Tuesday, January 18, 2022

january 16, 2022

mercer ellington and the duke ellington orchestra - caravan 

the smile - you will never work in television again 

professor monolot - 20 square mile television 

rodan - the everyday world of bodies 

rheostatics - song of danger 

red fisher - licorice 

kittens - superhorse 

transonic - we will not die 

zbigniew preisner - song for the unification of europe (julie's version) 

the muffs - sad tomorrow 

phasingtomsolo - heating co 

the ronettes - be my baby

the ronettes - baby, i love you

the ronettes - you baby

the paperbacks - math damage/maggot age 

touching - just to feel it 

mc frontalot - stoop sale 

malefaction - forever 

hopscotchbattlescars - pyramid scheme mega mall fracking expo car dealership

freakingsnap - (march 2016 - may 2021) 

mina okabe - every second 

bad cop bad cop - chisme 

michael giacchino - end title 

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