Sunday, January 14, 2018

january 14, 2018

brigitte fontaine & grace jones - caravan
expwy - the extension
freakingsnap - the extension
mirror frame - lie
dinosaur dragonfly - thy will be done
the o voids - record on
jason g eastwood - oolala poulet
heavy bell - it is coming
trickfinger - shift sync
venetian snares - they watched him detonated on the linoleum twisting
death party playground - love and fidelity
bruce cockburn - jesus train
superchunk - detroit has a skyline
oozing wound - tachycardia
the thing - viking disco/perfection
beliefs - retreat (light the fire)
the famous sandhogs - ruan ji awakes
john zorn - initiate
objekt - fishbone
marshall birch & some buddies - it's not stupid
fuck the facts - solitude

Sunday, January 7, 2018

january 7, 2018

louie bellson big band - caravan
phase conductor - dreamers do not enter
the o voids - next week
sianspheric - the flight of the owl
r.e.m. - tired of singing trouble
puig destroyer - destroyer of baseballs
auoh - launch
fantomas - book one page seven
the vss - rats
beastie boys - tough guy
marshall birch & some buddies - cloudland
mmmeats - mac n' me
husker du - big sky
dinosaur dynasty - gothic stenographer
freakingsnap - from here to and now otherwise (single edit)
the o voids - lightning strikes
sianspheric - shimmer
mark mothersbaugh - grandmaster's chambers
the locust - flash's theme
angelo badalamenti - lana's theme
rachel's - texas nocturne #3
adam bryanbaum wiltzie - colchani is changing
cabo boing - what am i bid
macula dog - created the midi
oval - may tea
kyle dixon & michael stein - time for a 187
descendents - we got defeat
marshall birch & some buddies - face in a rock
mmmeats - sky cat danger

Sunday, December 31, 2017

december 31, 2017

thilo wolf & friends - caravan
tony royster jr. - caravan
paper moon - these new friends of yours (candlelight mix)
freakingsnap - these new friends of yours
naw - foggy autmn dawn
jd and the sunshine band - on the sunny side of the street
september west - can we get a little closer
freakingsnap - can we get a little closer
naw - underpass tunnel corridors
jd and the sunshine band - iles-de-chenes
boredoms - circle
boredoms - dotted circle
the hilarious house of frightenstein - welcome to castle frightenstein/gory gory transylvania/go go gorilla/pets are friends/mystic readings/a thing of beauty to behold/zany zoo time

Sunday, December 24, 2017

december 24, 2017

ensemble of seven - caravan
deja voodoo - bugs for christmas
dj hunnicutt - the synth is ours
freakingsnap - tuba
freakingsnap - witness
the eddy blake tapes - one time, two times
the o voids - higher
michael giacchino - the only pebble in the jungle
the o voids - electrical storm'the free - funky llama
tyler shipley - candleflame
steely dan - bad sneakers
the famous sandhogs - pulul's battle of the brunes
husker du - pink turns into blue
oval - school house
naw - subnatural symbolic synthesis (naturally simulated version)
metz - mr. plague
the barrel boys - bacon in the cornbread
l'orange & stik figa - blind tiger (instrumental)
the tikiyaki orchestra - sneaky tiki
lana del rey - salvatore
the locust - high-maintenance libido, bring the whole family
hushfeed - possibility's role
marshall birch & some buddies - vet
mmmeats - pale blue eyes
marshall birch & some buddies - nice houses
peter schilling - major tom
auoh - slip skin
fka twigs - hide
autechre - jatevee c
the vss - effigy
morphine - murder for the money
hushfeed - death of a broken chair
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
1971 - the manipulator

Sunday, December 17, 2017

december 17, 2017

dr. john - caravan
hoodoo gurus - (let's all) turn on
sianspheric - indicated by dots (original mix)
cold specks - void
marshall & some buddies - cloudland
the o voids - mystery
slow - have not been the same
michael giacchino - the incident
murcoff x wagner - what arms are these for you! (wagner version)
murcoff x wagner - what arms are these for you! (murcoff version)
angelo badalamenti - mister snooty
cleric - the treme
freakingsnap - is that occasionally they listen to weird al
mmmeats - mac n' me
screaming at traffic - metagame
the paperbacks - stars (for claire massey)
unsane - aberration
roger's arsenal - middle class gangster (feat. aaron bartel)
marhsall birch & some buddies - your band & the accident
cloud nothings - clocks
keith price - old market square
skronkbash - V1-4
midnight review presents - everything is automatic

Sunday, December 10, 2017

december 10, 2017

nelson riddle - caravan
morphine -sharks
the mountain goats - unmasked
freakingsnap - stalingrad
freakingsnap -off to sleep
new swears -warm bodies
oh susanna - getting ready
form - first provision
iron reagan - power of the skull
rheostatics - self serve gas station
rachel's - hearts and rums
the o voids - friction strip
jason g eastwood -calculator watch
lich king -crossover songs are too damn short
auoh - faq
autechre - yulquen
the jesus lizard - mouth breather
dent may -across the multiverse
anne manson/manitoba chamber orchestra/evelyn glennie - kaluza klein

Sunday, December 3, 2017

december 3, 2017

ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong - caravan
godflesh - xynobis
din city - 02
the o voids - white hole
sleepkit - moon on the floor
slow dancers - envious brother
de la soul - potholes in my lawn
angelo badalamenti - solo percussion (arbitrary cymbals)
metz - mess of wires
mmmeats -prophesnake
fantomas - 04-25-05
homestuck - hate you
goat - run to your mama (high wolf remix)
freakingsnap - set them aprt from each other
the eddy blake tapes - lonesome whistle
spacebutt - time travellers
controlled bleeding - needle evening (tim story remix)
kathleen merritt - sims jig
venetian snares - otvenot 3
animal teeth - gone
the psychics - close encounters