Sunday, December 22, 2013

december 22, 2013

useless playboys - caravan
porn orchard - this holiday season
the locust - pulling the christmas pig by the wrong pair of ears
descendents - christmas vacation
medicine - christmas song
pestova/meyer piano duo - suite for toy piano I
canadafrica - dagarti
bones malones - temptation
the void - everyone
oscar isaac - hang me oh hang me
fid mella - hi
tm juke and the jack baker trio - put your hands up for detroit
superchunk - detroit has skyline
l'orange - detroit skyline
mary wells - goodbye and good luck
howie gelb - running behind
fatality - satan's shepherd
an ant and an atom - i eat hearts for a month
naysa - friday on my own
mahavishnu orchestra - hope
klaatu - hope
the lightmen plus one - hope
ben bridwell - hope
william shatner - she blinded me with science

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