Sunday, June 28, 2015

june 28, 2015

michael petrucciani - caravan
directions - echoes (the asymetrical excursion)
heart attack kids - platonic love bomb
algiers - remains
sc mira - movefast
lemon bucket orkestra - dimineata pe racoare
adr - homeimprovement
dengue fever - tokay
otis redding - chain gang
nick ingman - stomp
conduct - public issue
dave quanbury - communist daughter
naysa - i don't know what to do
ken mode - management control
basic nature - ontro song
jeff the brotherhood - mad dog 20/20
the dirtbombs - i started ajoke
fake the facts - dance your cares away
purity ring - heartsigh
teleharmonium - the pastisparticles
matthew herbert - caravan (herbert's all piano motorhome mix)
yes - i've seen all good people
a/b trio - blues en cerf rouge
squarepusher - rayc fire 2
tinariwen - emajer
doris troy - watcha gonna do about it?
seu jorge - life on mars?
nina simone - do i move you?
emahoy tsegue-marya guebrou - tenkou! why we feel sorry?
mulatu estatke - metche dershe (when am i going to reach you?)
the staple singers - why am i treated so bad?
marisa anderson - were you there when they crucified my lord?
debra lewis - what you gonna do?
slow down molasses - sovereigns
your favorite enemies - satsuki yami
diamond mind - swimsuit scene
swedish azz - lidingo airport + visa fran utanmyra
inner ear - citizens of the night trains
absent sound - totemhaus

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