Sunday, June 26, 2011

june 26, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
the summerlad - vauxhall secret
this hisses - swagger
red fisher - snowball
el michel's affair - glaciers of ice
john coltrane - soft lights and sweet music
quest for fire - strange vacation
julie cruise - mysteries of love
afuche - here's to here's to toast
solidaze - in the meantime
claudine longet - wanderlove
onuma singsiri - mae kha som tam
ha ha tonka - usual suspects
kepi ghoulie - come on brain
chore - general warning
janelle miller - when the wind blows
the squarewaves - down with the gullwing doors
grails - master builder
herajika tracks - fragment
little house - i don't want to know
laurie johnson - the avengers (main title)
inhabitants - remember

Sunday, June 19, 2011

june 19, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
psychotic gardening - psychotic gardening
the inhabitants - let the youth be served
the cosmopolitans - boot scootin' boogie
the pining - call it quits
venetian snares - szamar madar
smoky tigr - slopoke
kepi ghoulie - to sing for you
efrim manuel menuck - a 12-pt. program for keep on keepin' on
omar rodriguez-lopez - vasco da gama
julia kent - ailanthus
the burning hell - my name is mathias
warren kime - the japanese sandman
laura peek - stay sharp
smoking popes - first time
the blowholes - moonlighting
dennett & de groot - wind-up bird
atelecine - blue (lost demo)
grails - doomsdayer's holiday
whisper room - .3.
d.r.i. - shame
tonstartssbandht - monorail

Sunday, June 12, 2011

june 12, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
anja kanngeiser - your voice is a suspension of time
zoppa - psalm for little house
little house - how to: die
holy fuck - the pulse
fucked up - a little death
smog - easily led
orchestre poly-rhythmo de cotonou-dahomey - ma vie
royal canoe - dear june
hemophiliac - black kohosh
ac/dc - ride on
suicidal tendencies - won't fall in love today
rodrigo munoz & skender sefa - largo
kepi ghoulie - time warp
tyler shipley - sentinel road
greg arcade - hawaii electric
peter gabriel - we do what we're told (milgram's 37)
burning hell - early bird
the blowholes - huck fin
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
the details - surface breaks
the peaches - the lyndon b. johnson treatment
the peaches - white van

Sunday, June 5, 2011

june 5, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
manuel - blue skies
little house - i don't want to know
charles bronson - dream a little dream
ratatat - grape juice city
kepi ghoulie - brain scrambling device
suzi quatro - brain confusion (for all the lonely people)
zoppa - rock farmer
terry snyder and the all stars - autumn in new york
smoky tigr - handle with care
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
the gunness - heart of stone
claudine longet - the look of love
julia kent - tihonos
the albertans - furniture
down i go - ED-209
madlib - fifth chant
herb alpert and the tijuana brass - green leaves of summer
efrim manuel menuck - kiddish for chesnutt
the national - bloodbuzz ohio
holy fuck - sht mtn
soholy headcase - to the city for a week or two