Sunday, September 1, 2013

september 1, 2013

felix slatkin & orchestra - caravan
quetzatl - the twilight zone (quetzatl blend up)
building castles out of match sticks - word salad
l'viv - sudden understanding
bulletproof nothing - this is asphalt
d.r.i. - my fate to hate
louisa jane white - um um um um um um
kajumi miyumi - doo-bee-doo-goo
miss rae & the midnight ramblers - midnight oil
neko case - where did we leave the fire
flamingos - fin du monde
royal canoe - nightcrawlin
nick fraser - bicycle
homestuck - prospit dreamers
neil patrick harris & felicia day - my eyes
ac/dc - it's long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)
milky eel powers - bulbasaur
neil patrick harris - slipping
homestuck - derse dreamers
snailhouse - witches and snowmen
the tubuloids - surf fukushima
electric soul - keep away
tangent project - mariposa dangerosa
phono-comb - it's a long way back
the organites - hot, funky and sweaty
michael giacchino - distraught desmond
flowers of hell - calling occupants of interplanetary craft

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