Sunday, December 23, 2012

december 23, 2012

tony bennett - caravan
fantomas - book 1: page 24
trocadero - shiny thing
killer dwarfs - we stand alone
kid koala - 1 bit blues (10,000 miles)
alfred apaka with the hawaiian village serenaders - the hukilau song
hannah georgas - shortie
propagandhi - dark matters
drums and wires - aquarium
meatrack - hombre
benj funk - blanktober
kim and buran - electromagnetic secrets of
combatwoundedveteran - one third of the perfect man
ros sereysothea - superstar
sofa - comma
ham - who'll drop the bomb?
lemon bucket okestra - mukav tu
greg arcade - creature of the night
mystery machine - pronto
bill elm and woody jackson - el club de los cuerpos
the kittens - totem
the home team - false alarm
phlegm fatale - don't you forget that
sights and sounds - shudder, st. kilda
daphni - springs

december 16, 2012

paul kuhn - caravan
malajube - ton plat favori (chirungie)
tappi tikarrass - london
billy may and his orchestra - patricia
ennio morricone - slalom: slalom
urban dance squad - fast lane
descendents - all-o-gistics
titus andronicus - food fight!
mise en scene - when i met you
drums and wires - stop for a drink
mahogany frog - expo '67
redd kross - meet frankenstein
sven kacirek - headphone & headress
frankie goes to hollywood - drum loop
the lytics - toot your own horn
homestuck - davesprite
seafreezing - untitled/unreleased
tim hoover - more napkins (beauchamp's bootleg rmx)
phlegm fatale - did you ever notice
gareth williams - car on a track
lemon bucket orchestra - odessa bulgarish
the mighty imperials - smell of a peasant
metz - sad pricks
bumps - biotic discussion
babysitter - angel of death
they might be giants - why does the sun shine?
curtis nowasad - defintion/RE:DEFinition

Thursday, December 13, 2012

december 9, 2012

jack parnell & his orchestra - caravan
homestuck - the beginning of something really excellent
hum - why i like robins
nirvana - all apologies
agnes - the unicorn song
gooch - times we had
the natural shocks - daydream
un - wicked child
daphni - yes, i know
the home team - catastrophe
the saucermen - two lane blacktop
i mark 4 - inchiesta sulla mafia
old harper - put it in 'h'
husker du - newest industry
red blanket - decoy
the details - surface breaks
phlegm fatale - summer's gone
drums and wires - ice
curtis nowasad - the way you make me feel
the lytics - ring my alarm
benj funk - monstrous

Sunday, December 2, 2012

december 2, 2012

les and larry elgart - caravan
annette funicello - music! music! music!
tame impala - music to walk home by
joe loss concertium - music to drive by
andy williams - music to watch girls by
the duals - music appreciation
rob crooks - hey! hey!
drums and wires - try restarting
socially inept - look out!
phlegm fatale - stay
djbeekeeni/vav jungle - minotaur
cellos - the greys
jeff williams - mental meta metal
yopeckummah - love affair
banned from atlantis - tricks
jfk & the conspirators - ain't no sunshine
velodrome - fluorescent lights
trocadero - (when) your middle name is danger
papa mambo - amor incondicional
the beatdown - reggae dance
roger miller - absence
kiss - man of 1,000 faces
beach boys - don't go near the water
dengue fever - march of the balloon animals
edd kalehoff - come on down ('75)
mystery machine - we won't return
benj funk - blanktober
dangercat - exit lights

Sunday, November 25, 2012

november 25, 2012

ella fitzgerald - caravan
web of sunsets - fools melodies
el rego - e nan mian nuku
nancy sinatra & lee hazelwood - sand
miles davis - l'assassinat de carala
nabil othmani - aran adam
the bonaduces - i nominate my kitten for the king of the dead
the lytics - stay calm
lazyhorse - she don't wanna go   
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
plan r - milk and/or cookies
seafreezing - this is not a possibility, it's a contingency
metz - wet blanket
elevator to hell - what i didn't like about august 13
evangelista - the blue room
black mountain - roller coaster
caribou - jamelia
the beatdown - no man
paolo bussoli - south of symington
benj funk - all apologies
vampires - startrack
phlegm fatale - dance

Sunday, November 18, 2012

november 18, 2012

les fantomes - caravan
cut hands - el palo mayombe
superchunk - cruel summer
iwrestledabearonce - white water in the morning
fred penner - the cat came back
hedwig and the angry inch - tear it down
das mermen - sharks
omd - history of modern (part 1)
saint dirt elementary school - lullaby for naughty children
vampires - fireriot
murder by death - lost river
hobson's choice - not for human beings
queen - we will rock you
benj funk - ode to film boards
this morn' omina - son of fire
percy 'thrills' thrillington - monkberry moon delight
anada shankar - how would you like to be?
vanilla, jade and ebony - graduation rap
3 titans - college
david garza - discoball world
gulf of brass - cherry
panos - seveneight

Sunday, November 11, 2012

november 11, 2012

jonwayne - jackknifee
the bleechers - send me the pillow that you dream on
fishbone - pressure
john buzon trio - caravan
charlie paxton - bullseye
john barry seven - bee's knees
vampires - fridge buzz/again
saint dirt elementary school - staying home every night
gulf of brass - shuck
lydia lunch and the shock headed peters - suicide ocean
the bootleggers - fire and brimstone
gg thirlwell - mississippi noir
beach boys - kiss me, baby
the aggrolites - brother jacob
bomba estereo - las siete potencias
byron lee and the dragonaires - live and let die
fanfare ciocarlia - 007 (james bond theme)
ananda shankar - streets of calcutta
drums and wires - scared
hobson's choice - transforming figures
nina simone - funkier the mosquito's tweeter
otis clay - she's a mover
sammy davis jr. - and when i die

Sunday, November 4, 2012

november 4, 2012

80 drums around the world - caravan
i marc 4 - marketing
porgy jones - the dapp
saint dirt elementary school - abandoned ballroom
hobson's choice - shapeshifter
mystery machine - snow
drums and wires - the plan
monster rally - surf eerie
chad vangaalen - burning photographs
unknown mortal orchestra - swim and sleep like a shark
sarah jaffe - glorified high
dante vs zombies - yes, i'm stalking you
boats - out of here
last step - cimicdae
the lytics - stay calm
japandroids - younger us
crystal stilts - through the floor
crystal stilts - shake the shackles
stretch orchestra - punkeydoodles corners
ondatripica - suena

october 28, 2012

mark whale - caravan
drums and wires - try restarting
sofa - current
rose chronicles - glide (free above)
metz - the mule
tia brazda - cabin fever
hobson's choice - transforming figures
agoraphobic nosebleed - from above
bitch magnet - carnation
blunderspublik - born to be my unicorn
marijuana deathsquads - top down
mother of fire - smoke
c. spencer yeh - the new guy
joe mcphee and chris consano - for han bennink
robust worlds - my world
p.o.s. - weird friends (we don't even live here)
the lytics - ring my alarm
les nocturnes - raconte-moi
joe ufer and his drums - drums on phasing 13
thurl ravenscroft - dr. geek (from tanganyika)
saint dirt elementary school - holy bubble
mystery machine - octagon skylight
gulf of brass - 7/7
propagandhi - hadron collision
cellos - sea legs
brasstronaut - the grove

Sunday, October 21, 2012

october 21, 2012

sandy nelson - caravan
the wonders - that thing you do
the hummers - 5 (chinese symbol: listen)
kim and buran - my first cosmic love
the sugarcubes - birthday (justin robertson 7" edit)
mystery machine - floatist
dance movie - a quick drink and a slow dance
calexico - epic
saint dirt elementary school - abandoned ballroom
jfk & the conspirators - the odd couple
messer chups - twin peak twist
allo darlin' - when you were mine
vegan black metal chef - pad thai preparation
los tiki phantoms - el flachazo
jd and the evil's band of dynamite - sunday kind of love
grass widow - goldilocks zone
drums and wires - the plan
tia brazda - too crazy
4th ward afo klezmer orchestra - toco hills kiddush club
j church - more faye
a minor forest - dainty jack and his amazing technicolor cloth jacket
goat - let it bleed
propagandhi - failed states
last step - somno

Monday, October 15, 2012

october 14, 2012

bbc big band - caravan
overton berry trio - hey jude
death grips - i want it, i need it (instrumental)
metz - wet blanket
conway twitty - hello darlin'
ondatropica - punkero sonidero
saint dirt elementary school - zombies love dancing to this number
mecca normal - the caribou & the oil pipeline
gulf of brass - cherry
gabrielle papillon - in the pines
sound in action trio - cut to fit
l'orange - rainy might
maker - organ prelude dub
dj frane - toad
the promise ring - all of my everythings
mystery machine - pronto
les handclaps - ce son
propagandhi - lotus gait
sloan - i am the cancer
guckenheimer saur kraut band - vilia
tia brazda - cabin fever
the natural shocks - change
annabelle chvostek ensemble - end of the road

Sunday, October 14, 2012

october 7, 2012

hugo strasser hot five - caravan
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - blood klez
the great sabatini - (mind over) matterhorn
fanfare ciocarlia - manea cu voca
the melvins - let me roll it
cone five - hurry home
gulf of brass - shuck
the almighty rhumbus - she didn't want me
nova - most days
the f-holes - in the pines
the hi-risers - i'm in love with my record collection
annette funicello - the rock and roll waltz
the soviettes - 9th st.
the bad plus - wolf out
acusmatic group - fish food
a tribe called red - look at this
johnny sizzle - kick cindy klassen in the face
tia brazda - thief in the night
dengue fever - only a friend
propagandhi - status update
thanh thuy - nguoi xa nguoi
the riderless - snow belt dub

Sunday, September 30, 2012

september 30, 2012

little steven - caravan
stereolab - moodles
peter gabriel - excuse me
gorguts - rapturous grief
agape - vous etes pas tannes de crever
tia brazda - wild jack
mystery machine - pronto
brasstronaut - moonwalker
the valdons - all day long
dave brady and the stars - ridin' high
wee willie walker - there goes my used to be
maurice mckinnies and the champions - sweet smell of perfume
willie and the bumblebees - honey from the bee
prophets of peace - the maxx
rufus lunley - minneap'lis, minnesota
the electrics - the girl can't dance
scabsmoker - black queen
the girth - mulligan
last step - avocado
4th ward afro klezmer orchestra - toco hills kiddush club
fanfare ciocarlia - doina si cintec
lich king - ed-209

september 23, 2012

autorickshaw - caravan
bannedfromatlantis - subtle suggestions
jonwayne - lilnumber
the hummers - one (ecoute)
the beans - sun
mahogany frog - message from uncle stan: green house
gabrielle papillon - coccinelle
dangercat - head in the clouds
cellos - the greys
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
soholyheadcase - it's a real deal to steal
the riderless - qua the rajah
dj coop - ten
sultans of string - my squid has a rash
propagandhi - failed states
animal parts - the trick with your heart (prt3)
saint dirt elementary school - staying home every night
tia brazda - too crazy
keith price - zoom zoom (part three)
la descente du coude - aptonymes
a tribe called red - electric pow wow drum

Sunday, September 16, 2012

september 16, 2012

the three suns - caravan
annette funicello - the monkey's uncle
jason segel & walter - man or muppet
kamal hassan - vikram
chicha libre - popcorn andino
ondatropica - punkero sonidero
cellos - hit song
mode moderne - foul weather fare
brasstronaut - the grove
tia brazda - man up!
the specials - ghost town
thanh thuy - ai cho toi tinh yeu
speedometer - private roots
the tormentos - moon over marin
rtc - drive my car
ondatropica - ska fuentes
mahogany frog - saffron myst
amadou & mariam - another way
saint dirt elementary school - zombies love dancing to this number
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - influklezma
nuclear assault - mr. softee's theme
wye oak - warning
dianh washington - this bitter earth

Sunday, September 9, 2012

september 9, 2012

tom hazleton - caravan
def leppard - when the walls came tumbling down
ham - tree charms
smokey johnson & company - the funkie moon
goat - goathead
mahogany frog - message from uncle stan: grey shirt
tia brazda - cabin fever
the bonafides - can't get enough
propagandhi - failed states
the battle of santiago - la vinea
heavyweights brass band - baby
porgy jones - the dapp
the cactus channel - emanuel ciccolini
jungle by night - togetherness
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - baby baby
doldrums - endless winter
gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends - i'm not a lightswitch
cellos - mailroom blues
lijadu sisters - erora
codeine - d
suzana d'amour - donnez l'amour comme tu veux l'amour
chicha libre - el borrachito
rwpo - pocahontas

Sunday, September 2, 2012

september 2, 2012

tito puente - caravan
drive like jehu - sinews
soul investigators - good food
plastic constellations - vicious devotion
last step - my off days
adaptive reaction - s.o.s.
cancer bats - drunken physics
mahogany frog - expo '67
black lodge singers - mighty mouse
greg arcade - departures/reunion
annette funicello - jamaican ska
chicha libra - the ride of the valkyries
a bossa eletrica - sob a luz do sol
the bootleggers feat. mark lanegan - white light/white heat
kirby sewell band - pour some sugar on me
long distance runners - treading water
k.s. chithra feat. malaysia vasudevan - oh my love
jeff the brotherhood - shredder
the strap - carbon copy
fred wesley & the j.b.'s - use me
def leppard - it could be you
joe gibbs & the professionals - jungle dub
kenlo & vlooper - cgn.m

Saturday, September 1, 2012

august 26, 2012

lawrence welk - caravan
unwound - demons sing love songs
dead stock crusher - police story
phono-comb - here come the warm jets
bob mould - the descent
aretha franklin - won't be long
alan sparhawk - how the weather comes over the central hillside
awesome snakes - these snakes get high!
hype williams - boss man
the book of dead names - this math is complicated
minutemen - political song for michael jackson to sing
devil on the beach - devil on the beach: side 4
david kilgour - because it was you
alemayehu eshete - mekeyershin salawq
future of the left - with apologies to emily pankhurst
tom waits - 9th & hennepin
is/is - moon dropping
laghonia - baby, baby
alan sparhawk - how it ends
cellos - sea legs
our friend and the spiders - your ghost
denis plante & david jacques - los suenos
kram ran - power monger hunger
redd kross - meet frankenstein
merch table delite - bruce willis (don't kill us)
marijuana deathsquads - pink dust
the cake - p.t. 280
anywhere - pyramid mirrors
omar rodriguez-lopez - pink heart
brasstronaut - francisco
music maul - second story

Sunday, August 26, 2012

august 19, 2012

ray conniff - caravan
asterisk* - the spatio-temporal aspect
dolly parton - don't drop out
the like - will you still love me tomorrow
mystery machine - stainmaster
last step - xyrem
art circus - you make me go
the strap - dt waltz
black lodge - scooby doo
cellos - bomb shelter
jungle by night - hot mama hot
phasing tom solo - on my rug
polica - dark star
lawrence welk - hold my hand
retox - cement sucking
japandroids - the nights of wine and roses
lazarush - sawm
viper central - thump & howl
gulf of brass - shuck
king diamond - the spider's lullaby
the plastic constellations - east cleveland
jose balague y los styl's - tibet
los albas - a little bit hurt

Sunday, August 12, 2012

august 12, 2012

ensemble of seven - caravan
lawrence welk - apples and bananas
tafo - zambo zambo (feat. nahid akhtar with mehdi hassan & a. nayyar)
bitch magnet - americruiser
the fletcher pratt - electrocute!
katherine moller - big john macneil
facts - purists
rebel yell - kitchen party
sultans of string - kitchen party
oak - green shrines (arabian spring)
jlk & babysitter - buddies
un - soul converter
horders - feral
fletcher pratt - charged dub
the alchemist - flight of the bumblebee
redd kross - researching the blues
mad bomber society - theme from the piston teens
astrocoven - hellbent ride
johnny keating - jesus christ superstar
huevos rancheros - interstate death toll
the conet project - 'strich'(english)[e11]
expwy - last exit

august 5, 2012

 dick hyman and strings - caravan
rodan - gauge
shipping news - books on trains
rachel's - rhine & courtesan
gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends - dead fingers talk
b.a. johnston - sesame street fighter
mantrakid - the dragon
the vibrating beds - baby
georgia anne muldrow - seeds
phasing tom solo - a bloodbath ensues
mutiilation - my way
henri vidal y su grupo pop - black bird
bo dollis and monk boudreaux - jockomo jockomo
kenlo craqnuques - madrid stop riddim
bongo love - ndasara ndega
dr. john - locked down
j. riley hill - inafield
last step - my off days
los miticos del ritmo - willy's merengue
rebel yell - florida tracksuit
the vulcan freedom fighters - the death of bele
retox - put some hair on it
alaclair ensemble - explosion
dee dee king - german kid
k.s. chithra - vandadhe
grimes - genesis
the now feeling - no good trying
konkoma - yoo eh
scabsmoker - butcher of demons
the beatles - everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
jeff williams - falling towards the sky
shinedown - her name is alice
dead ranch - touch fuzzy, get dizzy
the funkees - break through new dub
brutal truth - stench of prophet
the ergs - sneak attack
missing persons - no way out
x - los angeles 
servotron - theme for an ultmiate and inevitable victory
devo 2.0 - through being cool
the electrics - route 66
smoky tiger - pass the dutch
laghonia - i must go 
alan hawkshaw - it's all about the co-op now

Sunday, July 29, 2012

july 29, 2012

billy vaughn - caravan
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - song for ennio
retox - the world is ending, and it's about time
qwerty musique - moonglasss
OFF! - vaporized
black sabbath - heaven and hell
omar khorshid - enta omri
langhonia - glue
fela futi & africa 70 - alu jon jonki
dara puspota - lihat adikku
mustafa ozkent - burcak tarlalari
pat metheny - roofdogs
konkoma - shimmy nashi goro
last step - opispo
phasing tom solo - gotta see signal
down i go - great smog of london 1952
kenlo craqnuques - medecinale
cadence weapon - cheval
ranee lee - strange fruit
danzig - am i demon
asterisk - changing times
...and then nothing - thinking @11
gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends - untitled
the electrics - runaway

july 22, 2012

axel stordahl - caravan
omar rodriguez-lopez - vencer
the shaolin afronauts - one quiet lion
jel - oh dear
groove da praia - hung up
ham - nothing in common except tutenkamen
bleeding horse express - waiting for the rapture
the strap - left to burn
katie and the lichen - piles
japandroids - the house that heaven built
bahwee - remind me
otesanek - seven are they
r.e.m. - life and how to live it
phyllis dillon - tulips (and heather)
the beaters - shoes
atomis - maelstrom (excerpt)
bonnaventure james - cola
the cribs - arena rock encore with full cast
bonzai suzuki - robots are cool
do make say think - you, you're awesome
zwan - the number of the beast
hellsongs - the trooper

Sunday, July 15, 2012

july 15, 2012

dinah washington - caravan
maxime robin - turn off your cell phone, i'm talking to you dammit
bastro - ben brown
jungle by night - e.t.
john frusciante - in your eyes
the beatles - i'll follow the sun
malajube - le bataillon
malajube - le crabe
malajube - le tout-puissant
ben plotnick - waiting for the rain
maz - riendo
the kestrels - islands
safety show - atlas
the heavyweights brass band - the plunge
bonn smith - the cell
caymans - how to print money
pizzarrhea! - acidents!
japandroids - continuous thunder
konkoma - accra jump

Sunday, July 8, 2012

july 8, 2012

morton gould and his orchestra - caravan
def leppard - stagefright
lianne la havas - don't wake me up
the melvins - mr. rip-off
qwerty musique - nip wety
the funkees - break through new dub
los miticos del ritmo - no pares hasta tener lo suficiente
flo - ten
the vibrating beds - baby
u.s. air force concert band, ceremonial brass & singing sergeants - drum cadence
mc frontalot - spoiler alert
3 little titans - college
cop shoot cop - surprise, surprise
do make say think - the universe1
alaclair ensemble - patate chaude
virt - retro city title song
this hisses - the long slow crawl
dangercat - chasing the sun
caymans - mutual fun
seafreezing - this is not a guarantee, it's a possibility
jel - matkimble is crazy
drop nineteens - back in our old bed

for limited timed past programs...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

july 1, 2012

brian setzer orchestra - caravan
dottor nove - imagination
kenlo craqnuques - shut
bahwee - flight
dave pike - sunny
nomeansno - oh, canaduh!
nomeansno - new age
d.o.a. - the prisoner
last step - xyrem
giant sons - this is not a throwdown
maxime robin - faking detroit's zombies
the legendary stardust cowboy - dynamite
dangercat - chasing the sun
japandroids - the night of wine and roses
dead ranch - pheramone
phono-comb - international anthem (a simulation of assimilation)
codeine - sea
vulgar, you! - fais moi cuire, fais moi jouir
michael kiwanuka - tell me a tale
brasstronaut - bounce
the superfools - little fluffy clouds scavenger mix
the glendas - high plains drifter
orchestre super borgou de parakou - gandigui
CAN - millionspiel
show business giants - crosswords

june 24, 2012

samus - 'super-orthepedic' caravan
cherie currie - here today, gone tomorrow
tammy wynette - yesterday
missing persons - hello, i love you
neneh cherry & the thing - accordion
the keith price trio/quintet - strangers
the battle snakes - let us sing
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
astrocoven - psalm 69
KENmode - tiger comet
subcity - straight to hell
jazzpunks - foleo
jaymz bee & his royal jelly orchestra - run to you
yat-kha - man-machine
no bs! brass - everything turns grey
los miticos del ritmos - otro muerde el polvo (another one bites the dust)
le vent du nord - dans le cachots
blaas of glory - november rain
king uszniewicz and his uszniewicztones - kung fu fighting
the october trio - you've been flirting again
dirk doom and the overdrive orchestra - having an average weekend
matt berninger - the rains of castamere
karate - bob dylan wrote proaganda songs
the constantines - sea line woman
aguaturbia - heartbreaker
sir richard bishop - el matador
michael yonkers - they'll know we are christians
sonic youth - victoria
sun ra arkestra - my favourite things
spaceboys - space is the place
magnificent 7's - unknown legend
the duhks - mountains o' things
heavyweights brass band - baby
japandroids - for the love of ivy
tracy thornton - danny says
cobra skulls - subterranean homesick blues
sloan - a case of you
clarence carter - harper valley pta
d.o.a. - communication breakdown
smoky tiger - spanish caravan
plumstead radical club - i shot the sherrif
the melvins - my generation
poison idea - green onions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

june 17, 2012

london horn sound - caravan
os digitalistas - beat on the brat
bing ji ling - you shook me all night long
bebo best & the super lounge orchestra - come as you are
nuspirit helsinki - no quarter
sub city - straight to hell
white lung - st. dad
psychic pollution - amb1 0124
tops - rings of saturn
mr. ho's orchestrotica - andalucia
naked city - thrash jazz assassin
simon park orchestra - i am the walrus
nemo - king valley 55
jagwar pirates - death valley 37
rob - loose up yourself
the raccoon wedding - southend man
brasstronaut - hymn for huxley
et tu bruce - memories remain
j riley hill - alone
jungle by night - afro blue
ginjavitis - afterburnen
jean rollin - blind songbird (feat. nicole romain)
jean rollin - le frisson des vampires (feat. acanthus)

Monday, June 11, 2012

june 10, 2012

balkan brass band - caravan
chester chicken - hard egg's night
the cocktail preachers - mecca
robot koch - people are strange (feat. graciela maria)
sonnymoon - houstatlantavegas
little house - how to: die
rob - not the end
orchestre super borgou de parakou - sembe sembe boudou
dry the river - animal skins
trampled by turtles - midnight on the interstate
sugar - needle hits e
OFF! - jeffrey lee pierce
skankin' pickle - i'm in love with a girl named spike
slowdive - she calls
lucky sonne - in and outta prison
foam lake - baggage
ferrante & teicher - oh! calcutta!
bumps - bin johnston
white lungs - take the mirror
artist of the year - on my way back from pluto
george garabedian players - hooray for hollywood
beastie boys - shake your rump
sissy - other ways
k.s. chithra - yaaro sonnaangalaam
smoky tiger - play w fire 
if you feel like checking this show out

Sunday, June 3, 2012

june 3, 2012

bernard pretty purdie - caravan
led zeppelin - bonzo's montreux
food pyramid - street hustle
scaphe - szhl-5
oaks - tonight
tvbc - gandhi
nagasaki fondue - standing in the ring
batida - alegria
illusive mind - floodways part 1: the flood
mico - grey-headed evenings
total fucking blood - necrobiotic
ray barretto - a deeper shade of soul
shirin delsooz - bad trip
rob - loose up yourself
michael kiwanuka - tell me a tale
kinny - big fat liar
nelson sargento - agoniza, mas nao morra
dumb angel - without you without me
brasstronaut - revelstoke dam
drexciya - polymno plexusgel
dead fucking last - free haircut
kirby sewell band - pour some sugar on me
 downloadable from here...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

may 27, 2012

gabor szabo - caravan
benj funk - untitled
quantic presenta flowering inferno - make dub not war
phasing tom solo - gotta see signal
international novelty gamelan - song for pooka
arp of the covenant - bad alternator
flavor crystals - cow in the meadow
take acre - spigel im spiegel
dreamland faces - burning rubber bands
los hermanitos ferreyra - cumbia del mar
the strap - into nothing
caught off guard - rude boy
illusive mind - birds
le vent du nord - le winnebago
bruce springsteen - wrecking ball
the sun machine - apocalypse wasteland drive
heavyweights brass band - nueva orleans
jazz punks - heavyfoot

Saturday, May 26, 2012

may 20, 2012

martin denny - caravan
mild horses - the first spacewalk
ferrante & teicher - mexican hat dance
afx - laughable butane bulb
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
j riley hill - dinner is served
the funkees - acid rock
leonard cohen - banjo
jazz punks - clash-up
gorgon horde - high and inside
beastie boys - sabrosa
calibro 35 - la banda del B.B.Q. (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens)
theme song - the tick
franco micalizzi - sequence 6
indigo jam unit - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
los miticos del ritmo - otro muerde el polvo
heavyweights brass band - single ladies
alice donut - i walked with a zombie
pink floyd - careful with that axe, eugene
andrew jackson jihad - big bird
les momies de palerme - medee

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may 13, 2012

tino contreras y su grupo - caravan
the funkees - onye mmanya
gorguts - sweet silence
jagwar pirates - home made pesto
OFF! - cracked
red blanket - ordo ab chao
bleating hearts - tv changed our lives
heavyweights brass band - baby
descendents - kids
dibia$e - some act right
total fucking blood - photocop
edd kalehoff - amen, brother herbert
hoodoo gurus - hayride to hell
francis bebey - new track
x - los angeles
caetano veloso and david byrne - heaven
le vent du nord - souffle d'ange
mariachi ghost - cempasuchil (marigold)
cetascean - grind off the edges
the strap - chaos reigns
bumps - hello, leo
three mile pilot - way of the ocean
bushman's revenge - tinnitus love poem
1977 - sunshine
samantha martin & the haggard - you are my sunshine
to download this and past episodes...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

may 6, 2012

beastie boys - son of neckbone
dirty dozen brass band - caravan
chewbacca's - space circus sideshow
dave dudley - barbara allen
OFF! - i got news for you
astrocoven - rocco
ocean city defender - the freddy shelly throat punch
andrew southworth & andrew downing - morbid fecundity
jaymz bee & the royal jelly orchestra - safety dance
qiwu "the qiwu selftet" - message
hawkwind - levitation
chalk circle - april fool
badbadnotgood - dmz
l'viv - sudden understanding
the lonesome weekends - TLWs' dream #s 7-13
dave murray - dream mountain dream
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do is)
BS 2000 - die rollerblader
octavo -les affres du pouvoir
primus - last salmon man
the vibrating beds - six eight
auoh - land of monsters
beastie boys - posse in effect
to download this and some past episodes... The C.A.R.P. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

april 29, 2012

lenny breau - caravan
the housemartins - caravan of love
nicki bhum - love, home and me
9planets - me, my EPS and i
esg - i
art ensemble of chicago - variations sur un theme de monteverdi (i)
rahsaan roland kirk - ain't no sunshine
archie shepp - there is a balm in gilead
max roach - the drum also waltzes
ornette coleman - lonely woman
scabsmoker - butcher of demons
yamantaka//sonic titan - oak of guernica
phasingtomsolo - you've got your @dignity, i've got my #hashtag
jaymz bee and the royal jelly orchestra - closer to the heart
a tribe called red - electric powwow drum
OFF! - wiped out
jung people - orient b
the darcys - peg
elfin saddle - kiboho
topanga- mabu
the chessmen - love didn't lie 
b.a. johnston & the moby dicks - mcdonald's coupon day

to download program...

Monday, April 23, 2012

april 22, 2012

david carroll - caravan
gorguts - das martyrium des...
skingerbreadman - left side of my god
heavyweights brass band - speaking my language
shallow north dakota - outside dakota
trailer trash tracys - los angered
sit down tracy - caught up in the moment
!!! - the hammer
badbadnotgood - bastard/lemonade
auoh - superficial outline
the headhunters - palm nut
safety show - you am i
aldemaro romero - tonta gafa y boby
sleater-kinney - buy her candy
keith mansfield - funky fanfare
chad allen and the reflections - tribute to buddy holly
the vibrating beds - baby
no bs! brass band - iron palm
circle jerks - world up my ass
charles wright - express yourself
mars volta - dyslexicon
scabsmoker - black queen
mariachi ghost - el cascabel

Thursday, April 19, 2012

april 15, 2012

bunny berigan and his orchestra - caravan
first touch - it's yours
jan jelinek - moire (piano & organ)
the balboas - son of dale
proximal: distal - tone
brasstronaut - slow knots
james blake - a case of you
7 ft soundsystem - haile unlikely dub
tim willcox - life on earth
bloodshot bill - right out the door
dream warriors - wash your face in my sink
fly pan am - micro sillons
dennett & degroot - wind-up bird
evil survives - ferraria puela
the darcys - peg
the belle game - pink carnations
eight and a half - when i was twenty nine
tom waits - satisfied
shallow north dakota - queen of clubs
fatback brother bill curtis - dance girl
oleg pokhanovski - waltz from snowstorm

Sunday, April 8, 2012

april 8, 2012

zygos marching band - caravan
phasing tom solo - you've got your @dignity, i've got my #hashtag
dragonforce - through the fire and flames
dj frane - lonely orbit
smoky tiger - spaceship
dr. john - kingdom of izzness
scabsmoker - black queen
b.a. johnston - sesame street fighter
the vibrating beds - six eight
velocity girl - lisa librarian
urban tribe - daytime t.v.
unsane - this plan
josie and the pussycats - inside, outside, upside down
badbadnotgood - title theme/saria's song/song of storms
magnificent 7's - crazy d
tribune - it came from the swamps...
barigozzi group - theme for aretha
enzo bontempi - bangarang
rob hubbard - commando
bushman's revenge - john lennon was the greatest man who ever lived
feedtime - paint it black
bernice - body motivation

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

april 1, 2012

fantomas - april fool's day
tokyo kosei wind orchestra - caravan
keith mansfield - funky fanfare
john cameron & alan parker - heavy water
dethklok - duncan hills coffee jingle
endangered ape - tales of survivalist horror pt. 1&2
auoh - creation myths
les jupes - a caveman returns home to find the fire has gone out
riffaction - open diary
al lerman - blues so bad i could write a country song
the vibrating beds - let me be
sun ra - languidity
sun ra - watusa
sun ra - pink elephants on parade
sun ra - blackman
sun ra - space is the place
the evaporators ft. andrew w.k. - i hate being late when i'm early
scabsmoker - call of the first aethyr
frank popp ensemble - mullett king
incredible bongo band - in-a-gadda-da-vida
dixie's death pool - disorganized thoughts

march 25, 2012

piero umiliani - caravan
anywhere - infrared moses
christian mistress - possession
sentridoh - ride the darker wave
thumb - freakout vol. II
smoky tiger - tommy prince
red moon road - do or die
riffaction - no refection
gene autry - back in the saddle again
mc frontalot - critical hit
auoh - creation myths
the famines - plca
scabsmoker - death by natural causes
total fucking blood - truth attack
building better bombs - the action pact
marijuana deathsquads - pink star
polica - dark star
signal to trust - seaspray
i-migration - life beat
damo suzuki's network - l'azienda che fa tutto
jaymz bee & the royal jelly orchestra - turn me loose
adrian legg, marco pereira, lulo reinhardt, brian gore - kiss curl

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

march 18, 2012

john buzon trio - caravan
luther wright and the wrongs - the happiest days of our lives
el michels affair - glaciers of ice
the amino acids - i love it when a planet comes together
papermoon - so nice
scabsmoker - black queen
carolina chocolate drops - po' black sheep
rob crooks - hey! hey!
the evaporators - bunk
the vibrating beds - six eight
theplasmas - the pit III (mortal kombat 3)
faith no more - midnight cowboy
zolof and the rock and roll destroyer - i'm a rock and roll mess
the darcys - i got the news
kepi ghoulie - brain scrambling device
the like - will you still love me tomorrow
andrew jackson jihad - growing up
into it. over it. - sebadon't
devo - working in the coalmine
auoh - beforehand
the falcons - dreamrider
zavala - little or no concern
quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky-burr
bubo - critical examination of ground
lyzie burt - zombifying
smoky tiger - pass the dutch

Sunday, March 11, 2012

march 11, 2012

3615 brass band - caravan
mikimoto - untitled
om trio - shant III
7000 dying rats - a rat's ass (judas priestly)
scott bradlee - sk8er boi
mariachi ghost - mariachi ghost
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
rob crooks - ghosts
rob crooks - hey! hey!
rob crooks - out there
rob crooks - knows how to
rob crooks - not cool
agnostic phibes rhythm & blood conspiracy - wild night company
enjoy your pumas - weight of the circles
john davis - theme from beverly hills 90210
unsane - committed
williamson brothers - gonna die with my hammer in my hand
the hoots - in my room
vibrating beds - baby
loincloth - hoof-hearted
bumps - exponent memoir
scabsmoker - butcher of demons

Sunday, March 4, 2012

march 4, 2012

bob rosengarden & phil kraus - caravan
down i go - ED-209
lich king - ED-209
barry gray - the secret service
fanfara kalashnikov - coragheasca
lazyitis - this charming man
scab smoker - the abyss
the evaporators - bring it on home
mariachi ghost - rider
rob crooks - no hand
smoky tiger - play w fire
no bs! brass band - tom sawyer
no bs! brass band - owner of a lonely heart
no bs! brass band - take on me
no bs! brass band - everything turns grey
the darcys - black cow
auoh - the cosmic egg
the falcons - black ice
birds 'n brass - theme from shaft
the link quartet - crosstown traffic
lotte kestner - eyes without a face
d.o.a. - new age
hatcher-briggs - getting there from here
wendy rene - young & foolish

Sunday, February 26, 2012

febrewary 26, 2012

ella fitzgerald - caravan
emperor norton's stationary marching band - mad squirrel march
the nutley brass band - hybrid moments
jordsy - astro zombies
superchunk - where eagles dare
pajo - teenagers from mars
paul metzger - the uses of infinity: a 23 string banjo meditation part 5
agali ag amoumine - amidinine
ali farka toure - farri
tinariwen - desert wind
the burning hell - all the stars and parking lots
the anatomy of cats - devolution
rococode - concentrate on me
frankyselector - fresh start
duchess says - antepoc
fanfare savale - polca pe furate
all - shreen
quantic and his combo barbaro - wandering star
nomeansno - two lips two lungs and one tongue
orienteers - valediction
al tuck - tomorrow
coeur de pirate - adieu
banda el recodo - sube sube sube
little jerry and the monotones - danger
aidan baker - prisoner of the ant people
the falcons - sombrero del diablo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

febrewary 19, 2012

jacky terrasson - caravan
maledictus sound - kriminal theme
sarcastic mannequins - beef zendo
the saucermen - cool cats don't smoke
mayer hawthorne - mr. blue sky
the vibrating beds - six eight
b'ehl - pink star
the inbreds - any sense of time
shallow north dakota - deadman has a memo
thrush hermit - north dakota
luka & gumi - happy synthesizer
smoky tiger - heartshapedbox
leonard cohen - darkness
mariachi ghost - cempasuchil (marigold)
luka - boys don't cry
little house - beautiful sweaters
the bokonists - uptight
miku - world is mine
james blake - a case of you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

febrewary 12, 2012

sorry the delay,

the most recent episode of the c.a.r.p. was in fact the yearly extravaganza known as FUNDrive. this year's program was able to get roughly $700 dollars pledged into the station's goal of $53,000. i'd like to take this occasion to thank everyone who called in and pledged.

i'd also like to thank each of the live performers who appeared on the show.

alana mercer (the gunness, the blowholes, phlegm fatale, the quiffs...)
jordsy (burnt witch survivors group)
joel klaverkamp (beefdonut, the hummers, skingerbreadmen...)
chris bauer (auoh, the vagiants, stagmummer...)

each one came on and played their guts out. phenomenally talented local artists. each of whom i have played regularly on the show over the years. the blowholes album is probably my favourite local release of last year and there some really great ones.

so yeah, long and short, there was no real playlist. magic happened. the c.a.r.p. fundrive spectacular was a rousing success.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

febrewary 5, 2012

arthur lyman - caravan
flaming lips & stardeath white dwarfs - borderline
teenage fanclub - like a virgin
drop nineteens - angel
tokyo kosei wind ensemble - la isla bonita
ivardensphere - ghostnote
jack pine & the fire - lost in new orleans
demetra - wreck of abandon
mariachi ghost - mariachi ghost
the horribly awfuls - like a virgin
bloarzeyd - material girl
mad'house - open your heart
kathleen edwards - empty threat
the lonely vulcans - high vultage weed
smoky tigr - heartshapedbox
front line assembly - justify my love
girls under glass - frozen
ciccone youth - into the groovey
mayer hawthorne - hooked
swampwolf - joy in death

Sunday, January 29, 2012

january 28, 2012

irv cottler - caravan
phono- comb - it's a long way back
volume - electro
mikimoto - 3
bannedfromatlantis - white owl
michael yonkers with the blind shake - period
gospel gossip - sippy cup
skoal kodiak - hollidazzle
food pyramid - eulogy for lee marvin/another round on the outer rings
polica - violent games
sorties paradox - 25 gallons
the lonely vulcans - night date
battles - ice cream
durban poison - wanna hear about dancin'
hans zimmer - die forelle
fanfare savale - petricuta
corrupted - anciano
pig soul - chorume da alma
secret chiefs 3 - zulfikar II
mariachi ghost - mariachi ghost
the muppets - rainbow connection

Sunday, January 22, 2012

january 21, 2012

john evans and the big band - caavan
the hummers - 5 (cyrillic script: listen)
the fantastics! - soul child
the speedometer - have you got the message
the haggis horns - the snarf dance
peter thomas sound orchestra - world has gone kinky
shadowy men on a planet - you spin around '86
peter thomas sound orchstra - the world has gone kinky
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - you spin me round '86
piero piccioni - easy dreamer
moses mayes and the funk family orchestra - going on
booker t and the mg's - we've got johnny wells
see - walking, again
smoky tigr - here it is
mariachi ghost - rider
pauly & the blowbots - the cheerleading dead
the lonely vulcan - lonely vulcan cake
big boss man - humanize
soul hooligan - sweet pea
hooterville trolly - no silver bird
shadows of knight - shake
ennio moricone - il giardino delle delizie
jordsy - rar!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

january 15, 2012

billy jack wills and his western swing band - caravan
the kittens - boiling
tokyo kosei wind orchestra - deep purple medley
king usniewicz and his usniewiczs - tiger by the tail
room 237 - obstacle illusion
enoch light - try a little tenderness
tinariwen - imidiwan ma tenam
durban poison - to the setting son
huron - living and dead
kocani orchestar - but katili
keith price trio/quintet - strangers
down i go - ed-209
jordsy - the fool
scott hinkson - simpleton
chris mama bauer's a universe of horrors - sequences for sun ra
steven tsitsos - for a few dollars more
the inhabitants - drop descender
carleton stone - fit together

Sunday, January 8, 2012

january 8, 2012

lefties soul connection - bam bam
roy porter sound machine - drums for daryl
nomeansno - machine
the lonely vulcans - only some kissin'
durban poison - too many fish in the sea
katie caron - all the small fish
go for the eyes - leave me with today
the easy-offs - life is a drone
bert kaempfert - caravan
speedometer - are you my woman?
the george garabedian players - spanish flea
blunderspublik - the kerslake kid
the apples - killing
ernesto cervini quartet - alert
turtleboy - northwest passage
the amino acids - i love it when a planet comes together
the pipettes - i love you
annette funicello - i love you baby
the dahlmanns - i love you baby (but i hate your friends)
bannedfromatlantis - i love you, you're mad
jordsy - tea to sleep

Sunday, January 1, 2012

january 1, 2012

express brass band - caravan
9planets - sun 3:50 pm
spy-fi - munsters/hawaii five-o
the amino acids - reverb 666
john frusciante - 666
danzig - 777
jordsy - tea to sleep
the lonely vulcans - no fun pt. 2
the vibrating beds - what you do to me
the mermen - miki's lush beehive
sunny day real estate - 5/4
the afterbeat - c'mon baby
king uszniewicz and his uszniewicztones - crocodile rock
the mariachi ghost - rider
sexy mathematics - future nights
quicksand - it would be cooler if you did
jeff kolar - shut down
badbadnotgood - fall in love
the dickies - banana splits
the magnificent 7's - unknown legend
jill and matthew barber - your sunshine
les baxter - expresso brazilia
ten too many - don't even blink
1977 - sunshine
selina martin with the facelss forces of bigness - grace, too