Sunday, October 17, 2010

october 17, 2010

eric's trip - introduction into the... parts 1 to 4
b.a. johnston - i am doing better in a paralel universe
the paperbacks - umbrella skeletons
hushfeed - possibilitie's role
omar rodriguez-lopez - mood swings
the bonaduces - introducing the brand new rachel jones in all her amazing glory
the bonaduces - judy blume weekend
venetian snares - hajnal 2
song of zarathustra - science, science
book of dead names - we aren't vampires, we're cowboys
the vss - no hands
the kittens - fright night
bannedfromatlantis - rickets & riddles
bulletproof nothing - this is asphalt
high thunderers - no shoes
arcade fire - city with no children
black angels - sunday afternoon
mars volta - eunuch provocateur
junior murvin - bad weed (extended mix)

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