Sunday, May 8, 2016

may 8, 2016

johnny & the hurricanes - caravan
afghan whigs - if i only had a heart
the will to power - seize
viva non - free
note to future self - arc
the psychics - nicotine smile + gondor primulon jam
fairground attraction - do you want to know a secret?
hoyt curtin - the secret squirrel show (main title theme)
eric's trip - secret for julie
tristan psionic - secret
barry gray - the secret service
venetian snares - you discovered the secret & juiced it for all its majesty
julianna barwick - nebula
famous sandhogs - mary, mary!
rip rig & panic - a dog's secret
painkiller - buried secrets
submotion orchestra - secrets
rumah sakit - sausage full of secrets
luna all atars - y pensaba yo
see through 5 - more faults than california


Only Cowards Sing At Night Fill-In Playlist

p.o.s - sleepdrone/superposition
marijuana deathsquads - ghostcop 2
the burning hell - men without hats
jay stoller - slow shift, moving in space
mulligrub - sprite zero
freakingsnap - danse of fury
saxsyndrum - maceonectar
paris to kyiv - dark bird (ken gregory remix 1)
lubomyr melnyk/deborah judith - gravity and levity
the zorgs - moneypenny

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