Sunday, December 10, 2017

december 10, 2017

nelson riddle - caravan
morphine -sharks
the mountain goats - unmasked
freakingsnap - stalingrad
freakingsnap -off to sleep
new swears -warm bodies
oh susanna - getting ready
form - first provision
iron reagan - power of the skull
rheopstatics - self serve gas station
rachel's - hearts and rums
the o voids - friction strip
jason g eastwood -calculator watch
lich king -crossover songs are too damn short
auoh - faq
autechre - yulquen
the jesus lizard - mouth breather
dent may -across the multiverse
anne manson/manitoba chamber orchestra/evelyn glennie - kaluza klein

Sunday, December 3, 2017

december 3, 2017

ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong - caravan
godflesh - xynobis
din city - 02
the o voids - white hole
sleepkit - moon on the floor
slow dancers - envious brother
de la soul - potholes in my lawn
angelo badalamenti - solo percussion (arbitrary cymbals)
metz - mess of wires
mmmeats -prophesnake
fantomas - 04-25-05
homestuck - hate you
goat - run to your mama (high wolf remix)
freakingsnap - set them aprt from each other
the eddy blake tapes - lonesome whistle
spacebutt - time travellers
controlled bleeding - needle evening (tim story remix)
kathleen merritt - sims jig
venetian snares - otvenot 3
animal teeth - gone
the psychics - close encounters

Sunday, November 26, 2017

november 26, 2017

dreadsquad - caravan
drive like jehu - caress
freakingsnap - we'll go all the way
liam lewis-sing - chase
midnight review presents - everything is automatic
seattle chamber players - falling still
iron reagan - you never learn
black sabbath - never say die
godflesh - post self
black sabbath - the mob rules
valiska & zenjungle - nightwinds
the o voiods - parallax error
faith no more - smaller and smaller
caustic window - jazzphase
the locust - well i'll be a monkey's uncle (wizards of war rmx)
freakingsnap - september 2609 (fs rmx mk iv qp)
alvvays - not my baby
mmmeats - sister song

Sunday, November 19, 2017

november 19, 2017

dreadsquad - caravan (radikal guru rmx)
freakingsnap - wormholes
stompin' tom connors - the ketchup song
mmmeats - sky cat danger
the o voids - picture
alvvays - in undertow
ghost twin - blue room
gil scott-heron - the revolution will not be televised
the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy - television, the drug of a nation
7000 dying rats - paranoid
the thing - life on mars
animal teeth - heart of darkness
stretch marks - tomorrow will be better (if there is one)
evan parker/derek bailey/han bennink - for peter b & peter k
do make say think - return, return again
freakingsnap - miracles
sianspheric - it's not over
julie and the wrong guys - broken pieces/barely cold
the heirlooms - smooth love

Sunday, November 12, 2017

november 12, 2017

dreadsquad - caravan (turntable dubbers uk funky rmx)
freakingsnap - the ever elusive perfect game
ghost in the machine - deep six
midnight review presents - everything is automatic
fuck the facts - prey
devo - it's a beautiful world
lcd soundsystem - call the police
otis redding - i've been loving you for too long
vampires - look happy, it's the end of the world
quiet parade featuring dance movie - change of the season
marijuana deathsquads - truckin'
rheostatics - california dreamline
talking heads - road to nowhere
trickfinger - exclam
phasingtomsolo - identt
pink floyd - obscured by clouds
lotte kestner - there is a light that never goes out
tesla rhind and john froese - apparitions

Sunday, November 5, 2017

november 5, 2017

dreadsquad - caravan (kwazar jungle rmx)
the bangles - hazy shade of winter (purple haze remix)
mark mothersbaugh - arena fight
the o voids - this town
metz - mr. plague
child actress - danzig's kitten
mmmeats - sky cat danger
eagle lake owls - we're in this for tears
adam bryanbaum wiltzie - colchani is changing
godflesh - angel domain
the cactus channel - cobaw
freakingsnap - sunsidal
freakingsnap - malek'iya yalefe yimesilali
madison violet - we are famous
casper skulls - you can call me allocator
dori freeman - ern and zorry's sneakin' bitin' dog
la conversion des sauvages - vieil ivoire
kittens - pluto
cellos - stranger at the door
an ant and an atom - my craft broke at launch

Sunday, October 29, 2017

october 29, 2017

dreadsquad - caravan (sub-lo-matic dubstep rmx)
a winged victory for the sullen - atomos xii
a spelling e - breathing underwater
naw - subnatural symbolic synthesis (bleupulp rmx)
the o voids - on and on
sick boss -ruthless waltz
the deeds - one door closes
freakingsnap - westwood
polica - lately
lich king - toxic zombie onslaught
nicole atkins - great idea
big knife little knife - (probably misses his) old glasses
julie & the wrong guys - condescending you
a spelling e - i'm convinced that you're from mars
the mountain goats - first few desparate hours
the orb - 73.5 feat. nitram
john frusciante - unf
venetian snares - you and shayna v1
chuck copenace group - appetites (joe silva remix)
surprise party - gloom
mmmeats - mac n' me
little miss higgins - put the needle on