Sunday, November 17, 2013

november 17, 2013

sandy nelson - caravan
marijuana deathsquads - ewok sadness
nomeansno - the river
trans am - ragged agenda
shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - straight to video
all - check one
hana lulu - find the light
signal hill - van gogh sky
flow my tears - until the darkness is desolate
the blue warblers - love is a rose
land of kush - st stefano
remy shand - where are you going?
bannedfromatlantis - nothing's broken
mike essoudry's mash potato mashers - a tad thad
eric's trip - follow
jfk & the conspirators - the odd couple
royal canoe - summersweat [ryan guldemond (mother mother) remix]
solids - laisser faire
monomyth - sacred hand
the break - phobos-grunt
homestuck - the lordling
the fucking champs - some swords
refused - new noise
greg macpherson band - space and time
flamingos - fin du monde

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