Wednesday, December 21, 2011

december 18, 2011

enoch light - caravan
the kittens - pony
snowboy - the new avengers
iron maiden - heaven can wait
treasa levasseur - much too much
mariachi ghost - rider
doug tielli - when the sky opens
honheehonhee - we only go
bar mitzvah brothers - getting closer
christian mcbride big band - a taste of honey
incredible bongo band - let there be drums
jack costanzo - drum-a-mania
goblin - black forest
calibro 35 - death comes at midnight
budos band - black venom
soholy headcase - miles away
burnt witch survivors group - hey man
arkinoid - i only just
cannon bros - just anybody
casimiro nhussi - aya yo
the surfdusters - haunted surf
mikimoto - untitled
karavan and boban markovic - pomagele
natural yogurt band - pipe dreams
the mohosimrots - manipogo
the umpires - 7th inning stretch
the horribles - midnight show
scott nolan - montgomery eldorado

Sunday, December 11, 2011

december 11, 2011

fanfare ciocarlia - caravan
crash and the boys - we hate you please die
giant sons - thunder rolls
mcenroe - let's pawn the bracelet (and head for vegas)
roy porter sound machine - wow
skavenjah - mickey & mallory
the wedgewoods - on the junk
los campesinos! - baby i got the death rattle
the noble thiefs - trapped up
sultans of string - andalucia
barigozzi group - black heart
gnarboots - doggy door
some girls - up to our hips
the hungry march band - bubamara
4 out of 5 dentists - upstairs club
the lonely vulcans - absinthe father
the afterbeat - people get up
they might be giants - three might be duende
monk hughes & the outer realm - nowlew's sea
organized rhyme - mind your business
phil allen - my way
the polynesians - aloha oe
the pallbearers - white rabbit
the mariachi ghost - el cascabel

Sunday, December 4, 2011

december 4, 2011

tak shindo - caravan
baby huey - a change is gonna come
mnozil brass - siebn auf einen atriech
dr. teeth and the electric mayhem - tenderly
durban poison - too many fish in the sea
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
tommy paxton-beeslely - symmetry
1977 - so is the sea
the mariachi ghost - cempasuchil (marigold)
rwpo - pocahontas
mikimoto - untitled
the kittens - sex boat
sarcastic mannequins - beef zendo
me mom & morgentaler - i still love you eve
king apparatus - hospital waiting room
the magnificent 7's - crazy d
the lonely vulcans - lonely vulcan cake
phono d'enfant - dreams of youth
the 23 string band - listen to her heart
the eardrums - can't say no
universal congress of - chasing
los tijuana mariachis - my baby's from acapulco
the no smoking orchestra - del dija (lord gave us)
orchid - september 18th, 1983
the surfmen - hawaiian wedding song

Sunday, November 27, 2011

november 27, 2011

the ventures - caravan
scott bradlee - a motwon tribute to nickelback
dinah washington - this bitter earth
venetian snares - szamor mador (bong-ra mix)
guckenheimer saurkraut band - ach ich bin so mude polka
voit - told a joke
cannon bros. - soft view
dj brace - nh one
aline morales - como polen
shit-box - lost in the supermarket
rich aucoin - the mornnig becomes eclectic overture
1977 - alright
eardrums - toronto
jordsy - rar!
mariachi ghost - la morena
lonely vulcans - the fly '86
duchess says - tiem to reiterate
jason segel, amy adams and walter - life's a happy song
betty wright - shoorah! shoorah!
black lodge singers - the flintstones
kornstad trio - arched shape
nina simone - feeling good
mr. ho's orchestrotica - terre exotique

Monday, November 21, 2011

november 20, 2011

hypnotic brass ensemble - caravan
afghan whigs - miles iz dead
bannedfromatlantis - sociopathetic
bo axelzon and his exotic sounds - solamente una vez
the drift - horizon
the reuters - crack up
butch baker - the fatman
jimmy gordon - buzzzzzzzzz
big boss man - humanize
doris troy - special care
david lindup - stop look and listen
smoky tigr - world of wheels
darren frank - trophy lives
locarno - bailando bajo el sol
the music machine - the people in me
dave cortez and the moon people - happy soul
the satisfactions - use me
les baxter - hell's belles
lee dowell - black belt
hooterville trolley - no silver bird
the eardrums - toronto
janet greene - fascist threat
1977 - you got a way
the mariachi ghost - mariachi ghost

Sunday, November 13, 2011

november 13, 2011

franck pourcel - caravan
tiny tim - the laughing policemen
chibalo - whatcha gonna dudes?
butress o'kneel - imagination
hungry march band - push it
morphine - all wrong
magnificent 7's - all kinds of mean
william shatner - she blinded me with science
the stranglers - non stop
the clean - tally ho!
the eardrums - toronto
ride - mouse trap
don ho - tiny bubbles
skinny puppy - past present
skinny puppy - cullorblind
fanfare ciocarlia - i'm your gummy bear
scott hinkson - as the ceiling pulls away
moonface - loose heart = loose plan
girls against boys - kill the sexplayer
tom waits - chicago

Sunday, November 6, 2011

november 6, 2011

borrah minnevitch - caravan
lawndale - interstellar caravan
the melvins - interstellar overdrive
alice donut - war pigs
the hungry march band - paranoid
harvey milk - barn burner
shellac - this is a picture
boris - riot sugar
black cobra - omniscient
adam and the amethysts - tall tall building
electro quarterstaff - neckwrecker
feral children - brand new wave
conn-shawnery - apache (re-visited)
the magnificent sevens - needle in the hay
ennio morricone - the ecstacy of gold
kate bush - army dreamers
tim co-op hoover - 1
one 11 - 1
om - cremation ghat 1
franck pourcel - winchester cathedral
primus - sinister exaggerator
burnt witch survivors group - come out! get in!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

october 30, 2011

jack costanzo - caravan
fanfare ciocarlia and markovic orchestra - james bond theme
elton motello - jet boy jet girl
grand theft canoe - she smells like flowers
rheostatics - aliens (christmas 1988)
the burning hell - like an anvil
music for money - fragile
the blowholes - poseidon's daughters
bikini kill - carnival
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - punjabi lullaby
william shatner - empty glass
the hoots - i've been told
eric hofbauer and the infrared band - spy vs spy
nomeansno - metronome
the jesus and mary chain - deep one perfect morning
the pepper pots - you are the best song
electro quarterstaff - japanese upside down cake
george garabedian players - winchester cathedral
incredible bongo band - slightly reminiscent of topsy
the exciters - tell him
gorguts - la vie est prelude
burnt witch survivors group - i wanna be
frank turner - eulogy
smoky tigr - never tear us apart

Sunday, October 23, 2011

october 23, 2011

marty gold - caravan
the incredible jimmy smith - goldfinger pt. 1
the haggis horns - enter the haggis
ariya astrobeat arkestra - put leg to road
babatunde olatunji - bab jinde (flirtation dance)
katie caron - misbehaving
the blowholes - great migration
burnt witch survivors group - gamora
nomeansno - two lips, two lungs and one tongue
trash talk - hash wednesday
the little stevies - accidentally
tunnel six - moose warrior
yamantanka//sonic titan - crystal fortress over the sea of trees
the spotnicks - amapola
brutal truth - small talk
jason vincion - any colour you like
tom waits - pay me
smog - devotion
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - april in paris
tinariwen - djeredjere
marketa irglova - last fall
the soviettes - ten
link wray & the wraymen - comanche
thee jaguar sharks - tube twister

Sunday, October 16, 2011

october 16, 2011

rachel portman - caravan
nomeansno - old
slobberknocker - your dad's pretty tough
smog - stick in the mud
william shatner - major tom (coming home)
vancougar - obvious
planet smashers - food fight!!!
village people - food fight
william shatner - space oddity
expressway yo-yo dieting - bubblethug 01
the hummers - hlusta 11
fanfare ciocarlia & marko marcoviv orchestra - james bond theme
flash hawk parlor ensemble - the tourist
building castles out of matchsticks - comme un reve dans la nuit
b.a. johnston - sesame streetfight
soholy headcase - miles away
wasteland jazz unit - built burning
the space cossacks - escape from gulag 17
ronny & the daytonas - california bound
brutal truth - trash
prague - meow meow waltz
jordsy - rar!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

october 9, 2011

today's the c.a.r.p. has been prerecorded for my turkey gorging...

boban and marko morcovic orchestra - caravan
vinyl dog toy - birds
the umpires - riot
skingerbreadman - piaka
cheer-accident - this is the new that
voivod - astronomy domine
sergeeo - money
open heart society - pass the buck
this hisses - silver dagger
greg rekus - friends of mine
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
best coast - in my room
sex mob - oakland
lawndale - march of the melted army men
the surfdusters - march of the invisible traffic cops
the housemartins - caravan of love
gosta berlings saga - geosignal
joan of arc - trial at orleans
tinariwen - iswegh attay
annette funicello - the hucklebuck
oh my darling - mister guy
sly & the family stone - everyday people
the reverb syndicate - la balada de senor esquivel
donna ho - tijuana taxi

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october 2, 2011

condition - caravan
thingy - fine
atelecine -
la otracina - meteor truckin'
the keith price trio/quintet - lithium
little roy - lithium
the nutley brass - (i don't want to go to) chelsea
muppet chickens - baby face
the ramones - i want you around
the cambodian space project - have no visa, no have rice
ilaiyaraaja - rasigane
breath grenades - lazerskin
old harper - earthworm
volume - theme from spider-man
king apparatus - uninvited
burnt witch survivors group - come out! get in!
psychotic gardening - black fever
los plantronics - el hombre
animal - animal sings gershwin
chris isaak - i'm not waiting
tinariwen - tamiditin tan ufrawan
cymbals eat guitars - rifle eyesight (proper name)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

september 25, 2011

duke ellington, max roach, charles mingus - caravan
kermit the frog - bein' green
fusioon - danza de molinero
stan butcher - sounds of mars
old harper - paging dr. acula
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
spitula clark - taste the floor
cloud city classic - brand new kicks
the f-holes - mighty mean mistake
big dave mclean - the redwood
pj harvey - send his love to me
primus - nature boy
fungi girls - dystopic vision
herbie hancock - rough
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
unknown mortal orchestra - strangers are strange
cymbals eat guitars - plainclothes
jean-claude pelletier - topless on the trail
the surfdusters - riptide
chore - imperial roast
groovie ghoulies - she gets all the girls

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

september 18, 2011

al casey - caravan
ron grainer - them from 'the prisoner'
docteur legume et les surfwerks - number six
reverb syndicate - i am the new number two
annette funicello - (every night is) date night in hawaii
canzona - anyone lived in a pretty how town
inhabitants - let youth be served
dot - little johnny tears
burnt witch survivors group - i wanna be
the last assassins - on the take
james brown - down and out in new york city
sebadoh - love to fight
adebisi shank - europa
birds 'n brass - sugar sugar
enoch light - walk on by
scott nolan - my my hey hey
four piece suits - hey hey my my
spitula clark - spitula disorderz
hellrazer - warlord
secret samurai - istanbul
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - tiddley winks
rockford kabine - notte delle spie
annette funicello - wild willie
god damn doo wop band - jonny
storm & stress - o, when my lady comes
tinariwen - asuf d alwa
jolly boys feat. albert minott - blue monday

Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11, 2011

pasadena roof orchestra - caravan
big drill car - friend of mine
the monorchid - a.p.b.
hank sonw - the drunkard's child
corrupted - against the darkest days
birds 'n brass - theme from "shaft"
the blowholes - march of the crabs
ian larue - tomorrow's forgotten headlines
burnt witch survivors group - hey man
spitula clark - (hey man) did you see that spaceship?
tongues & beards - while we decay
the mermen - slo mo hvo
eric's trip - sloan song
beach boys - sloop john b
archers of loaf - slow worm
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - small boy
greg macpherson - frequencies
whiskeyface - ghost town
afrofunkinlutely - soul sucker
the quiffs - pee wee
the melvins - black betty
braid - new dollar building
afghan whigs - dedicate it
john evans and the big band - cool mambo
eric st-laurent trio - graf grack

Sunday, September 4, 2011

september 4, 2011

dick schory's new percussion ensemble - caravan
ophir prison marching kazoo band - neutron dance
birds 'n brass - american woman
oh my darling - what's love got to do with it
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do)
ergo phizmizz and his orchestra - (doo wop) that thing
zrada - mazury
smoky tigr - down on cornr
ingrid gratin - take these walls
little house - beautiful sweater
the blowholes - octopi spy
the beatles - do you want to know a secret
owl city - fireflies
l'arc-en-ciel - ready steady go
bowling for soup - today is going to be a great day
the beatles - twist and shout
the muppets - yellow submarine
the details - lost art
this hisses - swagger
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
scott hinkson - 'o hallow's eve
slim moore and the mar-kays - just can't get a head
adebisi shank - i answer to doc

Monday, August 29, 2011

august 28, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
herbie hancock - rockit
depeche mode - enjoy the silence (harmonium)
general surgery - viva! blunt force trauma
labrassbanda - vw-jetta
enoch light and the light brigade - recado bossa nova
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
the sweet lowdown - chicken under the washtub
permanent bastards - caught in the crossfire
battles - futura
emma bunton - take me to another town
beach boys - girls on the beach
anita kerr singers - good vibrations
holy molar - hindsight 'tween the hind legs
banana splits - the tra la la song (one banana, two banana)
mikimoto - untitled
greg macpherson - reckless
greg rekus - consequence
greg arcade - hawaii electric
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
babe rainbow - i can try to run (stuck)
bon iver - towers
oh my darling - roustabout
the reverb syndicate - theme to "operation: jet set!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

august 21, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
mike post and pete carpenter - the a-team in new york city
gorguts - illuminatus
stevie wonder - kesse ye lolo de ye
shuggie otis - rainy day
fear - new york's alright if you like saxophones
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
oh my darling - anna k
the blowholes - octopi spy
little house - i don't want to know
the reverb syndicate - this is not a test
smoking popes - this is only a test
7000 dying rats - paranoid
oscar the grouch - let a frown be your umbrella
brenda & the tabulations - where did our love go
ilaiyaraaja - solla solla
barn burner - dark side of the barn
elevator music - rockets and dinosaurs
lights out asia - attempt no landings there
afghan whigs - come see about me
the soviettes - undeliverable
the tattle tales - sweater
emma bunton - breathing

Sunday, August 14, 2011

august 14, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
elliot - minor details
animal - animal sings gershwin
the pallbearers - white rabbit
aguaturbia - somebody to love
husker du - new day rising
lich king - attack of the wrath of the war of the death of the strike of the sword of the blood of the beast (retro trash)
elvis bossa nova - blue moon
les jupes - one solemn oath
william elliott whitmore - let's do something impossible
the slew - shackled soul
mr. ho's orchestrotica - lyman '59
spoons - escape with you
greg rekus - dancing around
this hisses - bad vacation
blank drink crier & the lazy mk's - the gourd
stereolab - we're not adult orientated (neu live mix)
michael eingorn - popcorn
qunicy jones - moon river
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do)
the men - praise the lord and pass the ammunition
lich king - attack of the wrath of the war of the death of the strike of the sword of the blood of the beast (toxic zombie onslaught)
washed out - within and without
norman jean - no one's going to hurt you anymore
dionne bromfield - until you come back to me

Monday, August 8, 2011

august 7, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
yngwie malmsteen - arpeggios from hell
the hummers - when the drugs wore off, it wasn't so much fun anymore
burning hell - nostalgia
raein - abitudine, cerimonia, magia
william elliott whitmore - we'll carry on
the blowholes - flo
the mariachi brass - i've got a gal in kalamazoo
elysian fields - off or out
fugazi - exit only
the selector - three minute hero
the pepper pots - it's not easy
ham - bulgarian smash
farmers by nature - sir snacktray speaks
room 237 - 49 days on the bardo plane
condition - caravan
this hisses - swagger
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
ray martin and the living brass - fiesta en acapulco
bert kaempfert - savoy blues
one lard bizkit brass band - she's a keeper
battles - toddler

Sunday, July 31, 2011

july 31, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
ariya astrobeat arkestra - crosstown traffic
revolutionary snake ensemble - soul power
the ridiculous trio - no fun
groovie ghoulies - (she's got a) brain scrambling device
battles - white electric
god's gift to yoda - under the table
d.o.a. - new age
personality crisis - the advocate
vicky leandros - n'y pense plus... tout est bien...
swans - cop
suzanne vega - language
dean martin - volare
bomber - live from no face 1
drybones - squeegee man
condition - mumbo jumbo
descendents - good good things
sarcastic mannequins - everything pisses me off
oOoOO - mumbai
ingrid gatin - waking up the neighbours
mad young darlings - numbskulls
this hisses - bronzed etiquette
the hot 8 brass band - skeet skeet

Sunday, July 24, 2011

july 24, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
la dusseldorf - dusseldorf
one hundred dollars - work
sergent garcia - ojos inocentes
condition - knockin' myself
condition - you haunt me
this hisses - snakewine
this hisses - lycanthrope
shallow, north dakota - this apparatus must be earthed
chore - general warning
sleepersetsail - lifejacket
sebadoh - cementville
don caballero - june is finally here
sounds orchestral - the waltons   
karate - this, plus slow song
ingrid gatin - waking up the neighbours
sachel vasandoni - here comes the honey man
smoking popes - hang
the strike - over there
aline morales - como polen
7000 dying rats - the wound (gapeth open)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

july 17, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
sounds orchestral - sailing (from ark royal)
scuba - latch
fascade@137db - questionable content
the belle stars - harlem shuffle
sucidal tendencies - won't fall in love today
this hisses - keep what's good in your heart
condition - beat my daddy to the grave
oOoOO - i live for the day
bert kaempfert - sweet & gentle
battles - futura
ingrid gatin - slow dancing
hillbilly burlesque - humble knee
weird al yankovic - slime creatures from outer space
ennio morricone - pensierosamentie
mr. ho's orchestrotica - lyman '59
swans - blackout
d.o.a. - communication breakdown
burning hell - pirates
hushfeed - spotless
isotope 217 - <<
the queers - chewy chewy
the blowholes - dive II
bia - jardin (jardin d'hiver)
tiny tim - earth angel
personality crisis - name dropper
kai warner singers - moonlight & roses
boy genius - revival of the 78's

Sunday, July 10, 2011

july 10, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
floyd cramer - love letters
new order - age of consent
the avalanches - etoh
endangered blood - andrew's ditty variation one
beef terminal - humidex
marco castillo - fato consumado
this hisses - bronzed etiquette
ariya astrobeat arkestra - sankofa
the locust - kill roger hedgecock
tennis - baltimore
bon iver - perth
all - educated idiot
zola jesus - lady in the radiator
the peaches - out of luck
bravofunken - zombies
beastie boys - piano jam
7000 dying rats - a letter from the gas company (you're fucking dead)
catherine maclellan - stealin'
ches smith and these arches - sixteen bars for jail
pistol george warren - where my body ends
laurie johnson orchestra - squaresville
building castles out of matchsticks - everything

Sunday, July 3, 2011

july 3, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
tiny tim - fill your heart
the natural yogurt band - space echo
guerillas of soul - lipstick & war
brass castle - get on fire
saint vitus - h.a.a.g.
barn burner - dark side of the barn
andrea von wichert - an artist
this hisses - gold on fire
sebadoh - on fire
mike dubue - abel-O.L
starfuckers - zentropia
ferrante & teicher - brazil
adverteyes - arid
smoky tigr - red river
rebirth brass band - the dilemma
the shivers - do the slam dunk
la bete - walk the block
holy fuck - choppers
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
the new deal - deep sun
breakestra - sunny delight
riz ortolani - the cheetah is shot
a made up sound - piste 07
black sabbath - rock "n" roll doctor
kepi ghoulie - life sentence
ozzy osbourne - revelation (mother earth)
james blake - i never learnt to share
brahja waldman's quartet - body asking shadow, "how do you keep up?"
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
autechre - gaekwad
woods - pick up
dj shadow & dan the automator - uptown bollywood nights
smoking popes - pretty pathetic
bert - i want to hold your ear
dennett & degroot - cut the brakes
mother mother - baby don't dance
type monkey type - smooth like crunchy peanut butter
fucked up - let her rest
burnt witch survivors group - come out, get in
the peaches - out of luck
seafreezing - this is not a threat, it's a promise

Sunday, June 26, 2011

june 26, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
the summerlad - vauxhall secret
this hisses - swagger
red fisher - snowball
el michel's affair - glaciers of ice
john coltrane - soft lights and sweet music
quest for fire - strange vacation
julie cruise - mysteries of love
afuche - here's to here's to toast
solidaze - in the meantime
claudine longet - wanderlove
onuma singsiri - mae kha som tam
ha ha tonka - usual suspects
kepi ghoulie - come on brain
chore - general warning
janelle miller - when the wind blows
the squarewaves - down with the gullwing doors
grails - master builder
herajika tracks - fragment
little house - i don't want to know
laurie johnson - the avengers (main title)
inhabitants - remember

Sunday, June 19, 2011

june 19, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
psychotic gardening - psychotic gardening
the inhabitants - let the youth be served
the cosmopolitans - boot scootin' boogie
the pining - call it quits
venetian snares - szamar madar
smoky tigr - slopoke
kepi ghoulie - to sing for you
efrim manuel menuck - a 12-pt. program for keep on keepin' on
omar rodriguez-lopez - vasco da gama
julia kent - ailanthus
the burning hell - my name is mathias
warren kime - the japanese sandman
laura peek - stay sharp
smoking popes - first time
the blowholes - moonlighting
dennett & de groot - wind-up bird
atelecine - blue (lost demo)
grails - doomsdayer's holiday
whisper room - .3.
d.r.i. - shame
tonstartssbandht - monorail

Sunday, June 12, 2011

june 12, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
anja kanngeiser - your voice is a suspension of time
zoppa - psalm for little house
little house - how to: die
holy fuck - the pulse
fucked up - a little death
smog - easily led
orchestre poly-rhythmo de cotonou-dahomey - ma vie
royal canoe - dear june
hemophiliac - black kohosh
ac/dc - ride on
suicidal tendencies - won't fall in love today
rodrigo munoz & skender sefa - largo
kepi ghoulie - time warp
tyler shipley - sentinel road
greg arcade - hawaii electric
peter gabriel - we do what we're told (milgram's 37)
burning hell - early bird
the blowholes - huck fin
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
the details - surface breaks
the peaches - the lyndon b. johnson treatment
the peaches - white van

Sunday, June 5, 2011

june 5, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
manuel - blue skies
little house - i don't want to know
charles bronson - dream a little dream
ratatat - grape juice city
kepi ghoulie - brain scrambling device
suzi quatro - brain confusion (for all the lonely people)
zoppa - rock farmer
terry snyder and the all stars - autumn in new york
smoky tigr - handle with care
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
the gunness - heart of stone
claudine longet - the look of love
julia kent - tihonos
the albertans - furniture
down i go - ED-209
madlib - fifth chant
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - green leaves of summer
efrim manuel menuck - kiddish for chesnutt
the national - bloodbuzz ohio
holy fuck - sht mtn
soholy headcase - to the city for a week or two

Sunday, May 29, 2011

may 29, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
battles - race: out
islaja - uni pollona olemisesta
farm fresh - 2600
cherie & marie currie - scince fiction daze
evil survives - ferraria puela
andy williams - music to watch girls by
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - d. tour
ray martin - lullaby of the leaves
pink floyd - what shall we do now?
zoppa - lester
smoky tigr - haveuseenrain?
smoky tigr - as tears of by
smoky tigr - never tear us apart
condition - ghost train
squarepusher - the 'eye
peter gabriel - intruder
grimes - zoal, face dancer
the details - satellites
the readymades - do you love me?
big audio dynamite - albert einstein meets the human beatbox
madlib - another getaway
tiny tim - i got you babe
crass - i know there is love
little house - she said goodbye, beautiful

Sunday, May 22, 2011

may 22, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
tears for fears - ideas as opiates
minor empire - yuksek yuksek tepeler
austra - beat and the pulse
martin denny - bacoa
dennett & degroot - cut the brakes
vibrating beds - baby tell me
awesome snakes - moola
les sexy - ca plane pour moi
vampires - fire riot
atelecine - stepfather meth heads (rx demo)
andy creegan - convey
royal winnipeg porn orchestra - portage la prairie
zoppa - prairie mountains
big audio dynamite - the bottom line (12 inch remix)
little house - beautiful sweater
smoky tiger - as tears go by
phasingtomsolo - the secrets of RADAR

Thursday, May 19, 2011

may 15, 2011

the congregation - will you still love me tomorrow
skeeter davis - rachel, i still belong to you
endangered blood - andrew's ditty variation one
chris smith & these arches - sixteen bars for jail
venetian snares - horsey noisers
chaweewan dumnern - lam tung wai
dizzee rascal - bubbles
deezuz - big trouble
kim hiorthoy - hip hop is a way of life
mount shasta - bi-curious
the blowholes - last ocean waltz
secret chiefs 3 - the rose garden of mystery
ergo phizmiz and his orchestra - honour roman nip
lindi ortega - little lie
tiny tim - i love me (i'm wild about myself)
bob erlendson - calabash cha cha
stepchild - driver/passenger
the george garabedian players - the sound of music
toolshed - peppercorns
farm fresh - duck duck goose
albert kuvezin and yat-kha - love will tear us apart
amanda palmer - idioteque
t.p. orchestre poly-rythmo - avoun doupou me douga
space machine - 10
blk jks - taxidermy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

may 8, 2011

ray martin - mister kiss kiss bang bang
devo - wiggly world
sam & dave - you got me hummin'
vampires - fridge buzz
the peaches - broken magic 8-ball definitely says yes
burnt witch survivors group - say & be
minutemen - monuments
low - tired
immortal lee county killers - revolution summer
drumlin - fire
vibrating beds - what you do to me
the blowholes - don't need your love
gore beyond necropsy - negative thoughts whirling around
burial - raver
especial eu te amo - begin the beguine
salinas - no caulfield absolutes
mike rocznik - summer rain
mad young darlings - numbskull
jeannie c. riley - wish you were here
gore beyond necropsy - chaos, disorder & confusion
two pin din - loved by millions
you be the anchor - backwards
vampires - fire riot
big drill car - surrender
riz ortolani - crucified woman
kix - heartache

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may 1, 2011

shadowy men on a shadowy planet - running meredith
farm fresh - space pts. I and II
the blowholes - shoot to kill
steve basham - whaleshark
lcd soundsystem - i can change
richard laviolette - mountain goats
little house - beautiful sweater
seafreezing - this is not a message, it's a threat
code pie - wildwood
quinsin nachoff - a river remembers rain
trio bembe - olhos de luz
grateful dead - st. stephen
t.p. orchstre poly-rhythmo - medida
byousatsu endorphin - this is my hxc
burning hell - my name is mathias
autechre - djarum
the skull defekts - the silver river
the peaches - white van

Sunday, April 24, 2011

april 24, 2011

knut haugsoen - lipsync
the blowholes - august moon
we are enfant terrible - so fine
smoky tiger - green river
little house - how to: die
zoppa - root beer
jordsy - peace in pieces
the bokonists - uptight
ken mode - terrify the animals
the george garabedian players - third man theme
clams casino - numb
eric bachmann - window shopping
thai elephant ensemble - rainforest
the shangri-las - it's easier to cry
upsilon acrux - farbenklang seven
belinda carlisle - california
david lindup - testing time
ennio morricone - gli occhi freddi della paura #4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

april 17, 2011

rheostatics - california dreamline
adebisi shank - caddyshank
primus - hello skinny/constantinople
ganglia - campire violence
andy williams - begin the beguine
nomeansno - rise
dionne bromfield - i'm the same girl
battles - sundone
aufgehoben no process vs. gary smith - number 9
daniel romano - helen's restaurant
bryan pole - bryan pole goes to the CN tower
the woody allens - close to home
byousatsu endorphin - short time vacation
jess hill - a common bird
hans grusel's krankenkabinet - 1
count floyd - the gory story of duane and debbie
markko polo adventures - mountain high, valley low
jacky chalard - l'agonie instrumental
crass - securicor
pigeon - illustration pedestrian
mark mothersbaugh -slactime

Sunday, April 10, 2011

april 10, 2011

daniel higgs - say god
ennio morricone - gli occhi freddi della paura
white noise - my game of loving
riz ortolani - cannibal holocaust (main title)
owls - morning eyes
vampires - ambush escaped
samantha fox - naughty girls (need love too)
tiny tim - earth angel
anita kerr singers - what the world needs now
the blowholes - rememner (walking in the sand)
gerald fried - song of india
afrirampo - o
little house - jaws and claws...and claws and jaws
rd burman - dum maro dum
byousatsu endorphin - ipod is hot
waipod phetsuphan - ding ding dong
smoky tigr - grapevinespellq
cantor dust - open-faced sandwiches (by a river of love)
terry snyder and the all stars - la cucaracha
anton lavey - honolulu baby

Sunday, April 3, 2011

april 3, 2011

black river blues man and bad moon hudson - good thing gone bad
the jesus lizard - then comes dudley
har-you percussion group - tico
matta - turning tricks
bo marley vs disrupt - bauhelm
marva whitney - sunny (duet with james brown)
the goodees - condition red
dizzee rascal - where's da g's?
the gang font featuring interloper - european ambulance
robert drasnin - chant of the moon
wiley - where you gonna run to?
skingerbreadman - met my baby
canzona - gott ist die liebe
little house - beautiful sweater
atu philips - destruction of peace
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
dom de luca - chin up babe
the blowholes - shoot to kill
riem daramoi - jai ten
midori - ALL nothing
cotti vs cluekid - sensi dub
atelecine - i came i sat i departed

Sunday, March 27, 2011

march 27, 2011

menahan street band - home again!
funkadelic - jimmy's got a little bit of bitch in him
husker du - everything falls apart
charles bronson - ralph on ralph
descendents - it's a hectic world
tim hecker - the piano drop
woodshed havoc - the warranty
groove:55 - hope
drumlin - louie
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
all - net
black flag - rise above
marissa nadler - brittle, crushed and torn
cowboy junkies - flirted with you all my life
kellarissa - satellites are spinning
strap hanger - filling the room with wires
little house - jaws and claws...and claws
a waste odyssey - howl
agoraphobic nosebleed - victims as dogs
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - adios, mi corazon
banned from atlantis - nothing's broken
karate - today or tomorrow
peter gabriel - family snapshot
projektor - sunset
cheveu - jacob's fight
the roots - act won (things fall apart)
first moog quartet - eleanor rigby
the moral universe within - that man, though
sreong santi - baa baa buam buam
hilde hefte - vakker natt (corvocado)

Monday, March 21, 2011

march 20, 2011

tinsel teeth - a farewell to architecture
me mom and morgentaler - landlord
red fisher - dad song
belinda carlisle - a woman and a man
skeeter davis - i started loving you again
the pinkslips - joanna
vibrating beds - what you do to me
dennett & degroot - ida red
burnt witch survivors group - come out, get in
smoky tigr - dancing in the dark
sound in action trio - side car
zoppo - change of pace
clem snide - with all my heart
nuclear assault - search & seizure
iron lung, walls & pig heart transplant - politics of science
the megaphonic thrift - the undertow
the creaking tree string quartet - little green men
drums and machines - another war
iron and wine - walking far from home
fugazi - walkin's syndrome
tv theme - 90210
charles bronson - the only time i think about romance is when i wonder why i don't think about it
talking heads - cities
low - lion/lamb (demo)
the modern men - emotions ocean

Sunday, March 13, 2011

march 13, 2011

the thing with joe mcphee - down by the water
imipolex g - jenny sees the bright lights
upsilon acrux - it takes a nation of unicorns
lalo schifrin - music to interrogate by
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - numero cinco
the jaynetts - i wanted to be free
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
dennett & degroot - turn this all around
god damn doo wop band - leaving town
mother mother - chasing it down
vardensphere - the source of uncertainty
imaginary cities - hummingbird
husker du - eight miles high
husker du - love is all around
gang font featuring interloper - herman ze german cassette
drive like jehu - future home of stucco monstrosity
OFF! - i don't belong
trevor malcolm jazz trio - dope robot
sroeng santi - kuen kuen lueng lueng
venetian snares & speedranch - meta abuse
saknatee srichiangmai - nom samai mai
doomtree - savion glover
the soviettes - paranoia cha cha cha

Sunday, March 6, 2011

march 6, 2011

karate - cherry coke
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - tijuana taxi
lalo schifrin - the school bus
the blanks - boing fwip
for carnation - on the swing
tortoise - eden 1
dennett & de groot - ida red
the hoots - i've been told
vampires - fridge buzz
jeannie c. riley - good enough to be your wife
creaking tree string quartet - the cut of your jib
trickwheel - blue sky falling
creaking tree string quartet - jimmy ain't so fancy
ringo death starr - never drive
modulo 1000 - metro mental
anima morte - intro
firehose - quicksand
vibrating beds - some kind of fool
cannon bros. - wet concrete
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
husker du - chartered trips
the replacements - bastards of young
song of zarathustra - mess of zero
p.o.s. - let it rattle
the wilderness - systems

Sunday, February 27, 2011

february 27, 2011

the jesus lizard - nub
nuclear assault - nuclear war
curl up and die - nuclear waste? bring that shit. (we want a state full of radiated super heroes)
skingerbreadman - nude
brigitte bardot - nue au soleil
firehose - 'nuff that shit, george
the residents - numb erone
the rutles - number one
dj shadow - the number song
danzig - twist of cain
tv theme - frasier
kieren hebden and steve reid - departure
clikitat ikatowi - identity crisis
time of orchids - everyone is suspended
billy may - kato
bon jovi - homebound train
clikitat ikatowi - librarian
twisted sister - like a knife in the back
trickwheel - rain
mas headspace - the everyman
the hoots - shadow in the wall
the bokononists - cold calm blind dumb
vibrating beds - what you do to me
miesha and the spanks - across the country
dennett & de groot - red balloon

Sunday, February 20, 2011

february 20, 2011

david schwartz - northern exposure theme
los cadillacs - la vida
twisted sister - you can't stop rock 'n' roll
mike patton - che notte!
stereophonic space sounds unlimited - bossa nova squad
cannon bros. - out of here
marijuana deathsquads - the true wheel
the mark inside - lime green monkeys
i can't go on, i'll go on - everything i own
spring breakup - i'm sorry i punched you in the face
aavikko - $3000
lalo schifrin - bullit, main title
vibrating beds - what you do to me
eve hell and the razors - pick dust
awesome snakes - you got snakes all up in your grill
awesome snakes - the future of the snake industry
iron & wine - your fake name is good enough for me
the blanks - superman
electric light orchestra - mr. blue sky
the beatles - don't let me down
the doors - when the music's over

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

february 6, 2011

red fisher - jabb the hut
anthrax - deathrider
the details - reunion souvenirs
nina simone - feeling good
down i go - r5-d4
boats - our athletic friends
doris day - tic, tic, tic
chariots - silver tongue
projektor - from steel
trocaderos - space invader
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - in my room
motorhead - please don't touch
texas is the reason - if it's here when we get back it's ours
the goodees - condition red
les jupes - awake, my ghost
la patere rose - decapote
thomas kjorven - stratosphere
neil mac - we all fall down
tim hus - sasquatch hunter
hatebeak - god of empty nest
bert - i want to hold your ear
the rabid whole - love song for a vampire
tony williams lifetime - sangria for three
lalo schifrin - mannix

Sunday, January 30, 2011

january 30, 2011

motorhead - emergency
lalo schifrin - warning: live blueberries
tortoise - the taut and tame
twisted sister - you can't stop rock and roll
the jazzuz lizard - mouthbreather caravan
keep me safe - 16 in april
tony williams lifetime - emergency
hands and teeth - until the night
the mark inside - there is nothing to admit
suture - lo pub 6.28.08
dixie cups - gee themoon is shining bright
smoky tigr - the winnipeg jets
texas is the reason - johnny on the spot
vaardensphere - these machines keep me alive
andy creegan - tongue a
raggedy angry - robot love
motorhead - please don't touch

Sunday, January 23, 2011

january 23, 2011

broadcast - michael a grammar
whiskeytown - losering
p.o.s. - living slightly larger
shudder to think - opening
hannah georgas - chit chat
black heart procession - the visitor
rachel's - technology is killing music
cap'n jazz - sea tea
vancougar - obvious
fine mist - palm trees
beekeepers - witch's wizard
louvin brothers - satan is real
kursk - the vulture's eye
kursk - held at distance
kursk - one hundred and twenty days nailed to a death bed
descendents - good good things
the evaporators - the bombs in my pants
matas touch - slide
evil survives - dragonslayer
buffalo springfield - for what it's worth
motorhead - ain't my crime

Sunday, January 16, 2011

january 16, 2011

old harper - def-con 17
tortoise - seneca
lalo schifrin - mannix
wil - long kiss goodnight
tempus fugit - dodgy
the hummers - forever dub
red fisher - vitamin c
khanate - wings from spine
laura peek - away from the harbour
jazzlab - tibout
tanya davis - please bless
can - paperhouse
tony williams lifetime - vashkar
vampires - fridge buzz
painkiller - blackhole dub
remy shand - i met your mercy
quinson nachoff - odyssic

Sunday, January 9, 2011

january 9, 2011

richard strauss - also spracht zarathustra
red fisher - 6 lb. test
aeroplane trio - they came and took away our kittens
mike petkau - i claim these streets
hushfeed - death of a broken chair
phyllis dillon - you are like heaven to me
suture - 8.8.08
louvin brothers - are you afraid to die?
the fall - the nwra
SeaFreezing - element
joan of arc - trial at orleans
pavement - serpentine pad
billy may - green hornet
les jupes - this place owes us
jenny berkel - gather your bones
aceyalone - annalillia?
mike patton - che notte
blondie - denis
mariachi vargas de tecalitlan - guadalajara
the national - bloodbuzz ohio
burning hell - dance dance dance

Sunday, January 2, 2011

january 2, 2011

ataxia - the empty's response
john frusciante/josh klinghoffer - communique
speed dealer moms - march three
absent sound - tv song
...and then nothing - the fifth estate
the fall - gramme friday
SeaFreezing - sircus
unravelled brown cassette tape lying on a freeway - sort of like a hushed and distilled version of everything that pan america has done to date
room 237 - valencase
lebeato - pressure
lalo schifrin - be happy/luh/society montage
burning hell - the berlin conference
wintersleep - echolocation
peter thomas - valley of the gods
k.c. accidental - instrumental died in the bathtub and took the daydreams with it

ps FUNDrive 2011 is coming very soon. support your favourite radio station by pledging to your favourite show that is sort of named after a fish but not really.