Sunday, March 2, 2014

march 2, 2014

the new plan - caravan
head hits concrete - postcard perfect plot
beefdonut - my love for you is for real
soil of ignorance - please remain silent
gruf - intelligent life
the waterworks - chris bell
seafreezing - morena
smoky tiger - intro
mariachi ghost - sal
les jupes - the voices
condition - rancho deluxo
distances - paper birds
smrt - cats
cowboy junkies - i'm so lonesome i could cry
dead stock crusher - therapy session
six brew bantha - will of the same
cooked and eaten - i was born with the evil one as my sponsor
birdapres & grey jay - a view of the solar system (nine minus one)
the darcys - pretty girls
west my friend - pin oak reel
warsaw - porto
poemss - ancient pony
malefaction - corrected
the moral universe within - paper white
blunderspublik - the kerslake kid
souljazz orchestra - kingdom come

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