Sunday, May 26, 2013

may 26, 2013

larry adler - caravan
r.e.m. - untitled
retox - you lost me at "it wasn't your fault"
alfonso santisteban - llovio
grey kingdom - filed song
david bowie - the next day
north of america - no want of such landmarks
they might be giants - how many planets?
circle jerks - red tape
nuclear assault - live, suffer, die
bob marley and the wailers - teenager in love
ahleuchatistas - vanished
steve taylor's drum boogie- sing, sing, sing
boats - o telescope
lifetime - i like you ok
saltland - i thought it was us
nick fraser - prescott: the fort town
deadly snakes - gore veil
marijuana deathsquads - bad boy masterpiece
mammane sani et son orgue - tunan
seawhores - receive your crown
web of sunsets - room of monsters
keith price - prayer
phasingtomsolo - a bloodbath ensues
remy shand - i met your mercy
seafreezing - sean
kenlo craqnuques - clpyrhndsfrevr
the epsilons - the echo
kiss - when you wish upon a star
bob wiseman -
winnipeg mandolin quintet - guantanamera

may 19, 2013

al hirt - caravan
the thing - sounds like a sandwich
the thing - mystery song
the thing - have love will travel
the thing - there is shitloads of red meat missing
the bad plus - i want to feel good pt. 2
the locust - flash's theme
propagandhi - hadron collision
ken mode - your heartwarming story makes me sick
keith price - darn that dream
kishi bashi - chester's burst over the hamptons
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - i know a guy named larry
look people - low rider
me mom and morgentaler - landlord
condition - bop or drop
sarcastic mannequins - charlie don't surf
king apparatus - hangin' on
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - 5 american 6 canadian
dark horses - rose
this hisses - anhedonia
ron buford and ural thomas - deep soul part 1
calibro 35 - calling all units to broccalino
the hi-fly orchestra - soulfinder
molly ringwald - exactly like you
oval - blinky feat. dandara
the clark sisters - sing, sing, sing
pvt - shiver

Sunday, May 12, 2013

may 12, 2013

little steven - caravan
wreckless eric - walking on the surface of the moon
sarcastic mannequins - rule #1
jawbreaker - basilica
har mar superstar - late night morning light
tania maria - chorinho brasileiro
burning hell - amateur rappers
the hummers - 8 (cyrillic)
look people - five
vav jungle - interloop
lemon bucket orkestra - nese halya vodu
gas tank orchestra - c to sea
chesterfield kings - d/gas chevy
ozconscious - so lo
keith price - night windows
lawrence welk - calcutta
the orientals - kana kapila
savages - dead nature
ken mode - no; i'm in control
earl bostic - moonglow
birds n' brass - theme from 'shaft'
freeda biest - somethingsomething
jack costanzo - dickey dickey dickey dockey
the thing - sounds like a sandwich
alex pangman - are you having any fun
ondatropica - i ron man

Sunday, May 5, 2013

may 5, 2013

gordon jenkins - caravan
beastie boys - bodhisattva vow
corrosion of conformity - tell me
sofa - ch.2.chi
al caiola - underwater chase
dolly parton - don't drop out
bombino - amidinine (my friend)
har mar superstar - late night morning light
charles bradley - love bug blues
femi kuti - nothing to show for it
invisible hands - dream machine
wareika hill sounds - no more war
invisible hands - dream machine (arabic version)
the steamers - workin' for the weekend
new red river rebellion - powderfinger
heillig manoeuvre - moose and squirrel
ozconsious - kettering
jawbreaker - sluttering (may 4th)
slayer - memories of tomorrow
jerusalem in my heart - speak of the woman in the black robe
mohawk lodge - howling at the moon
crisis of conformity - fist fight in the parking lot
ian rubbish and the bizzaros - maggie thatcher
boats - o jumbotron
drums and wires - try restarting
the thing with barry guy - prometheum
dolly parton - busy signal
tmdp - tmdp

Saturday, May 4, 2013

april 28, 2013

ape - caravan
homestuck - cascade
sleeping people - centipede's dream
flowers of hell - calling occupants of interplanetary craft
curtis nowasad - california love
unquiet dead - cracked canoe
federal lights - carbon
adebisi shank - colin skehan
boats - chrome eyelids
the clash - capital radio two
fugazi - caustic acrostic
benj funk - clean up
petra haden - cinema paradiso
october - cherry girl
besnard lakes - catalina
ken mode - counter culture complex
june of 44 - cut your face
adr - casual friday