Sunday, May 4, 2014

may 4, 2014

claw hammer - caravan
atomic 7 - so long happy days
descendents - days are bllod
unsane - blood boy
blood brothers - boy armageddon
monuments galore - doom and gloom
j williamz - time machine
mariachi ghost - cempazuchitl
dub rifles - no town, no country
the girth - fish out of water
stan jones - ghost riders in the sky
kevin manthei - ZIM reports in
hackney colliery band - prodigy medley:jericho/out of space/no good
kevin manthei - kitty rally
circle jerks - golden shower of hits
kevin manthei - bestest friend
hoyt curtin - hanna-barbera underscore megamix
gord downie and the sadies - crater
freak motif - the heist
the kittens - jackknife
cactus channel - who is walt druce?
jungle by night - the move
the kittens - sleeping beauty
pink mountaintops - sixteen

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