Sunday, June 29, 2014

june 29, 2014

the brothers candoli sextet - caravan
kenlo craqnuques - basse ankutshu
they might be giants - blue thing
koushik - beep 14
the kittens - butterfly
blunderspublik - butterfly
ken mode - tiger comet
dub rifles - bomb shakes the dancehall
the apache relay - good as gold
solid gold - sold god
the zags - too much time
polica - you don't own me
p.o.s. - bumper ((MDS RMX)
marijuana deathsquads - ewok sadness
cows - i'm missing
mode moderne - she, untamed
pacifika - yo te amo
an ant and an atom - metallergies
fucked up - echo boomer
mount raphael - rooftop of romolos
poemss - think of something beautiful

Sunday, June 22, 2014

june 22, 2014

james last - caravan
gordon goodwin's big phat band - get smart
jason segel - you just got slapped (slow jam)
los crudos - vas a regresar
nightsatan - lost karelia
perfect pussy - dig
fka twings - water me
puig destroyer - cut you down
rheostatics - shaved head
on cassette - nfld
dub rifles - no town, no country
tanya tagaq - uja
poemss - think of somewhere nice
vampires - riff rise
slobberknocker - waterworld
husk - the wing in my head
velodrome - luminous wrangler
warsaw - record lows
mood jga jga - nowhere to go
haim - if i could change your mind
d.o.a. - who the hell do you think you are
nomeansno - the end of all things
motel raphael - young
la sera - summer of love
ought - pleasant heart
greys - chick singer

Sunday, June 15, 2014

june 15, 2014

lenny breau - caravan
l'orange - femme fatale feat. erica lane
l'orange - the void feat. erica lane
l'orange - man of the night feat. erica lane
hoyt curtain - swimming with dolphins
reverend rambler - jenny lee
dex romweber duo - so sad about us
leonard sumner - what becomes of the broken hearted?
ema - dead celebrity
dirty catfish brass band - brass riot!
red fisher - jello
sonic youth - 'cross the breeze
bob crewe & charles fox - barbarella
the monkees - through the looking glass
augustus pablo - rockers meet king tubby
mico - bad day
potatoes - lx
vampires - winnipeg song
the zags - did you say milkshake?
andrew jackson jihad - kokopelli face tattoo
the monotones - book of love
birds 'n' brass - american woman
AC4 - detonate
exhaust - metro mile end
tappi tikarrass - get ekki sofio
andrew jackson jihad - s.o.s.
thus owls - bloody war
badbadnotgood - confessions
mahogany frog - saffron myst

Sunday, June 8, 2014

june 8, 2014

hypnotic brass ensemble - caravan
the supersonicos - simpsons theme
godflesh - playing with fire dub
the horribles - house of the horribles
vampires - riff rise
dub rifles - number one
monuments galore - anthem
the zags - stop the world from spinning
lightmen plus one - fancy pants
swans - stay here
unsane - this town
lightmen plus one - country fried chicken
jd and the sunshine band - is it faster to brandon or by bus?
ema - cthulu
weaves - buttercup
health - max nj
anne murray - put your hand in the hand
head hits cocnrete - termite dusted peace prize
fifty foot combo - drums a go go
winnipeg mandolin orchestra - gabriel's oboe
the girth - dinosaurs
dub rifles - stand

Sunday, June 1, 2014

june 1, 2014

enoch light & light brigade - caravan
don caballero - june is finally here
eric's trip - june
al tuck - five-o
bones malones - maybe tomorrow
warpaint - keep it healthy
les jupes - interview with a contract killer
solids - blame confusion
rebel yell - another thousand dollars
banned from atlantis - i love you, you're mad, you're crazy, you're mad, i love you
farm fresh - space pts. I & II
battles - the line
rebel yell - vulgar male roaring
horribly awfuls - phil collins is the antidote
storm and stress - dance 'til record skips like passengers shift on take off
black death - here comes the wrecking crew
dex romwebber duo - so sad about us
dub rifles - stand
tanya tagaq - caribou
poemss - moviescapes