Sunday, March 10, 2019

march 10, 2019

jimi tenor - caravan
the melvins - houdini
massacre - legs
meat puppets - animal kingdom
minutemen - doctor wu
the cactus blossoms - stoplight kisses
dilly dally - doom
sean burns - wasted days and wasted nights
husker du - everything falls apart
jesus and mary chain - april skies
faith no more - she loves me not
freakingsnap - by yelling out a different play
max richter - storybook
autechre - paralel suns
chacal - sunny
seer - prior forms
the electric cows - prisoner of your own mind
the cactus blossoms - please don't call me crazy
r.e.m. - country feedback
gareth williams and the true hussars - autonomy
jazzlib - communication counselling
id guinness - now
trampoline - children of the hill
ivana popovic - 45th parallel
flying horses - sorg sea II

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