Sunday, October 21, 2012

october 21, 2012

sandy nelson - caravan
the wonders - that thing you do
the hummers - 5 (chinese symbol: listen)
kim and buran - my first cosmic love
the sugarcubes - birthday (justin robertson 7" edit)
mystery machine - floatist
dance movie - a quick drink and a slow dance
calexico - epic
saint dirt elementary school - abandoned ballroom
jfk & the conspirators - the odd couple
messer chups - twin peak twist
allo darlin' - when you were mine
vegan black metal chef - pad thai preparation
los tiki phantoms - el flachazo
jd and the evil's band of dynamite - sunday kind of love
grass widow - goldilocks zone
drums and wires - the plan
tia brazda - too crazy
4th ward afo klezmer orchestra - toco hills kiddush club
j church - more faye
a minor forest - dainty jack and his amazing technicolor cloth jacket
goat - let it bleed
propagandhi - failed states
last step - somno

Monday, October 15, 2012

october 14, 2012

bbc big band - caravan
overton berry trio - hey jude
death grips - i want it, i need it (instrumental)
metz - wet blanket
conway twitty - hello darlin'
ondatropica - punkero sonidero
saint dirt elementary school - zombies love dancing to this number
mecca normal - the caribou & the oil pipeline
gulf of brass - cherry
gabrielle papillon - in the pines
sound in action trio - cut to fit
l'orange - rainy might
maker - organ prelude dub
dj frane - toad
the promise ring - all of my everythings
mystery machine - pronto
les handclaps - ce son
propagandhi - lotus gait
sloan - i am the cancer
guckenheimer saur kraut band - vilia
tia brazda - cabin fever
the natural shocks - change
annabelle chvostek ensemble - end of the road

Sunday, October 14, 2012

october 7, 2012

hugo strasser hot five - caravan
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - blood klez
the great sabatini - (mind over) matterhorn
fanfare ciocarlia - manea cu voca
the melvins - let me roll it
cone five - hurry home
gulf of brass - shuck
the almighty rhumbus - she didn't want me
nova - most days
the f-holes - in the pines
the hi-risers - i'm in love with my record collection
annette funicello - the rock and roll waltz
the soviettes - 9th st.
the bad plus - wolf out
acusmatic group - fish food
a tribe called red - look at this
johnny sizzle - kick cindy klassen in the face
tia brazda - thief in the night
dengue fever - only a friend
propagandhi - status update
thanh thuy - nguoi xa nguoi
the riderless - snow belt dub