Sunday, October 26, 2014

october 26, 2014

autorickshaw - caravan
banned from atlantis - rickets & riddles
beefdonut - thai pagoda
mariachi ghost - la bruja
dirty catfish brass band - countershot
neil harris singers - this is a lovely way to spend an evening
red fisher - tom bmx
anne murray - running
the pallbearers - white rabbit
head hits concrete - postcard perfect plot
jane sibbery - the waitress
rheostatics - one more colour
tanya tagaiq - uja
the zags - did you say milkshake?
swamparella - the waltz that finished in the corner of the house
september west - only for you
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - in my room
coeur de pirate - ain't no sunshine
sea oleena - everyone with esyes closed
atomic 7 - cold black dead heart polka
skinny puppy - punk in park's zoo
cowboy junkies - lungs
phono-comb - here come the warm jets
badbadnotgood - triangle
blisters - attic

Sunday, October 19, 2014

october 19, 2014

les fantomes - caravan
fantomas - night of the hunter (remix)
fantomas - cape fear
butthole surfers - human cannonball
freak motif - green police
mariachi ghost - la bruja
viking fell - fairy
naysa - i need you
nutley brass - teenage lobotomy
the salteens - motor away
the valkyrians - i am the fly
blondie - denis
nutley brass - psycho killer
lonesome ace stringband - femme indigene
art bergmann - company store
greg macpherson - company store
jeannie c. riley - no brass band
low - i'm on fire
zoo animal - fyre
lich king - crossover songs are too damn short
sebadoh - drumstick jumble
engine kid - expressionists
surprise party - i had a dream
like elliot did - beer
mecca normal - what's your name?
the 427's - rhino chaser
trampoline - creatures of the sun

Sunday, October 12, 2014

october 12, 2014

tony bennett  - caravan
curl up and die - rich hall (runner up in a carson daly lookalike contest)
freak motif - night crawler
the 427's - the stingray shuffle no. 1
mecca normal - art was the great leveler
reverend davey todd - everything is going to be alright
potatoes - lx
homestuck - constant conquest
god help the girl - god help the girl
bjork gudmundsdottir - kata rokkar
condition - lonesome trails
billy may - the odd couple
dada plan - mr. window
five alarm funk - robot
courtney barnett - don't apply compression gently
scott bradlee & postmodern jukebox - all about that bass (feat. kate davis)
mike morasky - (defun botsbuildbots ()(botsbuildbots))
honeyblood - (i'd rather be) anywhere but here
the history of apple pie - don't you wanna be mine
poemss - think of something beautiful

Sunday, October 5, 2014

october 5, 2014

lawrence welk - caravan
dean martin - i don't know what i'm doing
trocadero - half life
shad - dreams
scenic route to alaska - paris
potatoes - deviled manatee
unbelievable bargains - plight of the baby sea turtles
gob - same as it ever was
dolly parton - don't drop out
tunic - bend
descendents - thank you
the bonaduces - i'm the only proof you need
lizzo & caroline smith - let 'em say
blunderspublik - reason
fka twigs - hours
puig destroyer - baseball: the best
puig destroyer - call to the bullpen
puig destroyer - mike trout
gluten - heart of stone
zoviet france - film: fliorian
secret chiefs 3 - medium aevum
cleric - the boon
fantomas - delerium cordia (excerpt)
small teeth - psychotronic techniques