Sunday, September 30, 2012

september 30, 2012

little steven - caravan
stereolab - moodles
peter gabriel - excuse me
gorguts - rapturous grief
agape - vous etes pas tannes de crever
tia brazda - wild jack
mystery machine - pronto
brasstronaut - moonwalker
the valdons - all day long
dave brady and the stars - ridin' high
wee willie walker - there goes my used to be
maurice mckinnies and the champions - sweet smell of perfume
willie and the bumblebees - honey from the bee
prophets of peace - the maxx
rufus lunley - minneap'lis, minnesota
the electrics - the girl can't dance
scabsmoker - black queen
the girth - mulligan
last step - avocado
4th ward afro klezmer orchestra - toco hills kiddush club
fanfare ciocarlia - doina si cintec
lich king - ed-209

september 23, 2012

autorickshaw - caravan
bannedfromatlantis - subtle suggestions
jonwayne - lilnumber
the hummers - one (ecoute)
the beans - sun
mahogany frog - message from uncle stan: green house
gabrielle papillon - coccinelle
dangercat - head in the clouds
cellos - the greys
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
soholyheadcase - it's a real deal to steal
the riderless - qua the rajah
dj coop - ten
sultans of string - my squid has a rash
propagandhi - failed states
animal parts - the trick with your heart (prt3)
saint dirt elementary school - staying home every night
tia brazda - too crazy
keith price - zoom zoom (part three)
la descente du coude - aptonymes
a tribe called red - electric pow wow drum

Sunday, September 16, 2012

september 16, 2012

the three suns - caravan
annette funicello - the monkey's uncle
jason segel & walter - man or muppet
kamal hassan - vikram
chicha libre - popcorn andino
ondatropica - punkero sonidero
cellos - hit song
mode moderne - foul weather fare
brasstronaut - the grove
tia brazda - man up!
the specials - ghost town
thanh thuy - ai cho toi tinh yeu
speedometer - private roots
the tormentos - moon over marin
rtc - drive my car
ondatropica - ska fuentes
mahogany frog - saffron myst
amadou & mariam - another way
saint dirt elementary school - zombies love dancing to this number
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - influklezma
nuclear assault - mr. softee's theme
wye oak - warning
dianh washington - this bitter earth

Sunday, September 9, 2012

september 9, 2012

tom hazleton - caravan
def leppard - when the walls came tumbling down
ham - tree charms
smokey johnson & company - the funkie moon
goat - goathead
mahogany frog - message from uncle stan: grey shirt
tia brazda - cabin fever
the bonafides - can't get enough
propagandhi - failed states
the battle of santiago - la vinea
heavyweights brass band - baby
porgy jones - the dapp
the cactus channel - emanuel ciccolini
jungle by night - togetherness
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - baby baby
doldrums - endless winter
gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends - i'm not a lightswitch
cellos - mailroom blues
lijadu sisters - erora
codeine - d
suzana d'amour - donnez l'amour comme tu veux l'amour
chicha libre - el borrachito
rwpo - pocahontas

Sunday, September 2, 2012

september 2, 2012

tito puente - caravan
drive like jehu - sinews
soul investigators - good food
plastic constellations - vicious devotion
last step - my off days
adaptive reaction - s.o.s.
cancer bats - drunken physics
mahogany frog - expo '67
black lodge singers - mighty mouse
greg arcade - departures/reunion
annette funicello - jamaican ska
chicha libra - the ride of the valkyries
a bossa eletrica - sob a luz do sol
the bootleggers feat. mark lanegan - white light/white heat
kirby sewell band - pour some sugar on me
long distance runners - treading water
k.s. chithra feat. malaysia vasudevan - oh my love
jeff the brotherhood - shredder
the strap - carbon copy
fred wesley & the j.b.'s - use me
def leppard - it could be you
joe gibbs & the professionals - jungle dub
kenlo & vlooper - cgn.m

Saturday, September 1, 2012

august 26, 2012

lawrence welk - caravan
unwound - demons sing love songs
dead stock crusher - police story
phono-comb - here come the warm jets
bob mould - the descent
aretha franklin - won't be long
alan sparhawk - how the weather comes over the central hillside
awesome snakes - these snakes get high!
hype williams - boss man
the book of dead names - this math is complicated
minutemen - political song for michael jackson to sing
devil on the beach - devil on the beach: side 4
david kilgour - because it was you
alemayehu eshete - mekeyershin salawq
future of the left - with apologies to emily pankhurst
tom waits - 9th & hennepin
is/is - moon dropping
laghonia - baby, baby
alan sparhawk - how it ends
cellos - sea legs
our friend and the spiders - your ghost
denis plante & david jacques - los suenos
kram ran - power monger hunger
redd kross - meet frankenstein
merch table delite - bruce willis (don't kill us)
marijuana deathsquads - pink dust
the cake - p.t. 280
anywhere - pyramid mirrors
omar rodriguez-lopez - pink heart
brasstronaut - francisco
music maul - second story