Sunday, December 4, 2011

december 4, 2011

tak shindo - caravan
baby huey - a change is gonna come
mnozil brass - siebn auf einen atriech
dr. teeth and the electric mayhem - tenderly
durban poison - too many fish in the sea
the blowholes - remember (walking in the sand)
tommy paxton-beeslely - symmetry
1977 - so is the sea
the mariachi ghost - cempasuchil (marigold)
rwpo - pocahontas
mikimoto - untitled
the kittens - sex boat
sarcastic mannequins - beef zendo
me mom & morgentaler - i still love you eve
king apparatus - hospital waiting room
the magnificent 7's - crazy d
the lonely vulcans - lonely vulcan cake
phono d'enfant - dreams of youth
the 23 string band - listen to her heart
the eardrums - can't say no
universal congress of - chasing
los tijuana mariachis - my baby's from acapulco
the no smoking orchestra - del dija (lord gave us)
orchid - september 18th, 1983
the surfmen - hawaiian wedding song

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