Wednesday, February 15, 2012

febrewary 12, 2012

sorry the delay,

the most recent episode of the c.a.r.p. was in fact the yearly extravaganza known as FUNDrive. this year's program was able to get roughly $700 dollars pledged into the station's goal of $53,000. i'd like to take this occasion to thank everyone who called in and pledged.

i'd also like to thank each of the live performers who appeared on the show.

alana mercer (the gunness, the blowholes, phlegm fatale, the quiffs...)
jordsy (burnt witch survivors group)
joel klaverkamp (beefdonut, the hummers, skingerbreadmen...)
chris bauer (auoh, the vagiants, stagmummer...)

each one came on and played their guts out. phenomenally talented local artists. each of whom i have played regularly on the show over the years. the blowholes album is probably my favourite local release of last year and there some really great ones.

so yeah, long and short, there was no real playlist. magic happened. the c.a.r.p. fundrive spectacular was a rousing success.

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