Sunday, December 18, 2016

december 18, 2016

central washington university jazz band - caravan
michael giacchino - none the richard
r.e.m. - toys i the attic
freakingsnap - in a storage unit out by the highway
demdike stare - misappropriation
marijuana deathsquads - truckin'
tanya tagaq - retribution
sianspheric - no space
ultimate spinach - jazz thing
lotte kestner - if i were
fuck the facts - la mort II
bob dylan and the band - bring it on home
crass - dry weather
johann johannsson - hydraulic lift
deerhoof - life is suffering
will bonness - adrenaline rush
solids - blank stare
heaven for real - allan
regina spektor - new year

december 11, 2016

fred hersch - caravan 
the vss - death scene 
quiet elegance - you've got my mind messed up 
royal canoe - nightcrawlin 
venetian snares - this bitter earth 
phasingtomsolo - unbalanced 
freakingsnap - untitled 
tanya tagaq - aorta 
fuck the facts - the path of most resistance 
jawbox - savory 
the paperbacks - math damage/maggot age 
deerhoof - the devil and his anarchic surrealist retinue 
monuments galore - always on my mind 
sianspheric - ender (or the ethereal melodies of the lazerpipe arkestra) 
johann johannsson - xenoanthropology 
the evaporators - i can't be shaved 
james hopkins - divine harmonics 
burial - nightmarket 
durufle - in paradisum 
jane's addiction - mountain song 
duotang - karma needs to come around 
the catamounts - il clan dei siciliani

Sunday, December 4, 2016

december 4, 2016

nelson riddle - caravan
freakingsnap - maiztasun txikiko pilotu
les rheines prochaines - eating, eating
freakingsnap - absolutely curtains
monuments galore - sometimes i wander
moon tan - are you ready
deerhoff - learning to apologize effectively
nick ferrio - come hell or high water
sianspheric - planet hal
gleet - swim in me
sianspheric - the simple exit
al tuck - stompin'
blades of steel - twin peaks
seattle symphony - the sinewaveland: homage to jimi hendrix
marijuana deathsquads - hal