Friday, January 28, 2022

january 23, 2022

the wine ladies - caravan

husker du - eight miles high

peter gabriel - it is accomplished 

skronkbash - left behind with a dog and a limp 

ivardensphere - icarus 

fulfilment - orange brutalism 

anne sulikowski - randomly spoken words 

naw - faulty sky machine 

mrs miller - may the bird of paradise fly up your nose

los crudos - en mi opinion 

kittens - binoculars 

phasingtomsolo - for those who have eyes 

my bloody valentine - only tomorrow 

jeannie c riley - the rib

freakingsnap - get to have 

seafreezing - this is not a message, this is a threat 

sault - you from london (feat little simz) 

michael giacchino - end title 

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