Monday, August 29, 2011

august 28, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
herbie hancock - rockit
depeche mode - enjoy the silence (harmonium)
general surgery - viva! blunt force trauma
labrassbanda - vw-jetta
enoch light and the light brigade - recado bossa nova
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
the sweet lowdown - chicken under the washtub
permanent bastards - caught in the crossfire
battles - futura
emma bunton - take me to another town
beach boys - girls on the beach
anita kerr singers - good vibrations
holy molar - hindsight 'tween the hind legs
banana splits - the tra la la song (one banana, two banana)
mikimoto - untitled
greg macpherson - reckless
greg rekus - consequence
greg arcade - hawaii electric
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
babe rainbow - i can try to run (stuck)
bon iver - towers
oh my darling - roustabout
the reverb syndicate - theme to "operation: jet set!"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

august 21, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
mike post and pete carpenter - the a-team in new york city
gorguts - illuminatus
stevie wonder - kesse ye lolo de ye
shuggie otis - rainy day
fear - new york's alright if you like saxophones
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
oh my darling - anna k
the blowholes - octopi spy
little house - i don't want to know
the reverb syndicate - this is not a test
smoking popes - this is only a test
7000 dying rats - paranoid
oscar the grouch - let a frown be your umbrella
brenda & the tabulations - where did our love go
ilaiyaraaja - solla solla
barn burner - dark side of the barn
elevator music - rockets and dinosaurs
lights out asia - attempt no landings there
afghan whigs - come see about me
the soviettes - undeliverable
the tattle tales - sweater
emma bunton - breathing

Sunday, August 14, 2011

august 14, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
elliot - minor details
animal - animal sings gershwin
the pallbearers - white rabbit
aguaturbia - somebody to love
husker du - new day rising
lich king - attack of the wrath of the war of the death of the strike of the sword of the blood of the beast (retro trash)
elvis bossa nova - blue moon
les jupes - one solemn oath
william elliott whitmore - let's do something impossible
the slew - shackled soul
mr. ho's orchestrotica - lyman '59
spoons - escape with you
greg rekus - dancing around
this hisses - bad vacation
blank drink crier & the lazy mk's - the gourd
stereolab - we're not adult orientated (neu live mix)
michael eingorn - popcorn
qunicy jones - moon river
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do)
the men - praise the lord and pass the ammunition
lich king - attack of the wrath of the war of the death of the strike of the sword of the blood of the beast (toxic zombie onslaught)
washed out - within and without
norman jean - no one's going to hurt you anymore
dionne bromfield - until you come back to me

Monday, August 8, 2011

august 7, 2011

vampires - fridge buzz
yngwie malmsteen - arpeggios from hell
the hummers - when the drugs wore off, it wasn't so much fun anymore
burning hell - nostalgia
raein - abitudine, cerimonia, magia
william elliott whitmore - we'll carry on
the blowholes - flo
the mariachi brass - i've got a gal in kalamazoo
elysian fields - off or out
fugazi - exit only
the selector - three minute hero
the pepper pots - it's not easy
ham - bulgarian smash
farmers by nature - sir snacktray speaks
room 237 - 49 days on the bardo plane
condition - caravan
this hisses - swagger
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
ray martin and the living brass - fiesta en acapulco
bert kaempfert - savoy blues
one lard bizkit brass band - she's a keeper
battles - toddler