Sunday, March 31, 2013

march 31, 2013

kacezet & deathsquad - caravan
dharmakhaya - pm
i/o - shake down
homestuck - the lordling
dick hyman & the group - soul man
lee harvey osmond - deep water
alan jeffries - sitting on top of the world
alex cuba - tu nombre
god's gift to yoda - tarantula gargantula
people from earth - water
modern superstitions - black moon
colin stetson - lord i just can't keep from crying sometimes
low - holy ghost
son house - john the revelator
eternal tapestry - apocalypse troll
black eyed snakes - big black train
colin stetson - a dream of water
suuns - mirror mirror
apparat organ quartet - babbage
chalk circle - april fool
emperor norton's stationary marching band - save the ship
guckenheimer sour kraut band - kommes ein birdie yet
drums and wires - aquarium
the kandinsky effect - lobi mobi/hotel 66

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

march 24, 2013

michel petrucciani - caravan
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
homestuck - eternity served cold
the thing is - balance
rob mazurek octet - keeping the light up
dub vulture - bubble pack
oh my darling - champ de bataille
les soeurs boulay -
kojiyama mayumi - kekkonsodanjo
mucca pazza - trio in e minor, opus 67, iv allegretto
SSRIs - dollar sounds
dara puspita - mother
la nueva banda de santisteban - no te acuerdas de mi
vampires - trus
boats - advice on bears
casimiro nhussi - mboya
jed whedon, joss whedon and zack whedon - bad horse
rebel yell - boogedy boo
beastie voys - dropping names
agoraphobic nosebleed - typical tough guy bullshit
john saunders - gun man
the guess who - if you don't want me
jed whedon, joss whedon and zack whedon - bad horse (reprise)
drums and wires - loki venus
bad brains - come down
petra haden - the planet krypton

march 17, 2013

matthew herbert - caravan (herbert's all piano motorhome mix)
duotang - this submarine has cracked
duotang - thomas green
duotang - petunia
grand theft canoe - headex/the wickerman
ragtime gals feat. justin timberlake & jimmy fallon - sexyback
the grapes of wrath - good to see you
boats - animated gifs
apparat organ quartet - pentatronik
head hits concrete - lost language
the kittens - blue velvet
june of 44 - lifted bells
isotope 217 - meta bass
homestuck - homestuck anthem
ana moura - a case of you
the blue warblers - sail away ladies
this hisses - the long slow crawl
jerusalem in my heart - he titillates the shepherd, but not the sheep...
bad religion - vanity
freddy fender - wasted days and wasted nights
grand beach - joanna
they might be giants - schoolchildren singing 'particle man'
michael giacchino - tesla tester
guapo - complex #7

Sunday, March 10, 2013

march 10, 2013

jimi tenor - caravan
pond - side road
quicksand - baphomet
guzzard - supersonic enemy of evil
chokebore - bad things
elliot - pogo '86
drums and wires - try restarting
grant geissman - $25 stella
soul rebels - sweet dreams are made of this
hushfeed - missed out
transonic - race car
gregor - you and me, antarctica baby
the aprons - sound stain
petra haden - a fistful of dollars
trocadero - space invader
shooby taylor - over the rainbow
the peaches - broken magic 8-ball says definitely yes
moodini - zavez pavuma
this hisses - anhedonia
dead combo - cowboy's cure for jah
the jesus lizard - gladiator
homestuck - i'm a member of the midnight crew (post-punk version)
boogat el dorado sunset - romados
the unquiet dead - for the moon

march 3, 2013

in memory of Dr. Lisa Smirl, former bass player of banned from atlantis
banned from atlantis - life after connie
banned from atlantis - tantrums
banned from atlantis - philadelphia/cincinatti
banned from atlantis - sebadohboy
banned from atlantis - i do
banned from atlantis - rickets & riddles
banned from atlantis - subtle suggestions
banned from atlantis - steaming seed
banned from atlantis - sovereign thug
banned from atlantis - tricks
banned from atlantis - pretty geek poetry
banned from atlantis - sociopathetic
sebadoh - brand new love
big rig - new fist
jawbreaker - want
banned from atlantis - white owl
banned from atlantis - luna de miel
tom and jerry - caravan
michael giacchino - peace through superior firepower
this hisses - the long slow crawl
boats - o telescope
sputnik - ape escape
tunji oyelana - osekere
lemon bucket orkestra - nese halya vodu
modern superstitions - black moon
new order - recoil
chilly gonzalez - kenaston