Sunday, June 22, 2014

june 22, 2014

james last - caravan
gordon goodwin's big phat band - get smart
jason segel - you just got slapped (slow jam)
los crudos - vas a regresar
nightsatan - lost karelia
perfect pussy - dig
fka twings - water me
puig destroyer - cut you down
rheostatics - shaved head
on cassette - nfld
dub rifles - no town, no country
tanya tagaq - uja
poemss - think of somewhere nice
vampires - riff rise
slobberknocker - waterworld
husk - the wing in my head
velodrome - luminous wrangler
warsaw - record lows
mood jga jga - nowhere to go
haim - if i could change your mind
d.o.a. - who the hell do you think you are
nomeansno - the end of all things
motel raphael - young
la sera - summer of love
ought - pleasant heart
greys - chick singer

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