Sunday, July 19, 2015

july 19, 2015

buddy cole - caravan
jake the dog - as a tropical island
billy and the boingers - u stink but i love u
fantomas - book 1: page 20
ken vandermark/double barrage trio - drum duo
avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche - deja, hiers...
human music - cool party
trampoline - halloween
hushfeed - possibilitie's role
frank zappa - toads of the short forest
butthole surfers - cherub
the melvins - civilized worm
boredoms - which dooyoo like
finn the human - my best friends in the world
fugazi - ex-spectator
marijuana deathsquads - wave
annie sumi - best of me
ken mode - i just liked fire
inhabitants - let youth be served
les jupes - outer school
autumn still - bartholomew
surprise party - cut me again

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