Sunday, April 10, 2011

april 10, 2011

daniel higgs - say god
ennio morricone - gli occhi freddi della paura
white noise - my game of loving
riz ortolani - cannibal holocaust (main title)
owls - morning eyes
vampires - ambush escaped
samantha fox - naughty girls (need love too)
tiny tim - earth angel
anita kerr singers - what the world needs now
the blowholes - rememner (walking in the sand)
gerald fried - song of india
afrirampo - o
little house - jaws and claws...and claws and jaws
rd burman - dum maro dum
byousatsu endorphin - ipod is hot
waipod phetsuphan - ding ding dong
smoky tigr - grapevinespellq
cantor dust - open-faced sandwiches (by a river of love)
terry snyder and the all stars - la cucaracha
anton lavey - honolulu baby

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