Sunday, May 31, 2015

may 31, 2015

medeski martin & wood - caravan
brutal truth - rumours
primus - pure imagination
isotopes - night bus home to you
puig destroyer - no one cares about your fantasy team
lemon bucket orkestra - prescacanka
comeback kid - full swing
sister dora alexander - russia, let god's moon alone
norma tenega - you're dead
roger miller - what are those things (with big black wings)
bobby bland - poverty
the western front - clementine
tarheel slim & little ann - you're gonna reap
aaron neville - hercules
arthur connely - ha, ha, ha, ha
tough age - my chinchilla
the frolics - boom!
all - educated idiot
focus - focus (vocal)
morphine - sundayafternoonweightlessness
khades - time
cantor dust - blackened circles
conduct - fear and desire
single mothers - overdose
the great sabatini - the royal we
steroid maximus - life in the greenhouse effect
crabskull - stinkship
venetian snares - fluff master
heathen - a language beyond words
modest mouse - sugar boats
brother neil - evening

Sunday, May 24, 2015

may 24, 2015

the pop's - caravan
the popes - pancakes, hamburgers
the pop group - blood money
tom waits - midtown
tow waits - everything goes to hell
tom waits - the piano has benn drinking (not me)
tom waits - the black rider
tom waits - everything you can think
tom waits - redrum
a.d.d. & scream@bells - the workers enlightenment begins
seafreezing - rod
conduct - a figure
kevin manthei - bestest friend
chris tilton - observers everywhere everytime
the thing - bruises without contact
michael giacchino - walk and talk and aah!
kevin manthei - carnival nightmares
conduct - contract killer
the fuse - cry wolf
april verch - polska from kumla
patrick watson - in circles
cancer bats - satellites
squarepusher - stor eiglass
tara holloway - this life

Sunday, May 17, 2015

may 17, 2015

klaus wunderlich - caravan
sheriff marshall birch - success
iron reagan - zero gain
jed whedon, zack whedon & joss whedon - bad horse chorus
super unison - walk away
daniel isaiah - sail
tinariwen - tahalamot
jon spencer blues explosion - white jesus
leaf rapids - the man who sold the world
redbone - come and get your love
jeff williams - donut: the musical (feat. dan godwin)
neil patrick harris - brand new day
mountain goats - no children
imagine dragons - warriors
autumn still - bartholomew
blunderspublik - nein/drunk monks
john d. boswell - happy little clouds (bor ross remixed)
moon - holy mountain
the lookouts - once upon a time
punch - worn path
loma prieta - don't start
otis williams & his charms - heaven only knows
neil hannon - so long and thanks for all the fish
unbelievable bargains - plight of the baby sea turtles
c and c surffactory - phasors on stun

Sunday, May 10, 2015

may 10, 2015

sarah mclawler & richard otto - caravan
willie nelson - blue eyes crying in the rain
seafreezing - adam
seafreezing - untitled live excerpt
the psychics - gondor primulon
gt. dane - seaboys
autumn still - our last
ghost twin - the vulture
leaf rapids - vulture lullaby
the dying arts - fame
moontan - neverending revelation
c and c surffactory - fire on the dance floor
tough age - flying carpet
a.k.a.c.o.d. - three chairs
mc frontalot - shudders
vic caeser - going places
marijuana deathsquads - remembories
humdrum - frank has all the answers
all we are - ebb/flow
a.d.d. & scream@bells - the workers enlightenment begins
venetian snares - ever apparent all being shoulder
trickfinger - 85h
last step - lange voorhout74
poemss - think of something beautiful
gaffer - parting shot
the sourkeys - locked and loaded

Sunday, May 3, 2015

may 3, 2015

bustan abraham - caravan
fascade@137db - about a year ago today (feat. sarah michaelson)
twin river - secret in a seance
tough age - summer samba
ghost twin - i don't want to die (burglar remix)
squarepusher - d frozen aac
trevor dunn's trio-convulsant - liver-colored dew
mood jga jga - only a fool in loce
personality crisis - losing time
sensational guitars of dan & dale bateman - batman theme
bush wiebe - meddaschlop sunday
c and c surffactory - cat girl
lightning bolt - horsepower
muerte pan alley - policeman
husker du - something i learned today
thurl ravenscroft singers - if i didn't care
devo - smart patrol/mr. dna
leaf rapids - gravity and a ladder of gold
comeback kid - full swing (feat. scott wade)
speedy ortiz - good neck
ashes and dreams - left right left
lemon bucket orchestra - racenica
the del-byzanteens - sally go round the roses
byron lee & the dragonaires - way back home
dengue fever - pow pow
unwound - envelope
the gladiators - boy in long pants
cass elliot - (if you're gonna) break another heart
s.o.d. - no turning back
dillinger escape plan - gold teeth on a bum
morris wilson - rusty mcdusty