Sunday, April 27, 2014

april 27, 2014

raphael gualazzi - caravan
fantomas - 04/27/05
circle jerks - red tape
redd kross - linda blair
clikatat ikatowi - ground zero
burning brides 0 start your own religion
OFF! - i see through you
carsick cars - wild grass
marco castillo - forro no canada
jd and the sunshine band - a dream about flying
weaves - do you see past
coeur de pirate - flume
the warlocks - red camera
the war on drugs - red eyes
black eyed snakes - red sheet
EMA - red star
marisa anderson - red sky
teen - tied up tied down
sunparlour players - soapbox
zebra pulse - every trilogy is a movie (parts 1, 2 &3)
poemss - kissing song
nymphomatriarch - pervs
impetuous ritual - abhorrent paragon
bones malones - maybe tomorrow

april 20, 2014

dizzy gillespie - caravan (dj smash smashish remix)
clash at demonhead - black sheep
boats - advice on bears (dj coop remix)
puig destroyer - rise and grind
fantomas - 04/20/05
rev. davey todd - have a nice day
beefdonut - my love is for real
solvent - wow
einar jullum - pa andre sida av lia
shining - stalemate longan runner
charlie parker ft. miles davis - moose the mooche (quantic remix)
for carnation - alfredo's welcome
grandmaster melle mel - white lines
picastro - baron in the trees
the haiduks - melodie
impetuous ritual - despair
trust - blinking for the feel
they call me rico - winner or loser
broken orchestra of winnipeg - untitled
fuck the facts - inside out

Sunday, April 13, 2014

april 13, 2014

james spaulding - caravan
velvet underground - venus in furs
small faces - whatcha gonna do about it
james brown - think
iggy pop - lust for life
joe lapinski - you!
they call me rico - i'm on fire
buckshot bebee and the secret boyfriends - mad world
dirty inputs - oberon//sequence
fantomas - 04/13/05
neil norman and orchestra - moonraker
dolly parton - busy signal
AC4 - all talked out
l'viv - but darling, i don't care
skeeter davis - put it off until tomorrow
the new plan - 12 tones and a nod to prokofiev
baader brains - plenory keynote signal (6th congress)
jd and the sunshine band - i heard that one before
warpaint - disco//very
carsick cars - mushroom
minutemen - dreams are free, motherfucker
OFF! - in your arms
beck - all tomorrow's parties
jung people - releasing fears of the colour blue

Sunday, April 6, 2014

april 6, 2014

project: pimento - caravan
fantomas - 04/06/05
hawkwind - assault and battery/the golden void
blunderspublik - robert vilar
robert marcel lepage - un choral appalachien, prise 2
jung people - we marched feral and free
coeur de pirate - last kiss
dead ranch - water park shark
tokyo police club - beaches
joby talbot - so long and thanks for all the fish
cristin milioti - la vie en rose
the walkmen - heaven
john frusciante - crowded
steroid maximus - l'espion qui a pleure
neil hannon - so long and thanks for all the fish
dex romweber duo - so sad about us
sound/s/lab - whatever makes you happy
venetian snares - where you stopped the heaviest
venetian snares - black sabbath
venetian snares - fool the detector
solids - over the sirens