Sunday, April 21, 2013

april 21, 2013

condition - caravan
march fourth marching band - space hole
natural yogurt band - space echo
they might be giants - space suit
hepcat - clarence thomas
tmdp - push it
aa wallace - post-mortem depression
the continental coets - let's live for today
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
emorie - seven
sea oleena - crazy in love
buttress o'kneel & john jacobs - trunks of battered brass
the la's - there she goes
crisis of conformity - fist fight in the parking lot!
crisis of conformity - kick it down and kick it around
boats - sad legs
the burning hell - sentimentalists
beams - how wonderful
propagandhi - failed states
harry geller - beat the clock
the hoa hoa's - falling in love is for young people
the hummers - 1 (cyrillic)
urbie green - the green bee
nova - big city couple

april 14, 2013

chilly gonzales - caravan
annette funicello - the monkey's uncle
annette funicello - pineapple princess
annette funicello - that crazy place in outer space
annette funicello - beach party
annette funicello - first name initial
dub vulture - shotgun logic dub
ahleuchatistas - vanished
martine crispo - talking t. fortner
monuments galore - anthem
the blue van - would you change your life?
june of 44 - lusitania
the unquiet dead - for the moon
the grapes of wrath - isn't there
the shangri-las - remember (walking in the sand)
twisted sister - leader of the pack
the goodees - condition red
drums and wires - ice
tequila mockingbird orchestra - sadie
kazzoshay - waves of euphoria
ken mode - no; i'm in control
thrush hermit - simple universal leader
guess who - if you don't me
stiff bishops - same old story
chumbawamba - introduction/so long so long
a.m. overcast - so much more
apparat organ quartet - babbage

april 7, 2013

lenny breau - caravan
oak park high school band - suncat
buick six - filler
rebel yell - live from my parents basement
ashes and dreams - shaken
the paperbacks - math damage/maggot age
casimiro nhussi - naked
rheostatics - california dreamline
leon and harry - magos and papayas
urband nomad - living in exile ii: the place of dead roads
boats - o jumbotron
transonic - seansong
drums and wires - try restarting
12 eyes - i'm right
tim brady - funeral descalzo
sinewave - prism escape
rhye - open
the burning hell - amateur rappers
lee harvey osmond - devil's head
old harper - earthworm
the saucermen - timbermace
westdale jr high school band - rico-chet
huevos rancheros - the short happy song
dear suzy - loveless storm