Sunday, December 29, 2013

december 29, 2013

lawrence welk - caravan
donovan - the hurdy gurdy man
rheostatics - onilley's strange dream
marijuana deathsquads - tamper.disable.destroy
land of kush - faint praise
robert marcel lepage - le rock de bungalow
neko case - bracing for sunday
no joy - lunar phobia
bear mountain - faded
cave - sweaty fingers
american cream - don't buy it
the julie ruin - run fast
the pointillists - a sportsman's sketch
dead ranch - lenry beastman
dark for dark - wake me when it's over
joby talbot - journey of the sorcerer
pixies - gouge away
r.e.m. - where's captain kirk?
the damned - new rose
neil hannon - so long and thanks for all the fish
smoky tiger - cursedclownmask
freak motif - night crawler

Sunday, December 22, 2013

december 22, 2013

useless playboys - caravan
porn orchard - this holiday season
the locust - pulling the christmas pig by the wrong pair of ears
descendents - christmas vacation
medicine - christmas song
pestova/meyer piano duo - suite for toy piano I
canadafrica - dagarti
bones malones - temptation
the void - everyone
oscar isaac - hang me oh hang me
fid mella - hi
tm juke and the jack baker trio - put your hands up for detroit
superchunk - detroit has skyline
l'orange - detroit skyline
mary wells - goodbye and good luck
howie gelb - running behind
fatality - satan's shepherd
an ant and an atom - i eat hearts for a month
naysa - friday on my own
mahavishnu orchestra - hope
klaatu - hope
the lightmen plus one - hope
ben bridwell - hope
william shatner - she blinded me with science

Sunday, December 15, 2013

december 15, 2013

80 drums around the world - caravan
marijuana deathsquads - mgatp
cows - i'm missing
husker du - plans i make
marijuana deathsquads - wave
northern cree - sportin' chicken
smoky tiger - the good die young
bones malone - oh b.
dead ranch - water park shark
wilfred n & the grown men - i'm in love with this city
death - keep on knocking
jello biafra & nomeansno - ride the flume
crime - flipout
marijuana deathsquads - bad boy masterpiece
ria reece band - i just want to make love to you
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - big boned woman
chairs - wooden fish
hushfeed - slow
hoyt curtain - opening theme with sfx
david bowie - the man who sold the world
basia bulat - wires

Sunday, December 8, 2013

december 8, 2013

the new plan - caravan
junior murvin - i was appointed
the specials - nelson mandela
bill callahan - expanding dub
joanne pollock - how fortunate
scott nolan & joanne miller - bad liver/broken heart
dead ranch - ice desert
they call me rico - i'm on fire
an ant and an atom - starlets that disembowel
lee majors - the unknown stuntman
marijuana deathsquads - john cage match
polica - matty
gayngs - false bottom
john zorn - libera me
annette funicello - canzone d'amore
cowboy junkies - disintegrating
harley card - flash card etude no. 1
charlotte church - lasts, or eschaton
yazoo - only you
les jupes - interview with a contract killer

Sunday, December 1, 2013

december 1, 2013

astrud gilberto - caravan
unknown - pinky and the brain (german version)
five alarm funk - the iron pegasus
triumph - time canon
nomeansno - stop it
all - original me
fall fair car - the fall of the sun king
the town heroes - berlin wall
blimp rock - 401
snfu - ashes
raleigh - carebear
kris kristofferson - me and bobby mcgee
waylon jennings - are you sure hank done it this way
the louvin brothers - satan is real
cast king - wrong time to be right
charlie feathers - can't hardly stand it
willie nelson - satisfied mind
wilfred n & the grown men - i don't go out (bossa)
the men of s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - way to san bruno
the hummers - 4 (hlusta)
fantomas - delirium cordia (segment)
les jupes - the voices
flaamingos - creation

Sunday, November 24, 2013

november 24, 2013

rhythm heritage - caravan
jason segel - you just got slapped (slow jam)
mc frontalot - crime spree
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - honey, you're wasting ammo
sound in action trio - feet music
scrutineer - neighbourhood tension
blue cranes - everything is going to be okay
unbelievable bargains - let's go feed ducks
hana lulu - message to the sea
chron goblin - deserter
zola jesus - vessel
chelsea wolfe - house of metal
polica - warrior lord
the pallbearers - white rabbit
the psychic alliance - lunar patrol
dead ranch - attack at the sky creatures
snfu - new rose
tim hecker - prism
willard n the grown men - nik is in the city

Sunday, November 17, 2013

november 17, 2013

sandy nelson - caravan
marijuana deathsquads - ewok sadness
nomeansno - the river
trans am - ragged agenda
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - straight to video
all - check one
hana lulu - find the light
signal hill - van gogh sky
flow my tears - until the darkness is desolate
the blue warblers - love is a rose
land of kush - st stefano
remy shand - where are you going?
bannedfromatlantis - nothing's broken
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - a tad thad
eric's trip - follow
jfk & the conspirators - the odd couple
royal canoe - summersweat [ryan guldemond (mother mother) remix]
solids - laisser faire
monomyth - sacred hand
the break - phobos-grunt
homestuck - the lordling
the fucking champs - some swords
refused - new noise
greg macpherson band - space and time
flamingos - fin du monde

Saturday, November 16, 2013

november 10, 2013

aki takase - caravan
nomeansno - remember
marijuan deathsquads - remembories
dot wiggin band - the end of the world
raygun cowboys - break these chains
scrutineer - grumbleumble
trans am - outmoder
royal canoe - button fumbla
blue cranes - for chris
a capella science - bohemian gravity
they might be giants - i am a paleontologist
the techniques - my whole life depends on you
circle jerks - put a little love in your heart
mr. wrong - the end of the world
smoky tiger - cursprismedclownmask
hello moth - a song about devotion
brutal truth - it's after the end of the world
sarcastic mannequins - beef zendo
the buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
skeeter davis - the end of the world
the unbelievable bargains - the platypus
neko case - wild creatures
mariachi ghost - llorona
five alarm funk - the iron pegasus
tim hecker - prism

november 3, 2013

the coffin daggers - caravan
the mariachi ghost - sweet water
the mariachi ghost - luciferian love
the mariachi ghost - cempuzuchitl
the resonators - helicopter
the boredoms - poy
the home team - place and time
the soviettes - 1308
the psychic alliance - lunar patrol
the kennedy suite singers - bullet for you
the racoon wedding - elephant
the strumbellas - ride on
the nefidovs - read, writ, regurgitate
the melvins - influence of atmosphere
the personations & organization - future II
the steve karmen big band - breakaway
the unbelievable bargains - lunch
the tubuloids - professor bumbles
the darcys - the pacific theatre
the monarch project - a better part of you
the dinner belles - back home (in the valley)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

october 27, 2013

piero umiliani - caravan
zeitkratzer - metal machine music (excerpt)
p.o.s. - lockpicks, knives, bricks & bats (mds remix)
marijuana deathsquads - ewok sadness
jimmy hunt - antilope
nick buzz - sea monkeys
elessar thiessen - single lane
the darcys - close to me
velvet underground - i'm waiting for my man
can - little star of bethlehem
aphrodite's child - loud, loud, loud
aphrodite's child - the four horsemen
man man - pink wonton
yamantaka // sonic titan - atalanta
wtchs - mr. hands
they might be giants - hall of heads
fid mella - z'tuschts
wilfred n & the grown men - wilfred in the city
smoky tiger - everybodyplaysthefool

Monday, October 21, 2013

october 20, 2013

art mooney and his orchestra - caravan
five alarm funk - the iron pegasus
the vss - silt, etc.
polica - vegas
marijuana deathsquads - sunglasses and bail money
bill callahan - highs in the mid-40's dub
the flaming lips feat. kesha - 2012 (you must upgrade)
meatrack - browning
alice donut - medication
death valley driver - black vein
basia bulat - five, four
les jupes - save your friends
the bonaduces - armadillo
the smithereens - a girl like you
fishbone - turn the other way
peter gabriel - in your eyes
the replacements - within your reach
waterbodies - how to burn bridges
the danks - not news
the tubuloids - fast times (on the downtown east side)
the tubuloids - pipeline

Sunday, October 13, 2013

october 13, 2013

bob rockwell - caravan
digitata - death and the beach
polica - leading to death
eric's trip - beach
unbelievable bargains - free potato wedges
flamingos - fin du monde
smoky tiger - buttermilk
basia bulat - wires
the pack a.d. - deer
metric - black sheep
homestuck - english
homestuck - the lyrist
voltaire - when you're evil
homestuck - the lordling
crash and the boys - we hate you please die
land of kush - sharm el bango
emiliana torrini - elisabet
autechre - simmm
john williams - wild signals
the sattalites - god bless

october 6, 2013

piero umiliani - caravan
herbert von karajan - also sprach zarathustra
charles dutoit - mercury, the winged messenger
moe koffman - pluto
steven price - above earth
they might be giants - how many planets?
royal canoe - hold on to the metal
petra haden - superman theme
neko case - i'm from nowhere
land of kush - drift beguine
fabulous counts - lunar funk
rome - lunar white
no joy - lunar phobia
the vss - lunar weight
homestuck - lunar eclipse
pumpkin buzzard - lunar woman
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - shiver & shake
basia bulat - paris or amsterdam
the pack a.d. - battering ram
front line assembly - developing suicide
kool and together - hooked on life
nomeansno - stop it
smoky tiger - crazy

Monday, September 30, 2013

september 29, 2013

all-city elementary jazz band of chicago - caravan
jg thirlwell - fumblestealth
homestuck - hauntjam
the breeders - do you love me now jr?
tara king th. - hating your guts
lovebook - way beyond
all - just like them (feat. milo aukerman)
the pointillists - awaken the day
emiliana torrini - tookah
smoky tiger - put a spell on you
b.a. johnston - too dumb to love
slow leaves - careless and serene
helen - felt this way
bill callahan - expanding dub
chakachas - jungle fever
goat - run to your mama
the julie ruin - ha ha ha
os mutantes - look out
tangent project - atmosfera
andy schauf - hometown hero
pawa up first - charlotte
tony motola - violetta
fishbone - one day
ava maria - alma redemptoris mater

Sunday, September 22, 2013

september 22, 2013

matthew herbert - caravan
p.o.s. - bumper
gayngs - ride
marijuana deathsquads - wave
polica - form
hiawatha - old black
bear mountain - survive
flamingos - expressions
nick fraser - tricycle
the body - always waiting
the melvins - cow
velodrome - presages
chelsea wolfe - echo
minor threat - screaming at a wall
beastie boys - mullet head
hsy - waffles
temps libre - piano/contrebasse
unbelievable bargains - hugs, hugs, hugs
royal canoe - nightcrawlin
les jupes - interview with a contract killer
neko case - nearly midnight, honolulu
broken social scene/years - day of the kid

september 15, 2013

hugo strasser hot five - caravan
unsane - empty cartridge
UJ3RK5 - the locator
the uniques - my conversation
hose - girls/zoo
flowers of hell - o superheroin
neko case - wild creatures
breath grenades - (let'em eat) space rawk!
brazilian money - dream gate 9
fur trade - in between dream
flamingos - walk a wire
belly - are you experienced?
fka twigs - water me
the vss - accessory
polica - tiff
throwing muses - manic depression
the unbelievable bargains - the platypus
saint alvia - the pressure
descendents - nothing with you
the flys - night creatures
superchunk - night of the chill blue
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - jiver
retox - congratulations, you're good enough
s.o.s. - news

september 8, 2013

stanley black - caravan
belly - angel
d.r.i. - snap
the pope - i want a new sport
dead stock crusher - broken bones
trenchmouth - i believe in me
public image ltd. - under the house
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - revolver man
cardboard nationals - cannibals!
monomyth - transmission
royal canoe - if i had a house
medicine - long as the sun
alison's halo - wishes
transonic - barely there
speedy ortiz - fun
my bloody valentine - she found now
anchoress - zombies on a plane
none the wiser - freein' up my time
warsaw - record lows
jawbox - savory
quicksand - omission
sofa - canyon (fade)
no joy - e
the winter coats - interlopers dub

Sunday, September 1, 2013

september 1, 2013

felix slatkin & orchestra - caravan
quetzatl - the twilight zone (quetzatl blend up)
building castles out of match sticks - word salad
l'viv - sudden understanding
bulletproof nothing - this is asphalt
d.r.i. - my fate to hate
louisa jane white - um um um um um um
kajumi miyumi - doo-bee-doo-goo
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - midnight oil
neko case - where did we leave the fire
flamingos - fin du monde
royal canoe - nightcrawlin
nick fraser - bicycle
homestuck - prospit dreamers
neil patrick harris & felicia day - my eyes
ac/dc - it's long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)
milky eel powers - bulbasaur
neil patrick harris - slipping
homestuck - derse dreamers
snailhouse - witches and snowmen
the tubuloids - surf fukushima
electric soul - keep away
tangent project - mariposa dangerosa
phono-comb - it's a long way back
the organites - hot, funky and sweaty
michael giacchino - distraught desmond
flowers of hell - calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Thursday, August 29, 2013

august 25, 2013

autorickshaw - caravan
cowboy junkies - dreaming my dreams with you
the funeral club - the weeping song
sea oleena - crazy in love
the pallbearers - white rabbit
interstellar dub encounters - bald head dub
steve taylor's drum boogie - boogie blues
unwoman - this must be the place (naive melody)
gareth williams - needle in the hay
the bad plus - barracuda
aguaturbia - crimson & clover
dump - raspberry beret
bonnie 'prince' billy - the world's greatest
last relapse - miss misery
lifetime - it's not funny anymore
kandle - play with fire
dead stock crusher - i don't wanna hear it
head hits concrete - lowlife
corrosion of conformity - the green manalishi
the melvins - let me roll it
the who - under my thumb
painted thin - story you have heard before
the tubuloids - walk don't run

august 18, 2013

lyne tremblay - caravan
crash vegas - i gave you my heart
rose chronicles - krayon
warpaint - krimson
sockweb - i want pancakes
anne murray - running
bear mountain - two step
brahja waldman's quartet - elliott
kenmode - no; i'm in control
oldfolkshome - it scares me
pawa up first - time slip
michael giacchino - parallelocam
the queers - definitely
descendents - talking
green river - ozzie
the melvins - leeech
nick fraser - ?
woodpigeon - the saddest music in the world
ADR - sumo
chisel - it's alright, you're ok
grassmarket - rotor and wing
a tribe called red - sweet milk pop
majical cloudz - turns turns turns
massimo gioradano - marcella

august 11, 2013

oscar peterson & dizzy Gillespie - caravan
the kittens - easter egg hunt
canary - song for mark gonzales
painted thin - john wayne's wettest dream
raw sewage - untitled 3 (second demo)
hoppers 13 - calculating the misconceptions
the kittens - ninety-five
phasingtomsolo - suitor #2
ensemble supermusique - malgre tout face a
october - high heels/cheap thrills
leon and harry - this guy's in love with you
chore - general warning
oh my darling - champ de batille
gianna lauren bitches brew
westdale jr high stage band - ricochet
organized rhyme - armadillo song
beefdonut - train sounds
nick fraser - bicycle
the tubuloids - walk don't run
nomeansno - jubilation
brahja waldman's quartet - death on your left
head hits concrete - thermite dusted peace prize
hannah georgas - something for you
alex pangman - i'm confessin'
the bicycles - congratulations

Monday, August 5, 2013

august 4, 2013

al casey - caravan
fanfare ciocarlia - dances from the monastery hills
don caballero - for respect
anne murray - bidin' my time
slint - ron
lawrence welk - moonlight bay
head hits concrete - disgraced land
ac/dc - jailbreak
black lodge - scooby doo
a tribe called red - the road, feat. black bear
boats - advice on bioluminescent bears
les jupes - one solemn oath
interstellar dub encounters - govinda rock steady
homestuck - heir conditioning
motion city soundtrack - everyone will die
homestuck - gold pilot
imagine dragons - demons
homestuck - three in the morning
haunter - assiniboine river song
devin cuddy band - dancin'
sigur ros - stormur
this hisses - icelandic blue
steve taylor's drum boogie - dragnet
latka - the arrival
nick fraser - revolution

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

july 28, 2013

lou donaldson - caravan
lennie hibbert - snowbird
head hits concrete - jubilee
rick moranis - da-doo
john frusciante - this cold
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
breath grenades - lazerskin
soso - a map of all the constellations i can see from my kitchen window
said the whale - barbara-ann
tangent project - blue moon over mexico
yopeckummah - love afair
latka - caricature of a dead man
foxtrot - parallel lines
interstellar dub encounters - welcome to dubrock
beak> - wulfstan II
disappears - power
the black angels - indigo meadow
food pyramid - crosshatch
darius - shades of blue
socalled - baskatong song
oval - grrr
mikimoto - nine
badbadnotgood - vices
diablo swing orchestra - aurora
oval - grrr feat. emilia suto
martin lozano lewis wiens duncan - face the same direction

Monday, July 22, 2013

july 21,2013

si zentner & his orchestra - caravan
grand theft canoe - the auld gang
the beatnigs - television (radio edit)
refused - the deadly rhythm
kish - i'm goin' hypa
birdapres + rob crooks - summer school
keith price - departures
rastamills - when i be free
renee lamoureux - 1,2,3
birdapres + moves - bird's mind
dream warriors - do not feed the alligators
rebel yell - boogedy boo
hushfeed - nothing
nomeansno - tuck it away
rebel yell - rookie move
birdapres + mcenroe - broke beat
standish/carlyson - critics multiply
a tribe called red - the road, ft. black bear
pawa up first - charlotte
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - running meredith
dharmakaya - wassap
lawrence welk - i guess i'll have to change my plan
snka - ms
bombino - ahulakamine hulan

Sunday, July 14, 2013

july 14, 2013

pucho & his latin soul brothers - caravan
qiwu - microphone sam
drive like jehu - good luck in jail
qwerty musique - h2n2 bounce (ultraenshape)
public image ltd. - the order of death
austra - reconcile
masters of love and sound - wolf in sheep's clothing
steve taylor's drum boogie - dragnet
pawa up first - time slip
express and company - where will you bury me
stryper - over the mountain
lawrence welk - mountain king
retox - biological process of politics
duo ouro negro - click song
rebel yell - guzzlin a dozen
lawrence welk - runaway
stryper - heaven and hell
michel lambert - l'homme-poulet
the great novel - the opener
cub - she's a sensation
kish - strict economics
homestuck - ace of trump
monstertruck - power of the people
king uszniewicz & his uszniewicztones - crocodile rock
fairground attraction - do you want to know a secret
gold & youth - time to kill

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

july 6, 2013

b. bumble and the stingers - caravan
jane's addiction - up the beach
homestuck - knives and ivory
my drunken haze - gambling woman
the undisputed truth - ball of confusion
iron and wine - caught in the briars
kobo town - kaiso forecast
knemode - romeo must never know
rasta mills - friend
honey and the bees - music (makes you want to dance)
laura - mvula - like the morning dew
joss whedon - sigh no more (feat. maurissa tancharoen & jed whedon)
building better bombs - no handouts
jud jud - harmonics song
zygos brass band - mario
bob log III - bucktooth potato
winnipeg mandolin quintet - the cossack sowed buckwheat
gypsophelia - bir hakeim
bear mountain - survive
ladyfrnd - for tomorrow
54-71 - beyond
dolphin - svet dija menya
grade - instrumental
mystery machine - floatist
trash talk - blossom & burn (feat. hodgy beats & tyler the creator)
nick fraser - bicycle

Sunday, June 30, 2013

june 30, 2013

john buzon trio - caravan (eat static remix)
devo - smart patrol/mr. dna
the melvins - cow
devo - going under
nomeansno - oh, canaduh!
woodpigeon - as read in the pine bluff commercial
groenland - the things i've done
boats - we got pillows and blankets
ripcordz - d'oh canada
video brats - i thought i was smiling
marisa anderson - the new country
bosnian rainbows - i cry for you
low & dirty three - down by the river
camera obscura - break it to you gently
marisa anderson - red sky
masters of love and sound - ba boom dub
bob wiseman - robert dziekanski at the vancouver airport
devo - patterns
they might be giants - the famous polka
the kittens - bonoculars
the flowers of hell - on a swirling ship
fairground attraction - perfect
guckenheimer sour kraut band - grad aus dam wirthaus
devo - too much paranoias
sao paolo underground - over the rainbow

Thursday, June 27, 2013

june 23, 2013

autorickshaw - caravan
OOIOO - nin na yama
the sugarcubes - birthday (tommy d dum dub)
homestucks (rachel mcwhirter) - temporal shenanigans
dawn mccarthy & bonnie 'prince' billy - what am i living for?
simone dinnerstein/tift merritt - i can see clearly
the blue warblers - sail away ladies
savages - shut up
kandle - play with fire
tania maria - chorinho brasileiro
lhasa - el pajaro (the bird)
nico - i'll keep it with mine
blossom dearie - moonlight saving time (there ought to be a)
little annie & baby dee - state of grace (feat. bonnie 'prince' billy)
abbey lincoln - afro blue
haunter - trans-canada, bring us home
the details - vulture mechanics
polica - amongster
dolly parton - the love you gave
god damn doo wop band - roof tops of bangor
doomtree - sadie hawkins
the besnard lakes - 46 satires
alex pangnam - some of these days

Sunday, June 16, 2013

june 16, 2013

pamela york - caravan
condition - beat my daddy to the grave
homestuck (elisa 'moony' mccabe) - emerald terror
wanda sa - vivo sonhando
heart - barracuda
feist/timbre timbre - homage
this hisses - anhedonia
lisa biales - a little bird told me
grimes - circumambient
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
the shirelles - mama said
the runaways - hollywood
charlotte church - the rise
oh my darling - ma belle
phlegm fatale - dance
patti smith - frederick
the raincoats - no side to fall on
blondie - love at the pier
detroit cobras - i wanna holler (but the town's too small)
nina simone - i ain't got no - i got life
pj harvey - 50 ft queenie
dorothy love coates - you better run
carolyn mark - poor farmers
saltland - i thought it was us
esben and the witch - iceland spar
dengue fever - thanks-a-lot
babette hayward - say grace

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june 9, 2013

ballroom orchestra & singers - caravan
john frusciante - hear say
big d and the kids table - rotten
augustus pablo - rockers meet king tubby in a fire house
minibosses - goonies 2
homestuck - the ballad of jack noir
doo rag - hussy bowler
a tribe called red - sweet milk pop
dubmatix - black market dub
dave norris & local ivan - there's lonely, there's lonelier
remy shand - springtime
keith price - departures
autechre - tuinorizn
retox - i rub the wrong way
guido & maurizio de angelis - sliding crime
AC4 - i don't want it
mucca pazza - peace meal
OFF! - i want one
qwerty musique - luztrumental
kenmode - your heartwarming story makes me sick
boats - o jumbotron
elvis presley - what now my love
sir julian gould - the good, the bad and the ugly
the flamingos - but not for me
thurston lava tube - bohemian rhapsody
pawa up first - signal beat
dianogah - i like juice in a shark suit
kobra and the lotus - 50 shades of evil

Sunday, June 2, 2013

june 2, 2013

james last - caravan
cedric brooks - schooling the duke
faith no more - easy
iron reagan - slightly out of focus
dead stock crusher - liar
head hits concrete - postcard perfect plot
banned from atlantis - evil meld
johnny mandel - suicide is painless
neil norman and orchestra - the prisoner
masters of love and sound - drum song
the tubuloids - walk don't run
the blood brothers - i know where the canaries and the crows go
henry wagons - unwelcome company
lifetime - young, loud, and scotty
leon and harry - yellow bird
marijuana deathsquads - HAL
lush - de-luxe
menahan street band - sleight of hand
trombones unlimited - it's not unusual
bob wiseman - the reform party at burning man
sarah cripps - change of a man
saltland - golden alley
the hummers - one (ecoute)
drumheller - duck duck goose
nomeansno - two lips, two lungs and one tongue
farm fresh - duck duck goose
winnipeg mandolin quintet - the cossack sowed buckwheat
henry wagons - a hangman's work is never done

Sunday, May 26, 2013

may 26, 2013

larry adler - caravan
r.e.m. - untitled
retox - you lost me at "it wasn't your fault"
alfonso santisteban - llovio
grey kingdom - filed song
david bowie - the next day
north of america - no want of such landmarks
they might be giants - how many planets?
circle jerks - red tape
nuclear assault - live, suffer, die
bob marley and the wailers - teenager in love
ahleuchatistas - vanished
steve taylor's drum boogie- sing, sing, sing
boats - o telescope
lifetime - i like you ok
saltland - i thought it was us
nick fraser - prescott: the fort town
deadly snakes - gore veil
marijuana deathsquads - bad boy masterpiece
mammane sani et son orgue - tunan
seawhores - receive your crown
web of sunsets - room of monsters
keith price - prayer
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
remy shand - i met your mercy
seafreezing - sean
kenlo craqnuques - clpyrhndsfrevr
the epsilons - the echo
kiss - when you wish upon a star
bob wiseman -
winnipeg mandolin quintet - guantanamera

may 19, 2013

al hirt - caravan
the thing - sounds like a sandwich
the thing - mystery song
the thing - have love will travel
the thing - there is shitloads of red meat missing
the bad plus - i want to feel good pt. 2
the locust - flash's theme
propagandhi - hadron collision
ken mode - your heartwarming story makes me sick
keith price - darn that dream
kishi bashi - chester's burst over the hamptons
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - i know a guy named larry
look people - low rider
me mom and morgentaler - landlord
condition - bop or drop
sarcastic mannequins - charlie don't surf
king apparatus - hangin' on
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - 5 american 6 canadian
dark horses - rose
this hisses - anhedonia
ron buford and ural thomas - deep soul part 1
calibro 35 - calling all units to broccalino
the hi-fly orchestra - soulfinder
molly ringwald - exactly like you
oval - blinky feat. dandara
the clark sisters - sing, sing, sing
pvt - shiver

Sunday, May 12, 2013

may 12, 2013

little steven - caravan
wreckless eric - walking on the surface of the moon
sarcastic mannequins - rule #1
jawbreaker - basilica
har mar superstar - late night morning light
tania maria - chorinho brasileiro
burning hell - amateur rappers
the hummers - 8 (cyrillic)
look people - five
vav jungle - interloop
lemon bucket orkestra - nese halya vodu
gas tank orchestra - c to sea
chesterfield kings - d/gas chevy
ozconscious - so lo
keith price - night windows
lawrence welk - calcutta
the orientals - kana kapila
savages - dead nature
ken mode - no; i'm in control
earl bostic - moonglow
birds n' brass - theme from 'shaft'
freeda biest - somethingsomething
jack costanzo - dickey dickey dickey dockey
the thing - sounds like a sandwich
alex pangman - are you having any fun
ondatropica - i ron man

Sunday, May 5, 2013

may 5, 2013

gordon jenkins - caravan
beastie boys - bodhisattva vow
corrosion of conformity - tell me
sofa - ch.2.chi
al caiola - underwater chase
dolly parton - don't drop out
bombino - amidinine (my friend)
har mar superstar - late night morning light
charles bradley - love bug blues
femi kuti - nothing to show for it
invisible hands - dream machine
wareika hill sounds - no more war
invisible hands - dream machine (arabic version)
the steamers - workin' for the weekend
new red river rebellion - powderfinger
heillig manoeuvre - moose and squirrel
ozconsious - kettering
jawbreaker - sluttering (may 4th)
slayer - memories of tomorrow
jerusalem in my heart - speak of the woman in the black robe
mohawk lodge - howling at the moon
crisis of conformity - fist fight in the parking lot
ian rubbish and the bizzaros - maggie thatcher
boats - o jumbotron
drums and wires - try restarting
the thing with barry guy - prometheum
dolly parton - busy signal
tmdp - tmdp

Saturday, May 4, 2013

april 28, 2013

ape - caravan
homestuck - cascade
sleeping people - centipede's dream
flowers of hell - calling occupants of interplanetary craft
curtis nowasad - california love
unquiet dead - cracked canoe
federal lights - carbon
adebisi shank - colin skehan
boats - chrome eyelids
the clash - capital radio two
fugazi - caustic acrostic
benj funk - clean up
petra haden - cinema paradiso
october - cherry girl
besnard lakes - catalina
ken mode - counter culture complex
june of 44 - cut your face
adr - casual friday

Sunday, April 21, 2013

april 21, 2013

condition - caravan
march fourth marching band - space hole
natural yogurt band - space echo
they might be giants - space suit
hepcat - clarence thomas
tmdp - push it
aa wallace - post-mortem depression
the continental coets - let's live for today
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
emorie - seven
sea oleena - crazy in love
buttress o'kneel & john jacobs - trunks of battered brass
the la's - there she goes
crisis of conformity - fist fight in the parking lot!
crisis of conformity - kick it down and kick it around
boats - sad legs
the burning hell - sentimentalists
beams - how wonderful
propagandhi - failed states
harry geller - beat the clock
the hoa hoa's - falling in love is for young people
the hummers - 1 (cyrillic)
urbie green - the green bee
nova - big city couple

april 14, 2013

chilly gonzales - caravan
annette funicello - the monkey's uncle
annette funicello - pineapple princess
annette funicello - that crazy place in outer space
annette funicello - beach party
annette funicello - first name initial
dub vulture - shotgun logic dub
ahleuchatistas - vanished
martine crispo - talking t. fortner
monuments galore - anthem
the blue van - would you change your life?
june of 44 - lusitania
the unquiet dead - for the moon
the grapes of wrath - isn't there
the shangri-las - remember (walking in the sand)
twisted sister - leader of the pack
the goodees - condition red
drums and wires - ice
tequila mockingbird orchestra - sadie
kazzoshay - waves of euphoria
ken mode - no; i'm in control
thrush hermit - simple universal leader
guess who - if you don't me
stiff bishops - same old story
chumbawamba - introduction/so long so long
a.m. overcast - so much more
apparat organ quartet - babbage

april 7, 2013

lenny breau - caravan
oak park high school band - suncat
buick six - filler
rebel yell - live from my parents basement
ashes and dreams - shaken
the paperbacks - math damage/maggot age
casimiro nhussi - naked
rheostatics - california dreamline
leon and harry - magos and papayas
urband nomad - living in exile ii: the place of dead roads
boats - o jumbotron
transonic - seansong
drums and wires - try restarting
12 eyes - i'm right
tim brady - funeral descalzo
sinewave - prism escape
rhye - open
the burning hell - amateur rappers
lee harvey osmond - devil's head
old harper - earthworm
the saucermen - timbermace
westdale jr high school band - rico-chet
huevos rancheros - the short happy song
dear suzy - loveless storm

Sunday, March 31, 2013

march 31, 2013

kacezet & deathsquad - caravan
dharmakhaya - pm
i/o - shake down
homestuck - the lordling
dick hyman & the group - soul man
lee harvey osmond - deep water
alan jeffries - sitting on top of the world
alex cuba - tu nombre
god's gift to yoda - tarantula gargantula
people from earth - water
modern superstitions - black moon
colin stetson - lord i just can't keep from crying sometimes
low - holy ghost
son house - john the revelator
eternal tapestry - apocalypse troll
black eyed snakes - big black train
colin stetson - a dream of water
suuns - mirror mirror
apparat organ quartet - babbage
chalk circle - april fool
emperor norton's stationary marching band - save the ship
guckenheimer sour kraut band - kommes ein birdie yet
drums and wires - aquarium
the kandinsky effect - lobi mobi/hotel 66

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

march 24, 2013

michel petrucciani - caravan
neil patrick harris - my freeze ray
homestuck - eternity served cold
the thing is - balance
rob mazurek octet - keeping the light up
dub vulture - bubble pack
oh my darling - champ de bataille
les soeurs boulay -
kojiyama mayumi - kekkonsodanjo
mucca pazza - trio in e minor, opus 67, iv allegretto
SSRIs - dollar sounds
dara puspita - mother
la nueva banda de santisteban - no te acuerdas de mi
vampires - trus
boats - advice on bears
casimiro nhussi - mboya
jed whedon, joss whedon and zack whedon - bad horse
rebel yell - boogedy boo
beastie voys - dropping names
agoraphobic nosebleed - typical tough guy bullshit
john saunders - gun man
the guess who - if you don't want me
jed whedon, joss whedon and zack whedon - bad horse (reprise)
drums and wires - loki venus
bad brains - come down
petra haden - the planet krypton

march 17, 2013

matthew herbert - caravan (herbert's all piano motorhome mix)
duotang - this submarine has cracked
duotang - thomas green
duotang - petunia
grand theft canoe - headex/the wickerman
ragtime gals feat. justin timberlake & jimmy fallon - sexyback
the grapes of wrath - good to see you
boats - animated gifs
apparat organ quartet - pentatronik
head hits concrete - lost language
the kittens - blue velvet
june of 44 - lifted bells
isotope 217 - meta bass
homestuck - homestuck anthem
ana moura - a case of you
the blue warblers - sail away ladies
this hisses - the long slow crawl
jerusalem in my heart - he titillates the shepherd, but not the sheep...
bad religion - vanity
freddy fender - wasted days and wasted nights
grand beach - joanna
they might be giants - schoolchildren singing 'particle man'
michael giacchino - tesla tester
guapo - complex #7

Sunday, March 10, 2013

march 10, 2013

jimi tenor - caravan
pond - side road
quicksand - baphomet
guzzard - supersonic enemy of evil
chokebore - bad things
elliot - pogo '86
drums and wires - try restarting
grant geissman - $25 stella
soul rebels - sweet dreams are made of this
hushfeed - missed out
transonic - race car
gregor - you and me, antarctica baby
the aprons - sound stain
petra haden - a fistful of dollars
trocadero - space invader
shooby taylor - over the rainbow
the peaches - broken magic 8-ball says definitely yes
moodini - zavez pavuma
this hisses - anhedonia
dead combo - cowboy's cure for jah
the jesus lizard - gladiator
homestuck - i'm a member of the midnight crew (post-punk version)
boogat el dorado sunset - romados
the unquiet dead - for the moon

march 3, 2013

in memory of Dr. Lisa Smirl, former bass player of banned from atlantis
banned from atlantis - life after connie
banned from atlantis - tantrums
banned from atlantis - philadelphia/cincinatti
banned from atlantis - sebadohboy
banned from atlantis - i do
banned from atlantis - rickets & riddles
banned from atlantis - subtle suggestions
banned from atlantis - steaming seed
banned from atlantis - sovereign thug
banned from atlantis - tricks
banned from atlantis - pretty geek poetry
banned from atlantis - sociopathetic
sebadoh - brand new love
big rig - new fist
jawbreaker - want
banned from atlantis - white owl
banned from atlantis - luna de miel
tom and jerry - caravan
michael giacchino - peace through superior firepower
this hisses - the long slow crawl
boats - o telescope
sputnik - ape escape
tunji oyelana - osekere
lemon bucket orkestra - nese halya vodu
modern superstitions - black moon
new order - recoil
chilly gonzalez - kenaston

Sunday, February 24, 2013

februaray 24, 2013

the mighty accordion band - caravan
thurl ravenscroft & betty blake - are you mine
metric - black sheep
kenlo craqnuques - boiling light
homestuck - light
neil young and crazy horse - walk like a giant
signal to trust - seaspray
bleach fiend - hardcore funk
this hisses - blacksmith
cone five - spongehenge
michael giacchino - world's worst beach party
gareth williams - godzilla (tokyo rose)
cone five - muggy
diego bernal - on4
black bottom brass band - suma no kumo
oh my darling - champ de bataille
sputnik - super stupid
boats - o jumbotron
drums and wires - front row
terrorist - a capricious diatribe in 7 time
bonnie 'prince' billy and dawn mccarthy - devoted to you
gruf - intelligent life

Sunday, February 17, 2013

february 17, 2012

bobby darin - caravan
my bloody valentine - in another way
leon and harry - yellow bird
bark psychosis - the loom
gareth williams - car on a track
the lytics - stay calm
imagine dragons - radioactive
homestuck - hate you
hiawatha - permission (part I)
homestuck - pumpkin party in sea hitler's water apocalypse
chunk! no, captain chunk! - but there ain't no whales, so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune
stereo moon - introduction to a joon worthy musical journey through 16 cavan street part 2
the locust - alas, here come the hypochondriacs to wait with you in the lobby
behold the arctopus - you will be reincarnated as an imperial attack spaceturtle
orchid ensemble - hayot hakodesh
this hisses - icelandic blue
the falcons - island fadeaway
homestuck - anbroids v2.0
the birthday massacre - kill the lights
smokey tiger - bloodyjack
tappi tikarrass - lltl ebnl
kandle - play with fire
barry romberg's random access - mecca pecca rocks

Sunday, February 10, 2013

february 10, 2013

FUNDrive Spectacle of Sorts: Edition 2013

enoch light - caravan

live performances by...

gareth williams
joel klaverkamp
monuments galore

$1215 raised in pledges for FUNDrive.

fun was had by all.

february 3, 2013

beegie adair - caravan
the hummers - one (ecoute)
i/o - shake down
ann-margret - slowly
godflesh - crush my soul
this hisses - anhedonia
drums and wires - aquarium
vampires - fireriot
oh my darling - encre de plume
monuments galore - doom and gloom
patsy cline - leavin' on my mind
mama cass elliot - make your own kind of music
the uniques - my conversation
skeeter davis - the end of the world
dharmakaya - pounding dermatitus
monuments galore - sometimes i wander
daphni - springs
benj funk - hacksaw (featuring eric burke)
boats - animated gifs
my bloody valentine - if i am
bleach fiend - hardcore funk

january 27, 2013

project: pimento - caravan
transistor sound & lighting co. - planet sweetness
transistor sound & lighting co. - house of sleep
transistor sound & lighting co. - good egg
mama cass elliot - make your own kind of music
hiawatha - permission (part 1)
drums and wires - scared
lemon bucket orkestra - kucheri
tara king th. - hole of birds
stephen mathieu - devenir sourd
curtis mayfield - stare and stare
the bad plus - how deep is your love
gang signs - counting on you
this hisses - my love he shot me a sparrow
the cumberland county mean gang - letter home
beef terminal - birthday
the sugarcubes - birthday (justin robertson 7" edit)
hermetic - we ought to be in pictures
steve taylor's drum boogie - topsy part II
alexander courage - monster illusion
matt mclennan - recognition
mystery machine - pronto
porgy jones - the dapp
oval - quito
messer chups - voodoo man
medecine - figures as much
the engadine sessions - take me with you

Sunday, January 20, 2013

january 20, 2013

hepcat - caravan
bear mccreary - the olympic carrier
the falcons - pictures of the floating mind
joby talbot - the dolphins
blondie - the attack of the giant ants
delta funkionen - frozen land
the thing is - moving on
steve taylor's drum boogie - dragnet
the locust - peril's of believing in round squares
hiawatha - old black (feat. ohbijou)
kim & buran - secret of two captains
lich king - lich king
skelator - skelator
bigott - the jingle
ham - slave wage
drums and wires - try restarting
boats - out of here
modern superstitions - black moon
bored nothing - shit for brains
less than jake - richard allen george... no, it's just cheez
john cameron - afro waltz
boxer the horse - me & steve mcqueen
neko case - runnin' out of fools
vampires -

Sunday, January 13, 2013

january 13, 2013

kai warner - caravan
dharmakhaya - R2
thurston lava tube - oh, what happened to the poor bear?
the guess who - pink wine sparkles in the glass
bannedfromatlantis - tricks
smokey tiger - handle with care
eugenics and social engineering sessions - publik schools (zero tolerance)
vampires - mountain steel
drums and wires - loki venus
mystery machine - we won't return
gt stringer - erika
daniel johnston - casper
me mom and morgentaler - heloise
edd kalehoff - eric
adjak - dorothy
zygos brass band - mario
boats - marblemouth 1
boats - classic rock weekend
boats - haircuts for everybody
boats - marblemouth 2
SEAFREEZING - this is not a possibility, it's a contingency
all leather - staring down the minister's snout
cone five - non-event
i spy - ever wonder why
kojima mayumi - kekkonsodanjo
jud jud - double bass song
lemon bucket orkestra - fanfare

Sunday, January 6, 2013

january 6, 2013

the mills brothers - caravan
barry gray - the secret service
atelecine - pathless
elvis presley - fort lauderdale chamber of commerce
the vogues - five o'clock world
roomful of death - cesca's view
bjork - oceania
drums and wires - aquarium
wasamaye rock group - wasamaye
brasstronaut - moonwalker
gordie tentrees - sideman blues
djbeekeeni/vav jungle - oopmonster
eric's trip - open your heart
hackney colliery band - under the bridge
agoraphobic nosebleed - forgotten in space
charles bronson - punch drunk
sloan - a case of you
curtis nowosad - the way you make me feel
phlegm fatale - summer's gone
lemon bucket orkestra - banu-perenita
seafreezing - this is not a possibilty, it's a contingency
brandi disterheft - the man i love
fletcher pratt - huge dub
hobson's choice - contingencies

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

december 30, 2012

nat king cole - caravan
mountain mocha kilimanjaro - immigrant song
naw - ver. 3.0
kabul golf club - bits of freedom
honest john - secirity guard
quadro nuevo - cancao do mar
the falcons - winter roads
the natural shocks - change
boats - marbelmouth 1
neung phak - sa-ha
neil young and crazy horse - walk like a giant
sk robot - always the same
cellos - sea legs
the chicarones - hi hey hello
the lytics - the sequel
lemon bucket orkestra - arkan-huculka
barry gray - stingray
a tribe called red - braves (remix)
benj funk - interlude (featuring ivan burke)
drums and wires - try restarting