Sunday, May 27, 2012

may 27, 2012

gabor szabo - caravan
benj funk - untitled
quantic presenta flowering inferno - make dub not war
phasing tom solo - gotta see signal
international novelty gamelan - song for pooka
arp of the covenant - bad alternator
flavor crystals - cow in the meadow
take acre - spigel im spiegel
dreamland faces - burning rubber bands
los hermanitos ferreyra - cumbia del mar
the strap - into nothing
caught off guard - rude boy
illusive mind - birds
le vent du nord - le winnebago
bruce springsteen - wrecking ball
the sun machine - apocalypse wasteland drive
heavyweights brass band - nueva orleans
jazz punks - heavyfoot

Saturday, May 26, 2012

may 20, 2012

martin denny - caravan
mild horses - the first spacewalk
ferrante & teicher - mexican hat dance
afx - laughable butane bulb
phasing tom solo - this is the new move
j riley hill - dinner is served
the funkees - acid rock
leonard cohen - banjo
jazz punks - clash-up
gorgon horde - high and inside
beastie boys - sabrosa
calibro 35 - la banda del B.B.Q. (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens)
theme song - the tick
franco micalizzi - sequence 6
indigo jam unit - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
los miticos del ritmo - otro muerde el polvo
heavyweights brass band - single ladies
alice donut - i walked with a zombie
pink floyd - careful with that axe, eugene
andrew jackson jihad - big bird
les momies de palerme - medee

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may 13, 2012

tino contreras y su grupo - caravan
the funkees - onye mmanya
gorguts - sweet silence
jagwar pirates - home made pesto
OFF! - cracked
red blanket - ordo ab chao
bleating hearts - tv changed our lives
heavyweights brass band - baby
descendents - kids
dibia$e - some act right
total fucking blood - photocop
edd kalehoff - amen, brother herbert
hoodoo gurus - hayride to hell
francis bebey - new track
x - los angeles
caetano veloso and david byrne - heaven
le vent du nord - souffle d'ange
mariachi ghost - cempasuchil (marigold)
cetascean - grind off the edges
the strap - chaos reigns
bumps - hello, leo
three mile pilot - way of the ocean
bushman's revenge - tinnitus love poem
1977 - sunshine
samantha martin & the haggard - you are my sunshine
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

may 6, 2012

beastie boys - son of neckbone
dirty dozen brass band - caravan
chewbacca's - space circus sideshow
dave dudley - barbara allen
OFF! - i got news for you
astrocoven - rocco
ocean city defender - the freddy shelly throat punch
andrew southworth & andrew downing - morbid fecundity
jaymz bee & the royal jelly orchestra - safety dance
qiwu "the qiwu selftet" - message
hawkwind - levitation
chalk circle - april fool
badbadnotgood - dmz
l'viv - sudden understanding
the lonesome weekends - TLWs' dream #s 7-13
dave murray - dream mountain dream
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do is)
BS 2000 - die rollerblader
octavo -les affres du pouvoir
primus - last salmon man
the vibrating beds - six eight
auoh - land of monsters
beastie boys - posse in effect
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