Sunday, December 23, 2012

december 16, 2012

paul kuhn - caravan
malajube - ton plat favori (chirungie)
tappi tikarrass - london
billy may and his orchestra - patricia
ennio morricone - slalom: slalom
urban dance squad - fast lane
descendents - all-o-gistics
titus andronicus - food fight!
mise en scene - when i met you
drums and wires - stop for a drink
mahogany frog - expo '67
redd kross - meet frankenstein
sven kacirek - headphone & headress
frankie goes to hollywood - drum loop
the lytics - toot your own horn
homestuck - davesprite
seafreezing - untitled/unreleased
tim hoover - more napkins (beauchamp's bootleg rmx)
phlegm fatale - did you ever notice
gareth williams - car on a track
lemon bucket orchestra - odessa bulgarish
the mighty imperials - smell of a peasant
metz - sad pricks
bumps - biotic discussion
babysitter - angel of death
they might be giants - why does the sun shine?
curtis nowasad - defintion/RE:DEFinition

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