Sunday, October 23, 2016

october 23, 2016

silvia droste - caravan
scott bradlee & postmodern jukebox - toxic (feat. melinda doolittle)
michael giacchino - crocodile locke
yazoo - only you
the velveteens - monica louise
turkwaz - persian daff improvisation
tanya tagaq - sivulivinivut
freakingsnap - the answers
the orb - reefer spin in the galaxy
mstrkrft - priceless
countermeasure - lovers in a dagnerous time
skeeter davis - he says the same things to me
colin stetson - clothed in the skin of the dead
off world - no host
keith price trio - hello brooklyn/9mm
valiska - solitude
rudy casoni - california uber alles
scott bradlee & postmodern jukebox - dancing in the dark (feat. von smith)
unwound - demolished
venetian snares - hours
kevin manthei - it's love
sawchuk - 20 yr old loser
jd and the sunshine band - shoulder to shoulder
a la mode - total doom
royal canoe - i am collapsing so slowly
angelo badalamenti - audrey's dream/dance of the dream man (clarinet)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

october 16, 2016

alan shaw - caravan
bola - focasa 2
j.d. & the sunshine band - dead skunk in the middle of the road
fake palms - melatonin
moira - the conjuring
big drill car - about us
eric's trip - about you
secret chiefs 3 - abolish believers by abolishing belief
freakingsnap - a) the finding of solutions by prolog, and...
battles - a.m. gestalt
sianspheric - a7 (demo)
mike patton - abscissa
goat - alarms
anohni - i don't love you anymore
tanya tagaq - centre
l'orange & mr. lif - a world without music
the supremes - love is like an itching in my heart
conway twitty - (lost her love) on our last date
last step - loni anderson
hazy osterwald sextet - musik macht munter
valiska - solitude
awaiting the answer - face the day
norbert stein/pata messengers - information from the birds
an ant and an atom - flirting
forbidden dimension - graveyard line
a la mode - swimming in a giant lake

Sunday, October 9, 2016

october 9, 2016

astrud gilberto - caravan
freakingsnap - september 2609 (beefdonut remix)
unknown - 2001: a space oddyssey fail
auoh - ...time grinds
famous sandhogs - the birth of skoni
marijuana deathsquads - truckin'
tanya tagaq - ajaaja
valiska - of water
opivtes - spoiled
organized rhyme - head for the border
freakingsnap - september 2609 (frsn rmx)
groon/rak and targus - dub-side of the groon
jason sharp - a blast at best
tanya tagaq - aorta
brutal truth - collapse
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - boomwack
four lads - i'm going to sit right down and cry (over you)
this mortal coil - the lacemaker II
holy fuck - chimes broken
freakingsnap - yay barinn ya baan

only cowards sing at night (fill-in)

louise victoria - caravan
red sovine - teddy bear
kittens - lipstick
phasingtomsolo - identt
burning hell - men without hats
owen meany's batting stance - dissonance
bola - balloom
naw - low level transit movement
globelamp - fade away and radiate
the sugarcubes - birthday (tommy d mix)
royal canoe - i am collapsing so slowly
sylvia platters - we're all dead!
layne l'heureux - solaris (ft. jessica jalbert)
the orb - little fluffy cloud (danny tenaglia's detour mix)
red sovine - little joe

Sunday, October 2, 2016

october 2, 2016

john buzon trio - caravan
wham! - freedom
lotte kestner - i'm going to go back there someday
metric - lie lie lie
mstrkrft - priceless
phlegm fatale - dance
blunderspublik - reason
heart behind a barbed wire hymen - death bed on a toy car mat city landscape
ginger baker's air force - i don't want to go on without you
atlantic jazz ensemble - aegean mist
cathedral - skullflower
blue t-shirt - cats in the usn
sun ra - friendly galaxy
freakingsnap - phases
barry adamason - death takes a holiday
alan moore/david j/tim perkins - drowning in gold
mystic knights of oingo boingo - forbidden zone
fantomas - spider baby
goblin - suspiria

Sunday, September 25, 2016

september 25, 2016

art mooney - caravan
nomeansno - the end of all things
nomeansno - the river (deadbeat's power and glory mix)
nomeansno - humans
nomeansno - two lips, two lungs and one tongue
nomeansno - metronome (orphyx' meet the beat mix)
bruce walker - something's on tonight
blunderspublik - i everwith
blunderspublik - born to be my unicorn
blunderspublik - the warsaw caves
bruce walker - missed you
june killing stones - i fell down
turkwaz - she embroiders beneath the roses
mike koop - there
nots - blank reflection
lazyhorse - stone faker
tanya tagaq - rape me
greenbank trio - bitter days

Sunday, September 18, 2016

september 18, 2016

all-city elementary jazz band of chicago - caravan
dee dee king - mashed potato time
freakingsnap - the annapolis river
the flowers of hell - aria 51 (choral reprise)
moulettes - underwaterpainter
sawchuk - 20 yr old loser
bruce walker - the project's drag you down
skeeter davis - send me the pillow you dream on
fairground attraction - you send me
blunderspublik - send/receive
the supremes - you send me
the bleechers - send me the pillow you dream on
off world - old brain
jason sharp - a blast at best
automatisme - transport 3
herb alpert & the tijuana brass - so what's new?
everly brothers - oh so many years
freakingsnap - helios
tom waits - shake it
jungle by night - get busy
famous sandhogs - the sayings of pan sun
mstrkrft - party line
bart - times of gold

Sunday, September 11, 2016

september 11, 2016

erroll garner - caravan
the book of dead names - rosalind franklin's last words
freakingsnap - des de l'eternitat (o la seva vida sera ara el cel o l'infern per tota l'eternitat)(excerpt)
off world - primitive streak
holy fuck - tom tom
solids - shine
mstrkrft - priceless
impala - experiment in terror/stalkin'
michael giacchino - parallelocam
cass elliot - make your own kind of music
the hummers - 11 (hlusta)
ike & tina turner - puppy love
phasingtomsolo - seal in french
turkwaz - they call me huseyin the charmer
deerhoof - life is suffering
automatisme - transport 1