Tuesday, June 19, 2012

june 17, 2012

london horn sound - caravan
os digitalistas - beat on the brat
bing ji ling - you shook me all night long
bebo best & the super lounge orchestra - come as you are
nuspirit helsinki - no quarter
sub city - straight to hell
white lung - st. dad
psychic pollution - amb1 0124
tops - rings of saturn
mr. ho's orchestrotica - andalucia
naked city - thrash jazz assassin
simon park orchestra - i am the walrus
nemo - king valley 55
jagwar pirates - death valley 37
rob - loose up yourself
the raccoon wedding - southend man
brasstronaut - hymn for huxley
et tu bruce - memories remain
j riley hill - alone
jungle by night - afro blue
ginjavitis - afterburnen
jean rollin - blind songbird (feat. nicole romain)
jean rollin - le frisson des vampires (feat. acanthus)

Monday, June 11, 2012

june 10, 2012

balkan brass band - caravan
chester chicken - hard egg's night
the cocktail preachers - mecca
robot koch - people are strange (feat. graciela maria)
sonnymoon - houstatlantavegas
little house - how to: die
rob - not the end
orchestre super borgou de parakou - sembe sembe boudou
dry the river - animal skins
trampled by turtles - midnight on the interstate
sugar - needle hits e
OFF! - jeffrey lee pierce
skankin' pickle - i'm in love with a girl named spike
slowdive - she calls
lucky sonne - in and outta prison
foam lake - baggage
ferrante & teicher - oh! calcutta!
bumps - bin johnston
white lungs - take the mirror
artist of the year - on my way back from pluto
george garabedian players - hooray for hollywood
beastie boys - shake your rump
sissy - other ways
k.s. chithra - yaaro sonnaangalaam
smoky tiger - play w fire 
if you feel like checking this show out

Sunday, June 3, 2012

june 3, 2012

bernard pretty purdie - caravan
led zeppelin - bonzo's montreux
food pyramid - street hustle
scaphe - szhl-5
oaks - tonight
tvbc - gandhi
nagasaki fondue - standing in the ring
batida - alegria
illusive mind - floodways part 1: the flood
mico - grey-headed evenings
total fucking blood - necrobiotic
ray barretto - a deeper shade of soul
shirin delsooz - bad trip
rob - loose up yourself
michael kiwanuka - tell me a tale
kinny - big fat liar
nelson sargento - agoniza, mas nao morra
dumb angel - without you without me
brasstronaut - revelstoke dam
drexciya - polymno plexusgel
dead fucking last - free haircut
kirby sewell band - pour some sugar on me
 downloadable from here...