Sunday, September 25, 2011

september 25, 2011

duke ellington, max roach, charles mingus - caravan
kermit the frog - bein' green
fusioon - danza de molinero
stan butcher - sounds of mars
old harper - paging dr. acula
the weather station - chip on my shoulder
spitula clark - taste the floor
cloud city classic - brand new kicks
the f-holes - mighty mean mistake
big dave mclean - the redwood
pj harvey - send his love to me
primus - nature boy
fungi girls - dystopic vision
herbie hancock - rough
loomer - dolphins of the apocalypse
unknown mortal orchestra - strangers are strange
cymbals eat guitars - plainclothes
jean-claude pelletier - topless on the trail
the surfdusters - riptide
chore - imperial roast
groovie ghoulies - she gets all the girls

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

september 18, 2011

al casey - caravan
ron grainer - them from 'the prisoner'
docteur legume et les surfwerks - number six
reverb syndicate - i am the new number two
annette funicello - (every night is) date night in hawaii
canzona - anyone lived in a pretty how town
inhabitants - let youth be served
dot - little johnny tears
burnt witch survivors group - i wanna be
the last assassins - on the take
james brown - down and out in new york city
sebadoh - love to fight
adebisi shank - europa
birds 'n brass - sugar sugar
enoch light - walk on by
scott nolan - my my hey hey
four piece suits - hey hey my my
spitula clark - spitula disorderz
hellrazer - warlord
secret samurai - istanbul
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - tiddley winks
rockford kabine - notte delle spie
annette funicello - wild willie
god damn doo wop band - jonny
storm & stress - o, when my lady comes
tinariwen - asuf d alwa
jolly boys feat. albert minott - blue monday

Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11, 2011

pasadena roof orchestra - caravan
big drill car - friend of mine
the monorchid - a.p.b.
hank sonw - the drunkard's child
corrupted - against the darkest days
birds 'n brass - theme from "shaft"
the blowholes - march of the crabs
ian larue - tomorrow's forgotten headlines
burnt witch survivors group - hey man
spitula clark - (hey man) did you see that spaceship?
tongues & beards - while we decay
the mermen - slo mo hvo
eric's trip - sloan song
beach boys - sloop john b
archers of loaf - slow worm
dick schory's new percussion ensemble - small boy
greg macpherson - frequencies
whiskeyface - ghost town
afrofunkinlutely - soul sucker
the quiffs - pee wee
the melvins - black betty
braid - new dollar building
afghan whigs - dedicate it
john evans and the big band - cool mambo
eric st-laurent trio - graf grack

Sunday, September 4, 2011

september 4, 2011

dick schory's new percussion ensemble - caravan
ophir prison marching kazoo band - neutron dance
birds 'n brass - american woman
oh my darling - what's love got to do with it
r.e.m. - dream (all i have to do)
ergo phizmizz and his orchestra - (doo wop) that thing
zrada - mazury
smoky tigr - down on cornr
ingrid gratin - take these walls
little house - beautiful sweater
the blowholes - octopi spy
the beatles - do you want to know a secret
owl city - fireflies
l'arc-en-ciel - ready steady go
bowling for soup - today is going to be a great day
the beatles - twist and shout
the muppets - yellow submarine
the details - lost art
this hisses - swagger
burnt witch survivors group - party with ghosts
scott hinkson - 'o hallow's eve
slim moore and the mar-kays - just can't get a head
adebisi shank - i answer to doc