Sunday, February 24, 2013

februaray 24, 2013

the mighty accordion band - caravan
thurl ravenscroft & betty blake - are you mine
metric - black sheep
kenlo craqnuques - boiling light
homestuck - light
neil young and crazy horse - walk like a giant
signal to trust - seaspray
bleach fiend - hardcore funk
this hisses - blacksmith
cone five - spongehenge
michael giacchino - world's worst beach party
gareth williams - godzilla (tokyo rose)
cone five - muggy
diego bernal - on4
black bottom brass band - suma no kumo
oh my darling - champ de bataille
sputnik - super stupid
boats - o jumbotron
drums and wires - front row
terrorist - a capricious diatribe in 7 time
bonnie 'prince' billy and dawn mccarthy - devoted to you
gruf - intelligent life

Sunday, February 17, 2013

february 17, 2012

bobby darin - caravan
my bloody valentine - in another way
leon and harry - yellow bird
bark psychosis - the loom
gareth williams - car on a track
the lytics - stay calm
imagine dragons - radioactive
homestuck - hate you
hiawatha - permission (part I)
homestuck - pumpkin party in sea hitler's water apocalypse
chunk! no, captain chunk! - but there ain't no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune
stereo moon - introduction to a joon worthy musical journey through 16 cavan street part 2
the locust - alas, here come the hypochondriacs to wait with you in the lobby
behold the arctopus - you will be reincarnated as an imperial attack spaceturtle
orchid ensemble - hayot hakodesh
this hisses - icelandic blue
the falcons - island fadeaway
homestuck - anbroids v2.0
the birthday massacre - kill the lights
smokey tiger - bloodyjack
tappi tikarrass - lltl ebnl
kandle - play with fire
barry romberg's random access - mecca pecca rocks

Sunday, February 10, 2013

february 10, 2013

FUNDrive Spectacle of Sorts: Edition 2013

enoch light - caravan

live performances by...

gareth williams
joel klaverkamp
monuments galore

$1215 raised in pledges for FUNDrive.

fun was had by all.

february 3, 2013

beegie adair - caravan
the hummers - one (ecoute)
i/o - shake down
ann-margret - slowly
godflesh - crush my soul
this hisses - anhedonia
drums and wires - aquarium
vampires - fireriot
oh my darling - encre de plume
monuments galore - doom and gloom
patsy cline - leavin' on my mind
mama cass elliot - make your own kind of music
the uniques - my conversation
skeeter davis - the end of the world
dharmakaya - pounding dermatitus
monuments galore - sometimes i wander
daphni - springs
benj funk - hacksaw (featuring eric burke)
boats - animated gifs
my bloody valentine - if i am
bleach fiend - hardcore funk

january 27, 2013

project: pimento - caravan
transistor sound & lighting co. - planet sweetness
transistor sound & lighting co. - house of sleep
transistor sound & lighting co. - good egg
mama cass elliot - make your own kind of music
hiawatha - permission (part 1)
drums and wires - scared
lemon bucket orkestra - kucheri
tara king th. - hole of birds
stephen mathieu - devenir sourd
curtis mayfield - stare and stare
the bad plus - how deep is your love
gang signs - counting on you
this hisses - my love he shot me a sparrow
the cumberland county mean gang - letter home
beef terminal - birthday
the sugarcubes - birthday (justin robertson 7" edit)
hermetic - we ought to be in pictures
steve taylor's drum boogie - topsy part II
alexander courage - monster illusion
matt mclennan - recognition
mystery machine - pronto
porgy jones - the dapp
oval - quito
messer chups - voodoo man
medecine - figures as much
the engadine sessions - take me with you