Sunday, July 16, 2017

july 16, 2017

silvia droste - caravan
civvie - drift
freakingsnap - ok, well, if it's important
an ant and an atom - i dreamt of reaching space, but couldn't calculate the escape velocity for reality
b.a. johnston - i need donair sauce
sianspheric - audiophone
sianspheric - to myself
black cloud - evita
freakingsnap - it has a diameter of 15 inches
venetian snares - this bitter earth
murcoff x vanessa wagner - avril 14th (aphex twin)
fuck the facts - the path of most resistance
freakingsnap - giving it a circumference of 47​.​12" around the entire brim
butthole surfers - hey
bicycle face - halfway tree
personality crisis - wild game
freakingsnap - rounded to two decimals
joanne pollock - you know i would do anything
sianspheric - it's not over
a la mode - total doom
big knife little knife - anarachist calisthenics
freakingsnap - the depth is about 4"
marijuana deathsquads - hal
marijuana deathsquads - claw of shame
sianspheric - i like the ride
civvie - jetsam
the velveteins - first wave
freakingsnap - and the radius of the opening is 3.75"
venetian snares - black sabbath
joanne pollock - you're gone
bicycle face - snow white
a la mode - encore une fois
freakingsnap - which means the space available for my head is 176.71 cubic inches
butthole surfers - revolution part 1 & 2
freakingsnap - i hope that clears things up
sianspheric - the simple exit

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