Sunday, August 27, 2017

august 27, 2017

siete orquestra - caravan
puig destroyer - top prospect
controlled bleeding - driving through darkness
puzleboy - cantrip
the psychics - the future
the famous sandhogs - ruan ji is a madman
slow leaves - moth
freakingsnap - i llorgaritur
slow dancers - envious brother
the composers collective big band - traction
sianspheric - shimmer
fuck the facts - circle
five alarm funk - may the funk be with you
an ant and an atom - my craft broke at launch

Sunday, August 20, 2017

august 20, 2017

cotton's - caravan
faith no more - easy
quiet elegance - mama said
kesha - old flames (can't hold a candle to you)
yazoo - only you
blue rodeo - diamond mine
fuck the facts - storm of silence
keswick adams - big in japan
japandroids - i'm sorry (for not finding you sooner)
casati - bicycle built for two
bicycle face - halfway tree
autechre - theswere
the orb - outlands (fountains of elisha mix)
freakingsnap - september 2609 (fs rmx mk iv qp)
personality crisis - mrs. palmer
emile bilodeau - crise existentielle
puzleboy - cantrip
ira virus - minor threat
michael giacchino - your kharma hit my dharma
wire - after midnight
rebel yell - drunk dialing my idols
omar rodriguez-lopez - piojos histericos
the timelords - doctorin' the tardis
danny michel - inlet

Sunday, August 13, 2017

august 13, 2017

jazzband lamoer - caravan
michael giacchino - the constant
propagandhi - the only good fascist is a very dead fascist
fuck the facts - the path of most resistance
big knife little knife - anarchist calisthenics
stompin' tom connors - sudbury saturday night
kesha - praying
macula dog - george
puzleboy - beartrap
the shacks - audrey hepburn
b.a. johnston - ninja movies
blunderspublik - el eleuk
freakingsnap - belgian golden strong ale barrelholder release
ivardensphere - mother of crows
bicycle face - virus
silence kit - verbs
boredoms - synthesizer guide book on fire
flipper - the way of the world
cerulean skies - seekers of madness
nadja - the sun always shines on tv
joe sullivan big band - refuge
the psychics - the future
sianspheric - los herejes

Sunday, August 6, 2017

august 6, 2017

zeradcliffe fanfare - caravan
freakingsnap - untitled demo
tappi tikarrass - ottar
OFF! - no reason to complain
the locust - follow the flock, step in shit
dead cross - grave slave
iron reagan - dogsnotgods
superchunk - staying home
jawbreaker - bivouac
jawbreaker - the boat dreams from the hill
jawbreaker - fireman
bob ross - happy little clouds (remix)
bicycle face - halfway tree
shame agent - digital jizz y los blogueros
de la soul - the magic number
peter schilling - major tom
nena - 99 luftballons
michael giacchino - oceanic 815
andrew jackson jihad - big bird
the catamounts - the wedge
j.d. and the sunshine band - shoulder to shoulder
black cloud - freeze thaw
futurekids - love will tear us apart

july 30, 2017

Curated by Mike Witty...

mulgrew miller and niels henning orsted - caravan
a la mode - to the wind
a la mode - new leaves
grateful dead - terrapin station part 1
gruvoria - the imposter
monty python - bookshop
scott weiland - pictures & computers (i'm not superman)
triggerfinger - half way there
hearing trees - magnetic moments
hellsingland underground - they all grew old while i grew young
claire bestland - anything for gilbert
freakingsnap - robert schmidt is a top notch individual
blue roses - golden slumbers
noah and the whale - carry that weight
loose salute - the end