Sunday, June 19, 2016

june 19, 2016

chet atkins - caravan
whiskeytown - theme for a trucker
andrew jackson jihad - truckers are the blood
dick nolan - give me 40 acres
willis borothers - diesel drivin' donut dunkin' dan
modest mouse - trucker's atlas
marijuana deathsquads - truckin'
flaming lips - dark star
expwy - off ramp
tim hecker - transitive refraction axis for john oswald
freakingsnap - m if not q before h
freakingsnap - after the distant hollow morning... [part 1]
freakingsnap - the heart is a lonely sniper hunter
freakingsnap - preku staklen
eagle lake owls - late to the party
the zorgs - moneypenny
c.w. mccall - convoy
danny michel - nobody rules you
holy fuck - house of glass

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