Sunday, July 29, 2012

july 22, 2012

axel stordahl - caravan
omar rodriguez-lopez - vencer
the shaolin afronauts - one quiet lion
jel - oh dear
groove da praia - hung up
ham - nothing in common except tutenkamen
bleeding horse express - waiting for the rapture
the strap - left to burn
katie and the lichen - piles
japandroids - the house that heaven built
bahwee - remind me
otesanek - seven are they
r.e.m. - life and how to live it
phyllis dillon - tulips (and heather)
the beaters - shoes
atomis - maelstrom (excerpt)
bonnaventure james - cola
the cribs - arena rock encore with full cast
bonzai suzuki - robots are cool
do make say think - you, you're awesome
zwan - the number of the beast
hellsongs - the trooper

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