Sunday, March 27, 2011

march 27, 2011

menahan street band - home again!
funkadelic - jimmy's got a little bit of bitch in him
husker du - everything falls apart
charles bronson - ralph on ralph
descendents - it's a hectic world
tim hecker - the piano drop
woodshed havoc - the warranty
groove:55 - hope
drumlin - louie
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
all - net
black flag - rise above
marissa nadler - brittle, crushed and torn
cowboy junkies - flirted with you all my life
kellarissa - satellites are spinning
strap hanger - filling the room with wires
little house - jaws and claws...and claws
a waste odyssey - howl
agoraphobic nosebleed - victims as dogs
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - adios, mi corazon
banned from atlantis - nothing's broken
karate - today or tomorrow
peter gabriel - family snapshot
projektor - sunset
cheveu - jacob's fight
the roots - act won (things fall apart)
first moog quartet - eleanor rigby
the moral universe within - that man, though
sreong santi - baa baa buam buam
hilde hefte - vakker natt (corvocado)

Monday, March 21, 2011

march 20, 2011

tinsel teeth - a farewell to architecture
me mom and morgentaler - landlord
red fisher - dad song
belinda carlisle - a woman and a man
skeeter davis - i started loving you again
the pinkslips - joanna
vibrating beds - what you do to me
dennett & degroot - ida red
burnt witch survivors group - come out, get in
smoky tigr - dancing in the dark
sound in action trio - side car
zoppo - change of pace
clem snide - with all my heart
nuclear assault - search & seizure
iron lung, walls & pig heart transplant - politics of science
the megaphonic thrift - the undertow
the creaking tree string quartet - little green men
drums and machines - another war
iron and wine - walking far from home
fugazi - walkin's syndrome
tv theme - 90210
charles bronson - the only time i think about romance is when i wonder why i don't think about it
talking heads - cities
low - lion/lamb (demo)
the modern men - emotions ocean

Sunday, March 13, 2011

march 13, 2011

the thing with joe mcphee - down by the water
imipolex g - jenny sees the bright lights
upsilon acrux - it takes a nation of unicorns
lalo schifrin - music to interrogate by
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - numero cinco
the jaynetts - i wanted to be free
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
dennett & degroot - turn this all around
god damn doo wop band - leaving town
mother mother - chasing it down
vardensphere - the source of uncertainty
imaginary cities - hummingbird
husker du - eight miles high
husker du - love is all around
gang font featuring interloper - herman ze german cassette
drive like jehu - future home of stucco monstrosity
OFF! - i don't belong
trevor malcolm jazz trio - dope robot
sroeng santi - kuen kuen lueng lueng
venetian snares & speedranch - meta abuse
saknatee srichiangmai - nom samai mai
doomtree - savion glover
the soviettes - paranoia cha cha cha

Sunday, March 6, 2011

march 6, 2011

karate - cherry coke
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - tijuana taxi
lalo schifrin - the school bus
the blanks - boing fwip
for carnation - on the swing
tortoise - eden 1
dennett & de groot - ida red
the hoots - i've been told
vampires - fridge buzz
jeannie c. riley - good enough to be your wife
creaking tree string quartet - the cut of your jib
trickwheel - blue sky falling
creaking tree string quartet - jimmy ain't so fancy
ringo death starr - never drive
modulo 1000 - metro mental
anima morte - intro
firehose - quicksand
vibrating beds - some kind of fool
cannon bros. - wet concrete
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
husker du - chartered trips
the replacements - bastards of young
song of zarathustra - mess of zero
p.o.s. - let it rattle
the wilderness - systems