Sunday, August 26, 2012

august 19, 2012

ray conniff - caravan
asterisk* - the spatio-temporal aspect
dolly parton - don't drop out
the like - will you still love me tomorrow
mystery machine - stainmaster
last step - xyrem
art circus - you make me go
the strap - dt waltz
black lodge - scooby doo
cellos - bomb shelter
jungle by night - hot mama hot
phasing tom solo - on my rug
polica - dark star
lawrence welk - hold my hand
retox - cement sucking
japandroids - the nights of wine and roses
lazarush - sawm
viper central - thump & howl
gulf of brass - shuck
king diamond - the spider's lullaby
the plastic constellations - east cleveland
jose balague y los styl's - tibet
los albas - a little bit hurt

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