Sunday, August 26, 2012

august 19, 2012

ray conniff - caravan
asterisk* - the spatio-temporal aspect
dolly parton - don't drop out
the like - will you still love me tomorrow
mystery machine - stainmaster
last step - xyrem
art circus - you make me go
the strap - dt waltz
black lodge - scooby doo
cellos - bomb shelter
jungle by night - hot mama hot
phasing tom solo - on my rug
polica - dark star
lawrence welk - hold my hand
retox - cement sucking
japandroids - the nights of wine and roses
lazarush - sawm
viper central - thump & howl
gulf of brass - shuck
king diamond - the spider's lullaby
the plastic constellations - east cleveland
jose balague y los styl's - tibet
los albas - a little bit hurt

Sunday, August 12, 2012

august 12, 2012

ensemble of seven - caravan
lawrence welk - apples and bananas
tafo - zambo zambo (feat. nahid akhtar with mehdi hassan & a. nayyar)
bitch magnet - americruiser
the fletcher pratt - electrocute!
katherine moller - big john macneil
facts - purists
rebel yell - kitchen party
sultans of string - kitchen party
oak - green shrines (arabian spring)
jlk & babysitter - buddies
un - soul converter
horders - feral
fletcher pratt - charged dub
the alchemist - flight of the bumblebee
redd kross - researching the blues
mad bomber society - theme from the piston teens
astrocoven - hellbent ride
johnny keating - jesus christ superstar
huevos rancheros - interstate death toll
the conet project - 'strich'(english)[e11]
expwy - last exit

august 5, 2012

 dick hyman and strings - caravan
rodan - gauge
shipping news - books on trains
rachel's - rhine & courtesan
gasoline gathers hands, gathers friends - dead fingers talk
b.a. johnston - sesame street fighter
mantrakid - the dragon
the vibrating beds - baby
georgia anne muldrow - seeds
phasing tom solo - a bloodbath ensues
mutiilation - my way
henri vidal y su grupo pop - black bird
bo dollis and monk boudreaux - jockomo jockomo
kenlo craqnuques - madrid stop riddim
bongo love - ndasara ndega
dr. john - locked down
j. riley hill - inafield
last step - my off days
los miticos del ritmo - willy's merengue
rebel yell - florida tracksuit
the vulcan freedom fighters - the death of bele
retox - put some hair on it
alaclair ensemble - explosion
dee dee king - german kid
k.s. chithra - vandadhe
grimes - genesis
the now feeling - no good trying
konkoma - yoo eh
scabsmoker - butcher of demons
the beatles - everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
jeff williams - falling towards the sky
shinedown - her name is alice
dead ranch - touch fuzzy, get dizzy
the funkees - break through new dub
brutal truth - stench of prophet
the ergs - sneak attack
missing persons - no way out
x - los angeles 
servotron - theme for an ultmiate and inevitable victory
devo 2.0 - through being cool
the electrics - route 66
smoky tiger - pass the dutch
laghonia - i must go 
alan hawkshaw - it's all about the co-op now