Wednesday, March 27, 2013

march 17, 2013

matthew herbert - caravan (herbert's all piano motorhome mix)
duotang - this submarine has cracked
duotang - thomas green
duotang - petunia
grand theft canoe - headex/the wickerman
ragtime gals feat. justin timberlake & jimmy fallon - sexyback
the grapes of wrath - good to see you
boats - animated gifs
apparat organ quartet - pentatronik
head hits concrete - lost language
the kittens - blue velvet
june of 44 - lifted bells
isotope 217 - meta bass
homestuck - homestuck anthem
ana moura - a case of you
the blue warblers - sail away ladies
this hisses - the long slow crawl
jerusalem in my heart - he titillates the shepherd, but not the sheep...
bad religion - vanity
freddy fender - wasted days and wasted nights
grand beach - joanna
they might be giants - schoolchildren singing 'particle man'
michael giacchino - tesla tester
guapo - complex #7

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