
darkwing duck - theme
the tick - theme
tom waits - ice cream man
sevens project - elegant hot dog
captain vegetable with eddie and andy - captain vegetable
unicorns - jellybones
the trio of oz - bizarre love triangle
nutley brass - some kinda hate
six finger satellite - white temples