Sunday, June 30, 2013

june 30, 2013

john buzon trio - caravan (eat static remix)
devo - smart patrol/mr. dna
the melvins - cow
devo - going under
nomeansno - oh, canaduh!
woodpigeon - as read in the pine bluff commercial
groenland - the things i've done
boats - we got pillows and blankets
ripcordz - d'oh canada
video brats - i thought i was smiling
marisa anderson - the new country
bosnian rainbows - i cry for you
low & dirty three - down by the river
camera obscura - break it to you gently
marisa anderson - red sky
masters of love and sound - ba boom dub
bob wiseman - robert dziekanski at the vancouver airport
devo - patterns
they might be giants - the famous polka
the kittens - bonoculars
the flowers of hell - on a swirling ship
fairground attraction - perfect
guckenheimer sour kraut band - grad aus dam wirthaus
devo - too much paranoias
sao paolo underground - over the rainbow

Thursday, June 27, 2013

june 23, 2013

autorickshaw - caravan
OOIOO - nin na yama
the sugarcubes - birthday (tommy d dum dub)
homestucks (rachel mcwhirter) - temporal shenanigans
dawn mccarthy & bonnie 'prince' billy - what am i living for?
simone dinnerstein/tift merritt - i can see clearly
the blue warblers - sail away ladies
savages - shut up
kandle - play with fire
tania maria - chorinho brasileiro
lhasa - el pajaro (the bird)
nico - i'll keep it with mine
blossom dearie - moonlight saving time (there ought to be a)
little annie & baby dee - state of grace (feat. bonnie 'prince' billy)
abbey lincoln - afro blue
haunter - trans-canada, bring us home
the details - vulture mechanics
polica - amongster
dolly parton - the love you gave
god damn doo wop band - roof tops of bangor
doomtree - sadie hawkins
the besnard lakes - 46 satires
alex pangnam - some of these days

Sunday, June 16, 2013

june 16, 2013

pamela york - caravan
condition - beat my daddy to the grave
homestuck (elisa 'moony' mccabe) - emerald terror
wanda sa - vivo sonhando
heart - barracuda
feist/timbre timbre - homage
this hisses - anhedonia
lisa biales - a little bird told me
grimes - circumambient
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
the shirelles - mama said
the runaways - hollywood
charlotte church - the rise
oh my darling - ma belle
phlegm fatale - dance
patti smith - frederick
the raincoats - no side to fall on
blondie - love at the pier
detroit cobras - i wanna holler (but the town's too small)
nina simone - i ain't got no - i got life
pj harvey - 50 ft queenie
dorothy love coates - you better run
carolyn mark - poor farmers
saltland - i thought it was us
esben and the witch - iceland spar
dengue fever - thanks-a-lot
babette hayward - say grace

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june 9, 2013

ballroom orchestra & singers - caravan
john frusciante - hear say
big d and the kids table - rotten
augustus pablo - rockers meet king tubby in a fire house
minibosses - goonies 2
homestuck - the ballad of jack noir
doo rag - hussy bowler
a tribe called red - sweet milk pop
dubmatix - black market dub
dave norris & local ivan - there's lonely, there's lonelier
remy shand - springtime
keith price - departures
autechre - tuinorizn
retox - i rub the wrong way
guido & maurizio de angelis - sliding crime
AC4 - i don't want it
mucca pazza - peace meal
OFF! - i want one
qwerty musique - luztrumental
kenmode - your heartwarming story makes me sick
boats - o jumbotron
elvis presley - what now my love
sir julian gould - the good, the bad and the ugly
the flamingos - but not for me
thurston lava tube - bohemian rhapsody
pawa up first - signal beat
dianogah - i like juice in a shark suit
kobra and the lotus - 50 shades of evil

Sunday, June 2, 2013

june 2, 2013

james last - caravan
cedric brooks - schooling the duke
faith no more - easy
iron reagan - slightly out of focus
dead stock crusher - liar
head hits concrete - postcard perfect plot
banned from atlantis - evil meld
johnny mandel - suicide is painless
neil norman and orchestra - the prisoner
masters of love and sound - drum song
the tubuloids - walk don't run
the blood brothers - i know where the canaries and the crows go
henry wagons - unwelcome company
lifetime - young, loud, and scotty
leon and harry - yellow bird
marijuana deathsquads - HAL
lush - de-luxe
menahan street band - sleight of hand
trombones unlimited - it's not unusual
bob wiseman - the reform party at burning man
sarah cripps - change of a man
saltland - golden alley
the hummers - one (ecoute)
drumheller - duck duck goose
nomeansno - two lips, two lungs and one tongue
farm fresh - duck duck goose
winnipeg mandolin quintet - the cossack sowed buckwheat
henry wagons - a hangman's work is never done