Sunday, May 29, 2011

may 29, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
battles - race: out
islaja - uni pollona olemisesta
farm fresh - 2600
cherie & marie currie - scince fiction daze
evil survives - ferraria puela
andy williams - music to watch girls by
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - d. tour
ray martin - lullaby of the leaves
pink floyd - what shall we do now?
zoppa - lester
smoky tigr - haveuseenrain?
smoky tigr - as tears of by
smoky tigr - never tear us apart
condition - ghost train
squarepusher - the 'eye
peter gabriel - intruder
grimes - zoal, face dancer
the details - satellites
the readymades - do you love me?
big audio dynamite - albert einstein meets the human beatbox
madlib - another getaway
tiny tim - i got you babe
crass - i know there is love
little house - she said goodbye, beautiful

Sunday, May 22, 2011

may 22, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
tears for fears - ideas as opiates
minor empire - yuksek yuksek tepeler
austra - beat and the pulse
martin denny - bacoa
dennett & degroot - cut the brakes
vibrating beds - baby tell me
awesome snakes - moola
les sexy - ca plane pour moi
vampires - fire riot
atelecine - stepfather meth heads (rx demo)
andy creegan - convey
royal winnipeg porn orchestra - portage la prairie
zoppa - prairie mountains
big audio dynamite - the bottom line (12 inch remix)
little house - beautiful sweater
smoky tiger - as tears go by
phasingtomsolo - the secrets of RADAR

Thursday, May 19, 2011

may 15, 2011

the congregation - will you still love me tomorrow
skeeter davis - rachel, i still belong to you
endangered blood - andrew's ditty variation one
chris smith & these arches - sixteen bars for jail
venetian snares - horsey noisers
chaweewan dumnern - lam tung wai
dizzee rascal - bubbles
deezuz - big trouble
kim hiorthoy - hip hop is a way of life
mount shasta - bi-curious
the blowholes - last ocean waltz
secret chiefs 3 - the rose garden of mystery
ergo phizmiz and his orchestra - honour roman nip
lindi ortega - little lie
tiny tim - i love me (i'm wild about myself)
bob erlendson - calabash cha cha
stepchild - driver/passenger
the george garabedian players - the sound of music
toolshed - peppercorns
farm fresh - duck duck goose
albert kuvezin and yat-kha - love will tear us apart
amanda palmer - idioteque
t.p. orchestre poly-rythmo - avoun doupou me douga
space machine - 10
blk jks - taxidermy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

may 8, 2011

ray martin - mister kiss kiss bang bang
devo - wiggly world
sam & dave - you got me hummin'
vampires - fridge buzz
the peaches - broken magic 8-ball definitely says yes
burnt witch survivors group - say & be
minutemen - monuments
low - tired
immortal lee county killers - revolution summer
drumlin - fire
vibrating beds - what you do to me
the blowholes - don't need your love
gore beyond necropsy - negative thoughts whirling around
burial - raver
especial eu te amo - begin the beguine
salinas - no caulfield absolutes
mike rocznik - summer rain
mad young darlings - numbskull
jeannie c. riley - wish you were here
gore beyond necropsy - chaos, disorder & confusion
two pin din - loved by millions
you be the anchor - backwards
vampires - fire riot
big drill car - surrender
riz ortolani - crucified woman
kix - heartache

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may 1, 2011

shadowy men on a shadowy planet - running meredith
farm fresh - space pts. I and II
the blowholes - shoot to kill
steve basham - whaleshark
lcd soundsystem - i can change
richard laviolette - mountain goats
little house - beautiful sweater
seafreezing - this is not a message, it's a threat
code pie - wildwood
quinsin nachoff - a river remembers rain
trio bembe - olhos de luz
grateful dead - st. stephen
t.p. orchstre poly-rhythmo - medida
byousatsu endorphin - this is my hxc
burning hell - my name is mathias
autechre - djarum
the skull defekts - the silver river
the peaches - white van