Sunday, April 24, 2011

april 24, 2011

knut haugsoen - lipsync
the blowholes - august moon
we are enfant terrible - so fine
smoky tiger - green river
little house - how to: die
zoppa - root beer
jordsy - peace in pieces
the bokonists - uptight
ken mode - terrify the animals
the george garabedian players - third man theme
clams casino - numb
eric bachmann - window shopping
thai elephant ensemble - rainforest
the shangri-las - it's easier to cry
upsilon acrux - farbenklang seven
belinda carlisle - california
david lindup - testing time
ennio morricone - gli occhi freddi della paura #4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

april 17, 2011

rheostatics - california dreamline
adebisi shank - caddyshank
primus - hello skinny/constantinople
ganglia - campire violence
andy williams - begin the beguine
nomeansno - rise
dionne bromfield - i'm the same girl
battles - sundone
aufgehoben no process vs. gary smith - number 9
daniel romano - helen's restaurant
bryan pole - bryan pole goes to the CN tower
the woody allens - close to home
byousatsu endorphin - short time vacation
jess hill - a common bird
hans grusel's krankenkabinet - 1
count floyd - the gory story of duane and debbie
markko polo adventures - mountain high, valley low
jacky chalard - l'agonie instrumental
crass - securicor
pigeon - illustration pedestrian
mark mothersbaugh -slactime

Sunday, April 10, 2011

april 10, 2011

daniel higgs - say god
ennio morricone - gli occhi freddi della paura
white noise - my game of loving
riz ortolani - cannibal holocaust (main title)
owls - morning eyes
vampires - ambush escaped
samantha fox - naughty girls (need love too)
tiny tim - earth angel
anita kerr singers - what the world needs now
the blowholes - rememner (walking in the sand)
gerald fried - song of india
afrirampo - o
little house - jaws and claws...and claws and jaws
rd burman - dum maro dum
byousatsu endorphin - ipod is hot
waipod phetsuphan - ding ding dong
smoky tigr - grapevinespellq
cantor dust - open-faced sandwiches (by a river of love)
terry snyder and the all stars - la cucaracha
anton lavey - honolulu baby

Sunday, April 3, 2011

april 3, 2011

black river blues man and bad moon hudson - good thing gone bad
the jesus lizard - then comes dudley
har-you percussion group - tico
matta - turning tricks
bo marley vs disrupt - bauhelm
marva whitney - sunny (duet with james brown)
the goodees - condition red
dizzee rascal - where's da g's?
the gang font featuring interloper - european ambulance
robert drasnin - chant of the moon
wiley - where you gonna run to?
skingerbreadman - met my baby
canzona - gott ist die liebe
little house - beautiful sweater
atu philips - destruction of peace
burnt witch survivors group - oh goody
dom de luca - chin up babe
the blowholes - shoot to kill
riem daramoi - jai ten
midori - ALL nothing
cotti vs cluekid - sensi dub
atelecine - i came i sat i departed